Tuesday, November 27, 2007

i can has lolcats?

I didn't know that the lolcat had such a large base of people cooking them up, but they have a whole website for it: icanhascheezburger.com

It's a good waster of the hour, here are a few new ones that I found over there.

if it weren't for lol's cats would serve no purpose in the world.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

MCMC Hammer

After working on some personal research related to music, I think I have found a way to better explain the MCMC method. Below is a digram I have made that might just revolutionize the world of music and statistics:
I have so much faith in this that I have opened up a CafePress store for it. Check it out.

(Thanks Nicole for the idea! More about the MCMC method, more about MC Hammer.)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Build your wealth

One of the keys to building wealth is to buy rather than rent. The idea is that even if it costs more to buy something initially, generally you will same more money in the long run. For example if you want to get a tv it would be a wiser decision to save up the money for it rather than rent it right away, because once you stop paying the rent, the tv and your money is gone. Ok that is over simplifying a bit, but I am going somewhere with this.

If you buy media that has Digital Rights Management (DRM) on it you are not actually purchasing it. You are renting it. If the content owner (don't be fooled by this phrase, even though you "bought" the content you do not own it) decides that you have had enough time with your purchase they can pull the plug and everything you bought from them is gone.

What has DRM on it? Well almost any media purchase that is downloaded over the internet (one big name would be iTunes). If you have doubts that a company would disable something that you bought check out this story:

Background: Beginning in 2003, MLB offered fans the chance to download full games to their computer at $3.95 each. When you attempted to open the media file -- either on your hard drive or after it was burned to a CD -- it connected with a MLB.com webpage to obtain a license. Once the license had been verified, the game would play.
At some point during 2006, MLB deleted that essential webpage. Since then, none of the videos that fans purchased will play.

He contacted the MLB customer service and they said:

"MLB no longer supports the DDS system" that it once used and so any CDs with downloaded games on them "are no good. They will not work with the current system."
I was told there is absolutely nothing MLB can do about these lost games. Plus, they said my purchases were all "one-time sales" and thus "there are no refunds".

So just a warning to put out there, if you "purchase" something with DRM on it, you are at the mercy of who you are renting it from, and your investment can be worth nothing whenever they feel like screwing you.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Cars are not sports.

People on digg.com have been submitting stories about cars under the sports category. Not even racing (which isn't a sport anyways) but stories about new cars. So it looks like the internet needs to be reminded of what it takes to be classified as a sport (as defined by those people in Dickens Room 11, and other enlightened people).

1. It is an athletic event.
2. There is an obvious defense involved.

This will clear up alot of confusion. For example all the events in the X-Games are athletic competitions, and not sports, since there is no defense. Most Olympic games are athletic competitions. Poker is a game, since it takes no athleticism, and has no obvious defense. Chess is a game, it has a defense but no athleticism.

As the definition stands ping pong is at the low end of the sport spectrum, and can include things such as rugby and boxing.

Also this gets rid of alot of things people call sports, such as: figure skating, base jumping, car racing, running, weightlifting, chreeleading, bowling, poker, fishing, golf, etc... Although if they do add defense to the events, I will gladly reconsider their classification, and I may even watch it.

It's a win win win.