Monday, January 31, 2005

Rocket Bob

Rocket Bob (game)

I haven’t posted a game for a while, so here is Rocket Bob... it's kinda like pocket tanks.

in other news: practice went fine, but i think trav was getting a little tired towards the end. eh. i had fun. Oh yeah, the test went fine as well. Some people stayed the whole time, but it wasn't too bad... now we'll see how they do. mwahahaha! >:)

D&E (site)

You can listen to "Hey Luv" from here.... if you should choose. :)

The Dog & Everything

The Dog & Everything -- Still Promoting Global Warming (site)

^_^ "Still Promoting Global Warming" ...
anyways, for my last post of the break, I would like to say to check out The Dog & Everything. I saw them last weekend, and they were very good. Worth a look and listen, if you can get a hold of the song "Hey Luv" listen to that one, it is my fav. of theirs.


E tenebras, lux dormiens (blargticle)

I read Alan's blog somewhat frequently. And, since he is a liberal, i disagree with him most of the time. But it is good to see that he has the same view-points on this aspect of the Iraqi elections. let's just work on some of the other issues... ^_^


Lifehacker (blog)

This is a very good blog about computery things... and is apparently made by my producers... ^_^

Streamline your Windows startup

Lifehacker (blargticle)

Ok, what the crap!?!

I was restaring my comupter, and i was thinking, man this is taking forever. after it finally got booted up, I opened up lifehack, and the first article i saw was this.

My producers aren't even making me wait for things anymore...
Not to complain, but i *have* had the request for $22million in for awhile now.... ^_^


dropload (site)

In case anybody needs to transfer large file from one computer to another, drop file looks like the way to go.

Shrinking glaciers evidence of global warming

Differences seen by looking at photos from 100 years ago (article)

This is an article from a SF paper. In it they claim that these pics are proof that there is global warming. So if collecting data and analyzing data can't prove something, just show some pics... sounds great...

my favorite line from the article is: '"You don't need science to prove the point," said Matt Nolan of the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. "This evidence is visual, and it's real."'

Think about a trip home from a magic show... "Did you see that lady turn into a tiger!!! man that was great, but i bet her parents are mad. whaddya mean its magic? I saw it, she turned into a tiger, I saw it, what i see must be what happens..."

That may sound absurd, but in science they do that kind of conclusions all the time. That’s why we need statistics, to tell us what is going on with our data.... sigh... when i get into the real world, there is gonna be so much stuff for me to fix. ^_^

(side note: I think most scientists are now agreeing that there is global warming, but most blame it on natural causes. I too am in that camp, although I have not seen any data to sway me into thinking that there even is global warming...)

Side Bared

How do you know when you've over slept? I woke up this morning and I go: "hummm, i must have slept past the alarm, but it's not time to goto school yet... should i just go back to sleep?" What was weird was that i hadn't looked at the clock yet. I don't know that i had over slept, and i didn't know that i was still ok on time... when i looked it was 9.40, just enough time to get up and off to school early to print off the notes for the class. good me.
So how did i know what time it was?

In other more bloggy news, I have added michelle's blog, and changed the addy to newgen's new blogger blog, over on the side bar.


The Granada (pics)

Amber has posted her pics of the show in Lawrence, it includes all the bands that played. There are some pretty good ones. Check it out. Check it out. Check it out.

I am a Japanese School Teacher

Outpost Nine (blogish, stole the link from matt)

Here is a guy's experiences of teaching through the JET program. It's very funny, and it's good to see the most proper race in the world is producing some very strange kids. ^_^

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Lawrence Protesters

Math Dojo (from Nicole's blog, pic)

These guys were protesting the war (timed because of Iraq's elections?) yesterday in lawrence, i was driving, so nicole snapped a pretty good pic of them.

The rest of yesterday.

After the ABJ show we went to Steak and Shake to eat some food before we drove on home. There was a little snow and some fog on the drive home, but we all made it home safely around 5.30. It didn't take too long to fall asleep.

Today has been spent watching Arena Football and news reports about the Iraq Elections. fun times :)

After a very long set by the first three bands (Primetime Heros, Upside, and the Dog and Everything), Anything But Joey played a very good show. Here they are rockin on out. (BTW, the show was very good, and it was too bad that Nicole missed it. The Granada is a very good music venue, and is much better than PJ's)
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While walking around Mass. we stoped by Roly Poly. We had already ate, knowing that Roly Poly would be closed at the insane hour of 2pm on Saturday... suprise. Posted by Hello

When we got to Lawrence yesterday, Nicole had to go to the bathroom, so we stopped by Pochi before we walked around Mass. street. This is the loft at Pochi.
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Time to get cought up with pics. On Friday it snowed, this is in my 'backyard' Posted by Hello

Arabs Mesmerized by Iraqi Elections

Yahoo! News (article)

I had never thought about it, but if democracy works in Iraq, there may be pressure to bring about democracy in the rest of the arab world.

The Iraq vote is making me sick this morning

Democratic Underground Forums (forum)

The radical democrats are going to far with their complaining? Never....

Read the post... I thought it was somebody being ironic, but even if he is, everyone else is agreeing with him. ...sigh

I'll get some pics posted here in a bit from this weekend.

Saturday, January 29, 2005


Broad Band Browser (site)

This is a very nifty program that lets you browse through web pages as if you were walking around. You can go to a main city, or make you own village. To the right, i have a link to my village, but to use it you must download B3. This is a very new program (I can not find anything about it on the internet), so the minor glitches it has right now should be worked out soon. This could be a very important idea in the internet, if it gets going, and more features are added, it's defiantly worth checking out. (Thanks to Aaron for giving me the link.)

Friday, January 28, 2005

better idea in the end

I'm just sitting here in room 206, waiting for students to come by for help, so far no action. I did get done writing an Exam for monday though, so it has been productive at least.

I think i'll try to take some pics tomorrow at lawrence, we'll see how leaving the camera bag behind will do.

Ok, off to surf the web., I just might use michelle's camera... thats a better idea. (site)

On the topic of Necromunda music, black sun empire is another band that is very good for dark techno music. I need to get one of their CDs sometime...

Oh, stupid having to go to class, i am having a much better time here than i will there.... :(

oh well, i'm off to school, ja.


suilen (site)

suilen is a japanese group. They are pretty good, from what i have heard (the two songs on their website).

the song Spine is a very good necromunda song... I almost can imagine a movie-ish battle going on with that as the background music.... The first battle that comes to mind is the one where Logan was killed by the pit slaves.

Yea necromunda music

Do You Speak American?

PBS (site)

We make up words, so we are popular.

British English sucks! (not really, for many words it is easier to spell British English)

And now, i dance

Last night went fine. We had butterball soup and pasta carbonara for dinner, and we played dragon delta for the game. Daven won, with most everyone close behind, and me and chris duking it out for second to last, I beat him because we didn't play by the rules.... oops. After that we ate some very sugary key lime bars, Then there was some cleaning to do by me and Nicole and then off to bed.

So far this morning I have just got up and ate some cereal for breakfast. My day looks to be like a normal Friday except i need to write up a test for my night class, and michelle, joe and joe brown are coming up here later tonight for an ABJ concert on Saturday in lawrence. But for now i must dance.... or drink tea... i'll go with the tea.

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Home (site)

This was the first website i could not access with FireFox.

BTW I got a free movie rental from Movielink, thanks to Kevin Rose...

Famous Dave's Barbeque Ribs and Sauces

Famous Dave's Barbeque Ribs and Sauces (site)

We are getting one of these in Manhattan. It's doesn't look all that special, if we didn't have Cox i could see it's appeal. Maybe there is something else going for it. When it opens I'll hafta go try it to see if it is as good as Cox.

Song gone

I removed the "A song you should hear" section cause it never really worked past the first day I posted it. And it annoys me to have things that are broken laying around. So it's gone.

Today has been uneventful. This morning I got prepared for my class, and then I went to 722, which kept me entertainedthe whole time. Then I came home and worked on some Necromunda stuff. Thatsabout it for today so far. Game Night is on tap tonight, so there is something to look forward to later. But,for now it's teaching time!

Multi-format content vending machines get all growed up

This is a good idea, and we should have em here. The only problem is, what would we put it in...? Some PDAs don't even take cards yet... stupid japan getting cool things.


I don't have much time before class, so I’ll be brief:

I was looking at print on demand stuff on the internet, CafePress and Lulu (.com), and I saw a mention of This is an on demand printer for comic books. So Matt when you get done with what you are working on you *have* to get it published.

I just didn't want to lose the link, or the idea.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Oh, you know those days in the middle of the week? I had one of those. I learned and taught and BW3ed. Really, look at my past posts about wed. and BW3 and thats today.

Well, i guess i did get to go look at el wire stuff, and it is very cool. The pics on the internet are a pretty good idea of what it looks like in real life. ...Must get some dark blue and purple. The only problem is that there is not a good dealer of el wire on the internet. is where i got chris' stuff from, but it took forever to get it. I wish amazon would just carry it....

Purported Al-Zarqawi Tape Declares War on Democracy (article)

So the terrorists are anti-democracy, not anti-American or don't just want us to be there. They are anti-democracy.

We could have been as nice as anybody wants (which i think we are tiring to do), and we would still arouse the anger of the terrorists. Why? Because the Shiites are going to win most of the governmental seats in the election. And, when the minority that was wrongly in power gets replaced by a majority that is legitimately in power, they tend to get pissed.

If we want Iraq to be free, we are going to have to deal with terrorists. There is no way around it.

Search Engine Relationship Chart (site)

Just incase you wanted to know...


NOVA (site)

NOVA video clips on demand. I was just about going to watch NOVA last night, but only one story looked interesting.... and viola, the world once again corrects my problem for me (Truman Shown?) and I can just watch the one clip now.

If I am on the Truman Show, i really do wish i had enough money to do whatever I wanted, the catch, i don't buy lottery tickets. Figure that one out producers. Oh, and no one can die to give the that money either!

Well crap now I got myself thinking.... Say I was on the Truman show. Everything is going fine, and basically I can get ‘hurt’ that bad. Do I want to know that I am on the show? The problem in the movie is that he has a sterile world, and he knows there is more to it, so he seeks out the unknown. Me, I’m fine where I am doing what I do. I think I could be fine just living along in the Truman Show, everything eventually get provided for me and I don’t have to work that hard...

Maybe that why Matt ‘moved’ to Australia, he wanted off the show. ^_^

Well I guess even if I am not on the Truman Show, we all still kinda are, isn’t that basically what life is? We are auditioning for the chance to goto heaven, God watching our lives unfold. God: The original creator of reality t.v. ^_^

The thought project

Simon Hoegsberg (site)

This guy stops people and asks them what they were thinking. It is very intresting to see why they say.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Games Workshop under pressure as sales slip

Yahoo! Finance

I think in most cases when people say they don't like capitalism, i think they mean they don't like the drive for profit that companies have. I too think that this is the greatest fault of capitalism. And what is at the root of company profit hounding? The stock market. I really don't like the stock market, it turnes good natured companies into money loving machines. Look at GW, they were going fine until they got heavily invested in. The people investing in them do not care who they are, or what they do, they just want money from GW. So, they turn GW into a cash making machine and not the company made 'by gamers for gamers'. Poo.
Now GW posts not so good profits, and their stocks fall quite a bit, they will have to do some stupid thing to save money, and everyone will become less interested in doing GW stuff.
So, if you are listening Games Workshop, the best thing you can do is buy back your shares and once again become a company, by gamers, for gamers. ... oh yeah, and support Necromunda better. ^_^

American empire unlike accusations

K-State Collegian (article)

David Liang has a good article about America being 'oppressive' in the world. He has some good points.

...what’s that? a good opinion article in the collegian? what’s the world coming to?

Jupiter Sunrise/Anything But Joey - PJ's - Manhattan, KS

Link (pics)

yay amber!
Here is a link to the pics that she took from the ABJ/Jupiter Sunrise show last friday. They aren't too bad. Marc looks alittle strange, but that's ok. Good times.

On a related note, stupid ABJ drummer has made it so nicole doesn't want to go to the show at Lawrence. So keep that in mind if you are in a band: It's ok to be weird, but just plain retarded is not ok. (I know chris was turned off from ABJ because of him as well...). They sing good music, and the rest of the guys are real cool... oh well....

My Snowy Tribute to Calvin & Hobbes

The Awful Forums (pics)

This guy wanted to make snowmen, and the suggestion was made to do them like calvin and hobbes. They did pretty good. ^_^

... oh, i miss calvin and hobbes. :(

What's in your wallet?

well, i didn't make it to practice with enoughtime to actually play. Everyone said that it went well, which is good. Hopefully we can build on last weekend, add a littlebit of offense, and presto a win or something. ^_^

After coming home from hockey, nicole and i ate macaroni grill leftovers, then went to bed... boring, i know.

Today has gone fine so far, i got a bunch o' stuff done before stat 722, and then i came home. now here i am.

Lucky, i havent wasted much of my break in between classes yet, so maybe i can be productive. we'll see.

On the side: Does anyone have a good recommendation for a credit card that gives good rewards for using it... and frequent flier miles are not useful... well unless matt wanted us to visit... hummm.... ^_^

El Wire- in action

Chris' blog (pic)

I finally got chris his xmas present, after about a month of shipping. So what did I get him? El wire. I figured we had enough talk about it and not enough of it. So, here is the first piece of scenery chris made with el wire in it.

Now how freaking cool is that.

Edit: Sorry Chris, i had to gank your pic and put it on because i can't remote link to a pic on bravenet.

Monday, January 24, 2005

mon- i'm - day (I'm in the middle of monday)

Well today is in full swing. I hafta go teach in 30min, so i don't have enough time to go do anthing... so here i am.

this morning started out with a ride on the KSU shuttle over to the union. The shuttle really isn't that useful because by the time you get to the union you are basically late... well i guess not late, but you won’t get to class early using it. But i was suprized that it was almost full.

After class i worked on my 722 homework that is due for tomorrow. After that i walked over to Chipotle and got me some chicken tacos. I came back to the office to talk to lance while i ate. After that i just got stuff ready to teach for tonight. Unfortinuatly, tonight is one of my longer classes, so I don't know if I will be able to make it to hockey practice. well see.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

blinkx video search

blinkx video search (site)

A good search engine for video clips. I just wanted to let you know.


Well I'm back.

Had a good time this weekend, skated around alot, won a total of zero games, and got to eat some good food from macaroni grill. Hockey went fine,and we played pretty good, but we were playing most of the best teams in the league... so we lost all of our games. Well, I guess we played western Illinois who isn't that good of a team, but we still managed to lose ^_^. Nate is getting better every tourney, and mike did pretty good when he tried. Other than that, everyone improved as expected.

Football went ok. The Eagles won, which i guess they deserve, and the Patriots won. Neither game was that good... although I only listened to the Falcons game on the radio. On a side note: hockey on super bowl day is scheduled for us at 8am, so we should make it back home by 3 or 4, with just enough time to set up a Super Bowl party (yay).

other news.... ...nope


Saturday, January 22, 2005

ABJ/Jupiter Sunrise Show

I just got back from the show. It was pretty good. Jupiter Sunrise played a short set, which is too bad. And there was a differentdrummer for Anything But Joey. I didn't like him, I hope he is not going to play with them in Lawrence. He played good, but he cussed and was just not cool.

Well I gots to go to St. Louis in the morning (6.00am) to go play some K-State rollerhockey. So This'll be my last post for the next day or so. Until then, rock, rock on!

p.s. hopefully I can snatch a pic that Amber took of the show so I can post it here.

Friday, January 21, 2005

NLL on NBC (article)

Good deal. It's only the All-Star game and Championship game, but it's a start.

Is this a test of the waters to see if it can replace the NHL as the number 4 sport?

Must mark calander...

Fair And Balanced

Oliver Willis (blargticle / vid)

*first off, when i say bad things about any one group, say them dems, I don't mean for it to be taken personally, it is a criticism toward the extremists in that group. I have many friends from different political backgrounds. And I like them all...*


Are they done yet?

Are the freaking democrats done pissing and moaning about anything Bush related? Really, no one cares anymore. no one. Your got 5% of the population complaining about things that they don’t even have the proper information about. But that is ok, because the *media* is oppressing them. And what the heck let’s throw on an “if you belive Bush you’re a robot”.

But what about the $40 million going to Bush parties instead of the military, they say? The guests are paying for the party, not the government. If he can get people to spent $500 million on parties go ahead, we do live in a free country.

I am tired of the dems saying that everything sucks, when it doesn't. They are sneaky, liars, that forgot why Clintion got in trouble (a side note from the collegian today).

With that said, go visit this site to see what they have to say. Why? Because if you do not keep up with the other side, you will not have good reasons to say why it’s wrong.

Ummm.... I think the internet is sick.

Well I think the internet sneezed in my doorway, cause when I got home both of these were there. So, I now have a copy of my order from CafePress and Chris’ Xmas present that was long lost, and I thought never went through....

If anybody wants a half price Kreplachistan Rebel's championship t-shirt let me know. ^_^
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I really don't like the word Blog 1000th visitor

I really don't like the word Blog

The first person who comments on this, will get a free warm drink at Radina's, Kadie's, or whereever we can get together, in celebration of having my 1000th visitor on this blog.

I will take the first response of a person I know, and the first person that I don’t know.

Help Lab

Well I'm sitting here, in my 1.5 hours of forced playing on the computer time... (help lab)

Yesterday went fine, we had pasta for game night and played trivial pursuit for the game. Nicole didn't win.

Today has been slow so far, I got up, ate a breakfast bar, and headed off to class. After class we had the GTA meeting, and now i am sitting here, alone in room D206.
But never fear because today should get more exciting with the ABJ/Jupiter Sunrise show...

Well i'm gonna work on the template now.

Official PIFF Championship Store

Celebrate with your Kreplachistan Rebels in style. For a limited time you too can get your official 2004 Pirate Islands Fantasy Football Championship merchandise. Relive the glory as they marched through the playoffs while looking at a Kreplachistan clock, or while wearing a Kreplachistan Rebels apron. Tell others that you support the Champions when you send them Kreplachistan Rebels postcards. But you must act now, because this is a limited time store. So get your championKreplachistan Rebels stuff today!

Go to:
Official PIFF Championship Merchandise Store

[I tried to make it sound like a Sports Illustrated ad... ^_^ ]

Aaron celebrating the Kreplachistan Rebel's championship.
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Thursday, January 20, 2005

side note

NFL football is the best sport in the world. Hockey is good, soccer is good, football is good, but there is something about the NFL that makes it great.

Super Bowl 32

I am watching a show on EPSN called the 'Greatest NFL Games'. It is basically the whole game with commentary by the players and the coaches. Today they are showing Super Bowl 32. This game was prob. the best game ever for me. It was close, and Denver finally won the super bowl.

That game made Elway into a great QB instead of just a really good QB. Also,having that win helped the whole city of Denver gain respect for itself. Oh, fun times.

I hope Super Bowl 39 is a good one.

TERA Room Robots for Kids

Gizmodo (blargticle)

It looks like Japan future (As seen in Mega Man Battle Network, and various animes) is also gaining some steam. (as opposed to minority report future)

Out of the two, i would like to see minority report future, but I won't complain about japan future if it happens.

Btw: They have already made PETs from MMBN.

bed calls

and when it does, i should listen, cause i get tired if i dont...

Anyways, today has been nice. I got a good break in-between class and teaching, and then teaching went well. It was the third class for 330 so everyone is getting used to each other, which makes it less stressful. After teaching I ate at BW3 with cole, aaron, amber, chris and nette. During one of the trivia games our BW3 got like 30th in the nation, and me amber and aaron lead our location. After dinner i helped nicole set up multiple blogs until she settled on Blogger. it's addy is: I'll get it linked up better tomorrow.

I go now, and don't worry, I'll tell the bed hi for you. ^_^

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


I like to see how things work. So i got a Bravenet Web Journal.

It has alot of features, but really nothing that anyone else doesn't have. But it lacks in usability. It is frustratingto do most anything. So after my short playing period with Bravenet, I'm still gonna go with Blogger being the best blogging service. If you havent checked them out you should.

Also, sorry aaron for leaving your blog out of my list of blogs. It should be fixed soon.

Mmm... Lunch.

For some reason I really wanted to eat steak when I woke up this morning, so before I left for class I threw a steak in the fridge to thaw. When I got back home, I cooked it up. Steak and Star Trek, the perfect lunch. ^_^
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..and if you look to your right...

I finally got around to adding some links to my webpage.

I added the websites that I visit about once a day, my friends' blogs, and a place where I can play a song...

So,if you don't not want me to link to your page let me know and I'll take it down. Also If you (Iron and Wine guys at the moment) do not want me to link to yoursong, tell me and I take it off...
which leads me to this: If you have a song that you own and would like for me to post, get a hold of me and I'll we'll see what we can do. I like good new music.

Dinner and a movie. Chris and Jenette came over tonight to watch Return of the Jedi and eat some Pizza Hut pizza. A good time was had by all. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Google Search: "ookami snow"

I really don't like the word Blog

I've finally done it... i am the top site listed for a search for Ookami Snow without the "" around it. See.

It's the small things in life.... ^_^

Thoughts on Picasa and Google's Marketing Strategy

John Battelle's Searchblog (blargticle: an article from a blog)

This is a good essay on all things Google, using Picasa2 as an example. Google does seem to be the next Microsoft (i.e. owns the world...). The only thing I have to say contrary what he says is that I think Google can continue to make it with out advertising. Why do i say this? It's in his last line "PS - The Picasa site is very slow today - I imagine it's getting hammered." No advertisement, yet the web site has enough traffic to slow it down.

Soon, if not by now, computer related things will travel quicker by word of mouth (blog to blog), than by traditional media,

Google will not have to advertise, it would be too slow.

They Rule

Site (Site)

Here is how all the biggest companies are linked together, rather interesting.

Let's Talk

Today has gone by fast so far. This morning i got my grading done, headed off to class, then got stuff ready to teach for tomorrow. When I came home, I looked around for cell phone stuff on the internet. is a pretty good site for stuff like that. But i got discouraged by how badly phone companies treat their customers... so I started to play with music...

So it's 4 now and i havent eat lunch yet.... i'm gonna go work on that.

Green Day: When I Come Around Lyrics


not only are their songs crap, but they are as well...


Picasa2 is *so* much better than Picasa. One of the things they have improved is the ability to fix pics. Here is the same pic as before but with a quick fix... pretty good i say.
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Monday, January 17, 2005

Picasa2 just came out, so i'm gonna give it a try (and just when i had decided to stop using Picasa... ^_^ ). This is one of my most favoritest pics that i have done with my digital camera.
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Oi, I am starting to get sore.

Here is a rundown of the day. I woke up,took a shower, went to Panera, went to Radina's, then to hockey... not too much to today, but i had fun anyways. Hockey went fine, we were a bit slow, but we didn't suck (which is good...). But it's going to be a tough weekend in St.L this weekend.

I tried to drop my two classes on KATS but it is closed.... stupid heads. How hard is it to make this work anytime of the day, everything is computerized... oh well, i just gotta remember to drop them soon.

Ok, off to the locker room (shower) i go.

Is this spam?

Hey cool site man, you gotta check this guys site out. He is up your ally.

By Arvada Mike, at 2:07 PM

(this is the one comment from the post below)

Now, if the person took time to read through my site, and then suggested this one, then fine, I can live with it. But, if heis just going through everyone who listed NFL as a like, and then just posted this without reading, then I think it is spam.

Now, i went on over to his site to see what it was, cause i was curious to see if this was spam. And this is what i found: 1) In comments on his page many people are thanking him for the nice comments from him... :p 2) In his comment here he says to check these guys out, yet he is on the web site many times. So I doubt he wants me to go there for pure reasons.

I donno whaddya think?

Minnesota Town Hits 54 Below Zero

Yahoo! News (article)

Curse you global warming!

One thing that we did in Garden was to watch Maria perform on the dance team. This was the second performance they had that weekend. It was for the parents of the team members so they could see what they were going to take to the competition in KC.
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We're Back

We got back around 2 last night. Been sleeping ever since.

Nicolesmom is doing fine, she can't walk around much, or ride in cars, but she is still able to do most normal things. And she gets a couple weeks off of work. Also, we hung out with michelle while we were down. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but it was still fun. welp I am gonna load the pictures on the camera from this weekend, I'll share if anything comes out good.

Sunday, January 16, 2005


Looks like the email finally got posted... only a couple days late...

Today: I watched some football on the big TV. After the first game, we went to the High School to watch Maria do her dance team stuff. It was fun. After that we came back to nicole ma's and watched the second football game. Then hunger got the best of us, and me cole and michelle went to Applebee's. That leads to now... and at the moment I am watching alice in wonder land... crazy stuff.

Hopefully I post a pic or two from Garden, but no guaranties. Also I have a more complicated thought I would like to post, but i need more thought time to write it up.

Ok, were prob. coming back to Manhappenin tomorrow night, so i'll prob post again then.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Email my blog?

So they (blogger) say that i can email my blog, at a
super secret addy and it will post to my blog... so
i'm trying it out.

Today has been fine so far, I here at school waiting
for my first class to start... whoopee.

I have been adding my blog to blog directories around
the web, and this is what i put for the description of
my blog: "Why aren't more foods in cans? Like salad
dressing, i mean cheese made it, and if cheese can
make it into a can, salad dressing should be able to
as well." whaddya think? ^_^

Ok time to email this and see if it works. Ja
(second try)

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Easy day

Today has been easy so far. Got up (rather late) at 10, and ran off to class which started at 10.30. After classwe had our GTA meeting, in which nothing happened. After the meeting I got to skip help lab since they are not open yet, and go home. All I've been doing around here is some PIFF stuff and getting ready to go to Garden for the weekend. So thats that.

FogScreen inc.

FogScreen inc. (product)

This is a video projector that projects on air... check out the video on the front page. We are now one stop closer to the 'Minority Report' future.

Also, i would think three dimensional displays would not be too far behind this.

OK, i go get some sleep now.

TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.01

TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.01 (site)

This is much like the music site from before, but it shows how web pages are linked together. It's not as pretty, but it is just as useful. Both these sites are definitely worth checking out.

Thursday, January 13, 2005 (site)

This site shows how bands are related to each other. It doesn't work too well with small bands, but with larger bands it does great. nifty stuff.

Nicole and I got food at Chipotle for dinner tonight. When he got home, we saw that they labeled our burritos 'his' and 'hers'. fun.
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How to Publish Your Work with Zero Dollars

dang it! she beat me to thinking up this one. The best part is that she charges $25 bucks when it only costs 5 or so to make. Her mark-up is just great, and the placement of the product on the site that can do it for you is just brilliant. That should be *my* book there. ^_^

Patriots will have turf advantage?

Ben Maller (article)

I don't like domed football, and it's good to see the Patriots try to make it so the Colts will have a hard time outdoors. It should make for a fun game.

In other news, it looks like Dr.Higgins might be my major professor. yay!

Oh, and it is still really cold outside.

Hyperlinking the World

TheFeature (article)

Lets get to work on this, it is very cool. Police going around taking pictures of people to see if they match a mug shot database is kinda scary, but taking a picture of anything and knowing more about it would be fun. This is the next step we need to have a more movie like future. And I think right now we are shooting for a ‘Minority Report’ future.

its very cold outside

sunny, but cold.

So i went to Yang's class thins morning, it had a total of 6 people in it... up from 2 from last year. So i was gonna feel bad about dropping it, but then he said there were no tests and only 8-10 homeworks... so i think i'm gonna end up taking that and Higgin's class. So,that means the two useful classes (Tebb's and Dubnicka's) will be dropped. Thats ok cause i should have a pretty easy semesterand the class times are good cause they make me get up in the morning and give me an nice afternoon break at home. That is the break I am on right now.

I don't think i have any other news at the moment... it looks like we are gonna go to Garden this weekend to be with Nicoles mom after her surgery. I guess that was news, but no more starting now.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Long long long day

Today was long. I got to school at 7 and read some newspapers and prepared for my DCE class. Then i went to Design of experiments... which wasn't that bad. After that, i talked to lance for a bit then headed off to the union to find some lunch. No luck, i ended up with a crapily made subway sandwich, that didn't taste too good. I got back to my office just in time to head off to Digital Statistics. I didn't think i was going to take the class, but at least after the first day it seems pretty fun. We are going to be learning how to do some useful stuff on SPlus, such as simulation studies. After that class i dorked around in the office some more, until it was time for Tebbs clinical trials class. The concept of the class is good, and if it wasn't for a grade i would take it, but i think the grading is going to be too hard, and right now i dont feel like taking a hard class. So right after Tebbs class i had to go teach my DCE class. That was a real hoot. Everyone showed up this time, so i had to go over the syllabus again. After the beggingof class the rest of the period went fine (i went till 8.05, which is almost the allotted3hrs). So after teaching me cole nette and chris headed off to cox, but they lied about their hours, and so they werent actually open... so we ate dinner at chili's... it was ok. And then i came home, and here i am now.

Here is a fun fact. Guess how much money it takes for a drug to go from conception to production. higher, higher, higher, give up? 10 billion dollars ($10,000,000,000). Think about that. Is it possible that they can even make that money back? It's no wonder they charge so much for their drugs they develop. Also, the pharmaceuticals companies are the second leading hirers of statisticians next to the government. Me? I'll go work at GCCC. ^_^

Well i posted once today by the 'post by email' function. It was the first time i had tried it, and well it didn't get bounced... but the post isn't here... so i have no idea what happened to it.

ok i am gonna do something else now... it'll probably involve tea... and maybe my Gangs of New York book.

PIFF 2004 All-Stars

Here are the All-Star teams for the 2004 Pirate Island Fantasy Football League. I'm gonna email this, along with the directions for keeping your players for next year. But, I thought it would be fun to post it.

First Team
QB Manning (292) TeaRepublic
RB Alexander (130) Ambersandia
TE Gates (56) Scotslandi
WR1 Muhammad (67) HatborCoast
WR2 Horn (64) Ambersandia
WR3 Bennett (61) Ambersandia
K Vinatieri (93) Snotvia
DEF Baltimore (125) Kreplachistan
DB Reed (43) HarborCoast
DL1 Williams (42) Kreplachistan
DL2 Taylor (34) HarborCoast
Coached By: HarborCoast

Second Team
QB Culpepper (170) HarborCoast
RB Tomlinson (130) Kreplachistan
TE Gonzalez (46) Tsukestan
WR1 Harrison (59) Snotvia
WR2 Owens (58) Kreplachistan
WR3 Wayne (57) Futontopia
K Stover (76) Ambersandia
DEF Pittsburg (116) SparrowIsland
DB Barber (36) Scotslandi
DL1 Grant (31) Scotslandi
DL2 Hall (30) Snotvia
Coached By: Kreplachistan

Worst Team
QB Brooks (45) Ambersandia
RB Portis (48) Svinksland
TE Putzier (13) Futontopia
WR1 Gardner (24) TeaRepublic
WR2 Johnson (27) TeaRepublic
WR3 Lewis (27) Tsukestan
K Hall (14) Svinksland
DEF Cleveland (5) Snotvia
DB Bailey (15) Futontopia
DL1 Lewis (10) Futontopia
DL2 Haggans (14) SparrowIsland
Coached By: Svinksland

The First and Second teams are based off the scores of the best player a team has in that position. The worst team is still the best player a team has in that position, but the worst at it in the league. The Coaches we picked by the number of players they had on the first and second teams, and not on the worst team (with some weighting added in).
As you can see I did not have a good team outside of Manning, but he was good enough to keep me winning games.

I am already looking forward to next season. ^_^

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Hockey News: Body blows add up (article)

Here are the events that lead up to where we are in the NHL. If the NHL gets past this lock out it needs to have a big change going, or hockey will die out.

There are two was to keep hockey around. Either the NHLPA can agree to everything, and work with the NHL to make it better (like the NFL). Or the NHL owners should close their NHL teams and a new league and new hockey teams. If one of these two things don't happen NHL will lose it's spot as the number 4 sport (like thats much to brag about.)

Why? Well for one, many (most) NLL (national Lacrosse League) team owners are NHL owners. And NLL is packing the arenas. So if hockey is not a profitable sport, I can not see why the NHL owners just don't make NLL teams instead.

Arena football is looking to put in another strong year this year. They have the tv contract, good owners, and the backing of NFL. I could easily see this becoming the fourth largest sport.

Then there is the sport of the rest of the world- soccer. The MLS looks to be pulling out of a lull in the business, with some teams even getting soccer only stadiums (Columbus and DC) and many more talking about or building them (KC is talking about it to keep the Wizards). If MLS can get a bit more publicity, i don't think it would be that hard to make it work well.

In any case, there are many leagues trying to figure out a way to jump into the #4 that the NHL is basically giving away. Let's hope the NHL can put up a fight for it... please...

Amber flower (picish)

Here is a neat little pic Amber did.

Here is a pic from the new years eve party at nicole's mom's house. Why the post? One, It's a cool pic. And two I am playing with Hello w/o Picasa... and i think it works. So I’ll stick with it for now.
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Napoleon Dynamite SoundBoard v.3 (site)

<.< >,> <.< ^_^


Firefox - Rediscover the web (site)

Well w.bloggar is posting, but it does some weird stuff going from Word to its own text field, hopefully i can get that worked out.

Firefox is up and running, its not that bad so far. Nothing too special yet either. but we will see. One bad this is managing the bookmarks. It was a pain, and now wish i hadn't exported them from IE (mainly cause i don't really use bookmarks inside the web browser). But all pages have worked for FireFox so far...

The last thing to do is try to get Hello, or something, going for photo blogging... not that i really have any pics to share at the moment...


I don't like when something new doesn't work as good as something old. Take for instance w.bloggar. It was working great, but v4 just came out, and it sucks... as in, it will not post to blogger for me, which is it's job. I wouldn't have even cared to get the new version, but it would not open my v3 because there was a new version... grumble.

The one test with flickr didn't go well, but it was from Lances computer, which might have been the cause. If it will notpost words correctly it will not be the program that i use for publishing pics. I have actually found out that Hello can be used without Picasa, so we might give that a try before i go d/l a whole bunch of new programs.

Also, in the realm of new computer programs not working. IE has a big security flaw this time, as in, they say to turn off the cut & paste function. (yeah, right). So, i will give FireFox a shot, and will prob.use it or another program for most browsing until IE is fixed. (no IE never being fixed jokes.)

So today has seen a high toll on software, hopefully it won't be too bad in the end....

Monday, January 10, 2005

Foaming soap always does the trick.

Today has been a long one. I got to my office by 7 and started work on getting all of the section one notes done for my DCE class, by 10.30 i had got them all printed and off to the copy center. Luckily this was the time when the sign up sheet for help lab was available and i got the prime time of 11.30 on Friday in room 206. Usually no one comes into the computer lab unless a report is due soon, so this will give me some nice down time at the end of the week. After signing up i headed on over to Radina's for some chai and some Necromunda writing. After a good stay i picked up an Italiannight club from Jimmy John's and headed back to my office to eat lunch. By the time I got done eating and talking to lance it was 2.30 and time for my GTA meeting, which didn't last long. After that i headed to my office to blow off two hours until the DCE class started. This was easily accomplished with Lance in the room. The first day of my class went well (i think the talk of foaming soap is what did it ^_^) And it didn't take to long to get everything done. Only 14 out of 29 showed up today, which isn't that surprising, so i will prob. have to go over my syllabusagain on Wed. But i will scare those that didn't show up today with a quiz >:) . After class Panera was in order, we all had a good eat, and then I came home.

Tomorrow is still part of xmas break so it is off (today was as well....). So that means i can do fun things, like sleep. OK time for some tea.

Shan in Flowers

Shan in Flowers
Shan in Flowers,
originally uploaded by kinross_19.
This was posted using flickr. It is a program that posts pics onto blogger (or many other kinds, moveable type is included, so if live journal users can’t use flickr right now it will soon with sixapart's buying of live journal… anyways...). Picasa has been pissing me off lately cause it takes up mucho amounts of memory. so i am looking for another program to post pics on my blog.

Sunday, January 09, 2005


as in: the day that ended 5 hours ago...

"today" i didn't accomplish a whole lot... surprise surprise. Watched the two playoff games, which were both real good. We tired to go to BW3 for QB1 but they had crappy k-state basketball on (men's). So they did not have QB1 going, or the big screen tv's on the Jets/Chargers game. Thats about it... well i played sims2 as well...

My life will get more interesting when school starts up, i promise. ^_^

Friday, January 07, 2005


HATCH (game)

From the makers of Tontie comes the game that nicole will soon be addicted to. ^_^

Back in the mud

Today has been going good so far. I went to school to get my first weeks material ready for my DCE stat class. That is where i found out that classes dont start until Tues. yay! ...but i still have to teach my DCE class on monday. ah well.

I was the only person my age in the building, there were lots of those older people that get paid more than me though. Since i got to work so early (7.30) i am now done for the week. I should always have 4 hour work weeks.

So let's see whats on my plate for today... I'll work on some Necromunda stuff, play sims 2, and drink tea. wow I've got alot of stuff to do... i better get working on it. ^_^

home taping is killing music industry

Boing Boing

A t-shirt worth buying. Other a acceptable answers are: Arcades are killing the music industry, and the radio is killing the music industry...
Quick rundown of all the importand events of my day:
Thats it.

I have to go to bed now, cause I have to get up early tomorrow. :P.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Sims 2 hacks spread like viruses

SecurityFocus (article)

This is an interesting problem with Sims 2. It's more like life than EA thought.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

It looks like a third of the people think that the NHL will fold. What did i vote? That the NHL will fold. If they do not start playing soon they will never play again... well they will play for a while, but no one will care. Which is sad. But hopefully some other hockey league can start from there. Posted by Hello


Is this possible? I mean common, it's my blog i post what i want and what i think is important. If you (plural you and not *you*, but the general you... stupid english...) don't want to read it then don't. is a fun word though (it combines two words that i don't like together, to make one huge gross word)

Generous Google Gives Code

SEO (blog entery: random find)

Some people get so bent on criticizing, that when some one does something good they still get mad.

This guy is saying that Google is giving away it's code to be evil...
So Google would be less evil of a company if it kept it's own code to itself? This is backwards...

Better than good, Gooder and Bett.

... grumblecakes.

it is suppost to say: Better than good, Gooder than Bett.

but for the whole time this blog has been blogging it has been wrong.

and it's not like i don't look at it... i just knew whet it was suppost to say and always read it that way... oh well...

I really don't like the word Blog

Ookami Snow (blog: i found it myself.. ^_^)

In honor of finding who made my original template, i changed my template to another one that he did. This one is much more wintery. It'll be good for another couple of months.

... i like changing things, but i also like things staying the same... go figure.

Work on Blogger

(article: bloggies found)

Here is an interesting stumble-upon.

This guy made the original template for this blog. Which reminds me that i need to get a winter thing going on here.

Random thought: I miss going to colorado over winter break... i didn't really until just now... i miss Flat Irons in the cold nights...
ah well, next year.


Here are some links to home videos of the Tsunami...

On the Beach


Patong Beach

Sri Lanka Hotel

very scary stuff.

Ice of many forms

that is what the ground is covered with; sleet, snowish stuff, and just plain ice. it is kinda fun. And one plus: Nicole gets off of school tomorrow cause of it.

The only real event for today was heading on down to ye old BW3 to watch the orange bowl and play some trivia... which turned out to be QB1. A good time was had by all there ('cept the OU fans...) I ended up getting first in QB1 but its not that impressive since most everyone left by the fourth quarter. Nicole ended up second, and she did very well throughout the night. ^_^

I started working on class stuff by replying to emails from my potential students that have been in my mail box for the last couple 'o weeks. I was gonna write up el syllabus tomorrow, but i think ill have a snow day for myself (yay! ^_^). Ok, time for me to roam the net fer links.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Last one for the night...errr... morning...

stupid interesting internet...

anyways, sometimes life feels really good. and you know what? right now is one of those times. Everything is going good in my life and those close to me. The music i am listing to is upbeat.

Right now it seems like the world works.

I go sleep now (so I think the world works for another 8 or so hours).
ja (blog)

This is the only blog that I read every day who isn't a friend of mine. It is very good, and lately i've been getting as many links from his blog as from MilkandCookies. In any case you should check it out. It is the best blog that i have ever seen... well besides mine of coarse... ^_^ (...yeah right)

10x10 / 100 Words and Pictures that Define the Time

10x10 by Jonathan J. Harris (site/news: avoision found)

This is a dang spiffy news...umm... thingy.

It takes the top 100 news stories per hour, and pics to go with them, and then gives you a pic board of all the current news stories, very cool.

I would really like an updating version for my desktop... that would make it feel more like the year 2005. ^_^

Welcome to the Taco Ninja Online Dojo!

Welcome to the Taco Ninja Online Dojo! (site:avoision found)

If I am EVER in Columbus Ohio i have to eat here.... now lets think of a reason to goto columbus...? ^_^!

Old mp3 Songs for December

in my attempt to keep you, the reader, upto date with my life, I will now give you the songs that were on my mp3 for December:
Christmas Canon                           Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Taylor                                            Jack Johnson
Winter Bells                                   Kuraki Mai
Let Me Be With You                      Chobits Theme
Itsuka no Merry Christmas            B'z
Song for a Winter's Night              Sarah Mclachlan and Jewel
Wizards in Winter                          Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Walking In A Winter Wonderland   Jewel
Carol of the Bells                           Home Alone Soundtrack
Crystal Village                               Pete Yorn
The Music Box                              Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Christmas Dreams                        Trans-Siberian Orchestra
First Snow                                    Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Linus and Lucy                             Vince Guaraldi Trio
Christmas Jazz                             Trans-Siberian Orchestra
My Christmas List                         Simple Plan
Whoville Medely                           Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Cornphíopa Ciorcalach                 Maire Breatnach and Seamus Brett
Greensleeves                              Relaxing Jazz Album
The Holly and the Ivy                    George Winston

Song most listened to: Christmas Canon
Song most skipped: Walking In A Winter Wonderland
Song i like more than when i put it on: Christmas Canon
Song i like the least since putting it on: The Music Box
Mt Favorite Song on the list: Wizards in Winter

Now i'm gonna go put some rocking songs on now...

well i must have deleted my screen capture of my desktop, so here is the wall paper from december. close enough...grumble cakes... Posted by Hello


Ok while getting the pictures up i thought of a couple things:
1. Picasa is staring to bug me, it is dating the pics all wrong, and it is annoying... if you remember Picasa is what lead me to this blog, and really the only reason i use Picasa is to post pics here...
2. Congrats to Aaron for winning the Pirate Islands Fantasy Football League (PIFF), he beat Amber, and Julia beat me in the 3rd place game... Next year i will win it all, next year...
3. I am out of tea... :( ... need to make some more.
4. crapinheagen (...never wrote that down before...) there was something else, but i forget. Ah well, i need to post my old desktop and the old music from my mp3 player, prob by then i will remember...

This is also at Newgen's party. (they are playing Curses!) Posted by Hello

Here were are at newgens party doing the drumming thing... (if you have a PS2 take a look at the Taiko drum game for it... it is *very* fun) Posted by Hello

This was xmas eve dinner at nic ma's house... in it starting with r-honda (going counter clock going wise) is nicole, nicole's mom, marsha (my aunt), kevin (married to marsha), grandma, and gary. and as you can tell, a fun time was had by all...  Posted by Hello

Here is my very festive bathroom... ^_^ Posted by Hello

back for good.

Ok this time i will start updating my web log regularly. Why am i so confident this time? because i have to start doing stuff for teaching, and between the two blogging is better than actually getting work done. So this should get going again for good...

So since i got home from garden i have been doing basically one thing: sims 2. Nicole's mom got me it for xmas and that is all i have been doing for the past day or so... sure football and tea and stuff... but you know....

So lets get this chunk over with... how xmas went....

It was good. We went down to garden, and stayed at nicoles mom's house because she is gonna move to Wichita soon and it'll be the only xmas she'll have in sims house.
So normal things happened... lets see we had xmas eve dinner at nic ma's house (same reason as staying there) we had ceaser salad, crab sauce, steak and shrimp scampi. It was a good time, but kinda annoying since we were trying to rush to make it to xmas eve service. after the service we had desert, which included pecan pie made by chris (he never seemed like the cooking type, but i came out good... oh yeah, thanks for making it!). So that brings us to xmas day, i got good stuff, nothing incredi good, but good stuff none the less. Lets see, the next day was Newgen's xmas party, which was at BT this year. Julia and mike were down and amber and aaron come from hays for it. (also in attendance was me, cole, chris, nette, newgen, andrea, andy, and gary <--- more on him later). We played the new Mario party 6 and Tikao drums for PS2, and a good time was had by all. ... So that summarizes the normal stuff of xmas break, lets move on to the not normal stuff:
Gary was down the whole time. Since we were not able to go up to colorado this time he came down instead. It was nice to have him down, but adding yet another important family member just adds to the stress. It would have been fun to go up to colorado for new years (like we have done for the past couple of years), but we still had a good time at nicoles mom's for the new year (rhonda left the party at 10pm... which is staying up very late for her... ^_^ ).
I actually got to spend some time with steve. We played football and Gran Turismo, and we had a good time. I really like doing stuff with steve, but my life life is busy, and his life is as well...
oh, thats all the xmas break review im gonna do, cause im bored of it.

well i had some interesting thing to talk about when i started this entry, but my remembering the last two weeks has made it go away... ill work on posting some pics...

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Dec 24

Day 24

I'm back, but i want sleep... I'll update more in the morrow.

Untill then you can rock on out...
(santa santa santa...)