Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Games Workshop under pressure as sales slip

Yahoo! Finance

I think in most cases when people say they don't like capitalism, i think they mean they don't like the drive for profit that companies have. I too think that this is the greatest fault of capitalism. And what is at the root of company profit hounding? The stock market. I really don't like the stock market, it turnes good natured companies into money loving machines. Look at GW, they were going fine until they got heavily invested in. The people investing in them do not care who they are, or what they do, they just want money from GW. So, they turn GW into a cash making machine and not the company made 'by gamers for gamers'. Poo.
Now GW posts not so good profits, and their stocks fall quite a bit, they will have to do some stupid thing to save money, and everyone will become less interested in doing GW stuff.
So, if you are listening Games Workshop, the best thing you can do is buy back your shares and once again become a company, by gamers, for gamers. ... oh yeah, and support Necromunda better. ^_^

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