Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Say no to "Art".

Out of all the swindlers I believe that "artist" get off the easiest. I should clarify that I don't mean all artists, just those that tend to hide behind the phrase "you can't criticize my work because it is art". Those people -they have a racket going.

Take for instance this new "art":

It's a rotating kitchen. Neat? Yes. Somewhat of an experiment? Yes. Art? No.

I am getting tired of these "artists" who just do *something* and then claim it's art. That isn't art, that is just doing something new. I don't see why they get a pass as soon as they say "but it's art!". Hog. Wash.

Let's celebrate the people that actually have talent, not those that just get away with anything because they hide behind the term "art".