Monday, May 26, 2008


Since the school year is over and the work years haven't started yet Nicole and I hopped in our Mercury Tracer chariot and headed on up to Colorado to visit my dad. So far every day we have done something fun up here.

On the day we drove up there were tornadoes through Kansas, we got to stop on the side of the interstate and watch a big one go by Quinter Kansas. If you squint real hard and cock your head to the side you can see the wedge tornado in the pic.

Then on Saturday we headed on down to Denver and went to a Colorado Rapids game. All the cheap tickets were sold out so we had the choice of expensive or even more expensive, so we took the high life and got third row about midfield tickets. The Rapids lost the game 2-1, but it was a nice evening.

Last night we went to Colorado National Speedway. Nothing too spectacular happened, but Roger Avants, a family favorite driver, won the big race of the night.

Now I am waiting for waffles to be made for some breakfast/lunch and then we are headed out to Boulder for a Memorial Day festival thing they have going. It's called hippie days or something like that.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My New Favorite Blog 2008, Final Results

After a couple of months of competition Elizabeth's blog Who Said Life Wasn't Funny won the most coveted prize that my blog gives out; she is my new favorite blog. The results from the field of contestants are:


Who Said Life Wasn't Funny


Bug-Eyed Blog


I Have A Bomb Shelter And You Can't Use It
Steve's Nude Memphis Blog


Quit Your Day Job
Present Simple


What Is Hip
A Haiku For No One
Intergalactic Gladiator
Not just nouns & verbs
White rabbit
The Bingo Caller Of Love
Leisure Pursuit
Kate Smudges In Earth, Paint and Life


Fabulously Jinxed
Will o' the Wisp...
Mimi says
Cheezy's Blog
Gledwood Vol 2
Falling On A Bruise
No touch Monkey!
Stranded In Reality
The Year It Didn't Happen
The RaeJanes
Under the Bridge
Light Motifs
I Think, Therefore I Am Frustrated
Much That Is Hidden

And the final brackets look like: (click on the image to see a much larger picture)

I would like to thank everyone for playing along, I have found many blogs that I like, and even though there can only be one "New Favorite Blog" there are many blogs that I will be visiting regularly in the future. As always it was very difficult to choose the winners each round, and I think that with the same field there would be many different blogs that would win if I would redo the competition. I had a good time and I hope everyone found a couple of their own "new favorite blogs" from the competition.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My New Favorite Blog 2008, Championship

And at long last.

62. Who Said Life Wasn't Funny vs Bug-Eyed Blog
Elizabeth (Who siad life wasn't funny) has been on a crash diet of sorts and as of the post (which was like two weeks ago now) has lost a very impressive one pound. But that pound might not have been shed by a better diet, it might have been lost due to the amount of running she has to do from bugs in her house. They got all sorts of creepy crawlies over there, ticks, centipedes, millipedes... only the best ones for her. Earl (Bug-Eyed Blog) has dreams that most of us can only dream that we have. He is now bff with Bon Jovi. I know it sounds hard to believe, but Early has worked hard on it in his dreams and has been able to actually meet the man in the semi-ethereal flesh. He also reviews the ending to Cloverfield the movie that thinks it is good. One of his explanations of the ending is pretty good though: "I may have had a minor stroke there at the end of the film and I only THOUGHT I saw something plummet into the ocean. That would also explain why I woke up with my head in the cat's litter box. Kinda comfortable, actually." That's what I thought too.
Winner: Who Said Life Wasn't Funny
It was a hard decision, so I am glad that I set up a poll to see who other people liked better, the result of the poll was very close though: 13 for Earl and 14 for Elizabeth. So I would say that Elizabeth just barley squeaked out a win. Congratulations!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Famous House

About a year ago I talked about a video that a professor from K-State made that was very popular on the internet. (I posted it below if you haven't seen it yet)

Well guess what I found out this weekend. The house Jenette and Chris just bought (the one I am living in right now) was Dr. Wesch's and he lived in it when he made the video. How sweet is that? We have some of his mail that we need to take to him, maybe I could get an autograph or something.

p.s. I believe that the winner of the My Favorite New Blog 2008 contest will be announced tomorrow, if you haven't got your vote in yet do it now!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

+1 House

Over the last weekend (Friday-Tuesday) Nicole and I (and co.) were in Tulsa looking for a house to live in so that when we start work there on the 16th of June we have somewhere to go home to. As luck would have it we did find a house, so, self-fulfilling prophecy I guess.

The house that we found is on the southeast part of town which is in a semi-developed area. We are at the end of a cul-de-sac so there shouldn't be too much car noise. Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with dog yapping noise because every time we went there there was some small dog on both sides yapping at us to stay away.

The house has a good deal of living room downstairs and the kitchen and eat-in area are fairly large, while the upstairs has a large game room and three small bedrooms. There isn't too much spectacular with the house but it is a good one, and that is good enough for me.

Also the house is close to the mall so Nicole can go shopping there. ^_^

Friday, May 09, 2008

My kind of lesson

Instead of all the babying that we do with our children these days we should teach them more lessons like so:

Little Kid vs Tuba Player - Watch more free videos

I am guessing that is the last time that kids just goes wherever he pleases.


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My New Favorite Blog 2008; Vote for your pick.

It looks like I may need a more formal way to get input from my readers on which blog they like better. So I made a poll to organize the votes for me. Here is what to do:
1. Read the two current posts from the two contestants:
Bug-Eyed Blog: Livin' on a Prayer and Cloverfield - SPOILERS
Who Said Life Wasn't Funny: I am a bug in Hell and Happy Me!
2. Just based on those two posts decide which one you like better.
3. Vote on the poll below. Please only vote once... I don't know if it allows more than one vote from a computer.
4. Wait for the results. If I like the posts about the same then I will use the results of the voting to chose the winner.

Voting closes on the 20th. The winner will be announced soon afterwards.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Pokal is Wise

*This is the paper that I ended up writing for my Aztec class, for the class we a doing a simulation study and I am the religious minister for the kingdom of the Mezkans (the one that I procrastinated for a good five or so hours yesterday from doing). There are four other empires in the simulation study and recently we have forged a relationship with one of them. Our event for this week was to deal with a mysterious sickness that was plaguing our people and to decide to offer aid to a nearby empire who is under threat by a encroaching tribe. Michelle, my sister, is also in the class and she is the Military adviser for the Mezkans.*

Last night Pokal talked to me through a dream.

In this dream I was walking along the pilgrimage route from Tianqui to Quiauatl. As I was walking on the path frogs started to jump out from the forest, at first there was only a few but as I neared Quiauatl more and more frogs came from the depths of the jungle. I looked at the frogs and saw that they were covered in blisters that oozed and that they were hot to the touch. When I looked in the eyes of the frogs they were glowing like the sun. I went along the path until I reached a river, in the river the frogs were washing themselves and filling the river with their puss. I entered the river and walked up the stream and the water became blood. I looked down and I had become covered in blood and puss. My body became so hot that I could not stand anymore and I had to find a spot of clean water and lay in it. When I was recovering in the water I saw a fish swim by. I asked him why there were so many frogs and why the river turned to blood. He told me to take some potato mash and place it in a hole, then he took the mash out and it was covered in mold. He told me to eat the mold and then make my way up the river. He said that the mold would protect me from the frogs, but the river would still turn to blood. He said that if I walked for half a day up the blood filled river I would find the source of it. I ate the mold as the fish told me and made my way up the river. After walking half a day the river became so full of blood it was almost impossible to forge, but I came to a lake and I saw what was causing the blood. There was a mountain made of stone and on top of the mountain was a god that welded a knife that could kill without touching. At the side of the mountain was a line of jaguars that were being led to the top of mountain. At the top the god killed the jaguar and the blood came rushing down and filled the river. Then the body of the jaguar was thrown down and daemons tore it apart. The sight was very disturbing and when I saw the daemons rip apart the jaguar I yelled out. The god saw me and I looked back. His face was so bright that it woke me from my vision.

When I woke I knew that Pokal had blessed me with a vision. I thanked him and pondered over its meaning. After much thought and divine guidance I have discovered the meaning of the revelation.

The frogs are the uncleanness that we all have. Normally they are kept in check by predators and so we are not effected by their presence. However we have seen that our old and our young have become sick with sores and fevers. This is due to the unchecked nature of the frogs. I have heard from the people in the village that there is someone that is killing the jaguar nearby. I believe that the killing of the jaguar has allowed the frogs to multiply and make us sick. And just as I had to leave the place of the frogs in my vision the sick in our land must also venture forth and go to the place of the jaguar to be healed. I will instruct all of the sick to make the mash like the fish told me to do and let the mold grow until it is time to embark on the journey, then they will eat the mold. The mold will protect the travelers until they reach the place of the jaguar killings. When they find the source of the blood river they must stop the killing and protect the jaguars until the jaguars have killed enough of the vile frogs that balance returns once again and the sores do not appear on the skin of the sick. If we continue to allow the jaguars to be killed the frogs will continue to dirty our water and we will all fall ill to the sickness. We must restore order to our land.

This is what Pokal has revealed to me, this is what we our people will do.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Oh! Look at that bug!

What is it about having something that needs to get done that makes even the most mildly entertaining activity the most engrossing thing to do? For example, right now I have to write up a quick one page paper for my Aztec class. It won't be hard, and it probably will be fun to do. However, just knowing that I have to do something makes surfing the web/reading the newspaper/ checking email seem way more fun. As a matter of fact posting on my blog sounds like way more fun than writing a paper about the Aztecs.

Friday, May 02, 2008

My New Favorite Blog 2008, Semifinal

Who will go on to face Earl?

61. Who Said Life Wasn't Funny vs I Have A Bomb Shelter And You Can't Use It
Elizabeth on Who Said Life Wasn't Funny has discovered that her son has a girlfriend that is three year older than him, and he is only six. Kids these days grow up so fast. She also points out the random ways that people have made it to her blog via Google search, such as chickegeon, "is a duckbill platypus more interesting than a guinea hen", and "illegal to pawn your wooden leg". Limpy painted his bomb shelter a nice royal purple and set in for a quick game of "name 100 things about yourself". The D/L on limpy is that he is right handed, his dad is older than him, like fresh watermelon, and he has won on Jeopardy. However Limpy only made it to 50 before he stopped, clearly he has not been training enough to blog 100 things about himself.
Winner: Who Said Life Wasn't Funny

So there you have it, the battle for my new favorite blog will be: Who Said Life Wasn't Funny vs Bug-Eyed Blog, I may even need to get some help from the crowd on this one.