Monday, May 05, 2008

Oh! Look at that bug!

What is it about having something that needs to get done that makes even the most mildly entertaining activity the most engrossing thing to do? For example, right now I have to write up a quick one page paper for my Aztec class. It won't be hard, and it probably will be fun to do. However, just knowing that I have to do something makes surfing the web/reading the newspaper/ checking email seem way more fun. As a matter of fact posting on my blog sounds like way more fun than writing a paper about the Aztecs.


elizabeth said...

I need some sunglasses like that for vacation.

Ookami Snow said...

Aren't they rockin? I think that they will be the next big thing.

The Math Ninja said...

I think donuts would serve the same purpose. Just be sure the glaze makes a nice film over the hole.