Monday, May 26, 2008


Since the school year is over and the work years haven't started yet Nicole and I hopped in our Mercury Tracer chariot and headed on up to Colorado to visit my dad. So far every day we have done something fun up here.

On the day we drove up there were tornadoes through Kansas, we got to stop on the side of the interstate and watch a big one go by Quinter Kansas. If you squint real hard and cock your head to the side you can see the wedge tornado in the pic.

Then on Saturday we headed on down to Denver and went to a Colorado Rapids game. All the cheap tickets were sold out so we had the choice of expensive or even more expensive, so we took the high life and got third row about midfield tickets. The Rapids lost the game 2-1, but it was a nice evening.

Last night we went to Colorado National Speedway. Nothing too spectacular happened, but Roger Avants, a family favorite driver, won the big race of the night.

Now I am waiting for waffles to be made for some breakfast/lunch and then we are headed out to Boulder for a Memorial Day festival thing they have going. It's called hippie days or something like that.


elizabeth said...

Why is that beer always tastes better at live sporting events? (also, why is it the ONLY time I crave hotdogs??)

kimberlina said...


1) beer tastes good right now in front of my computer.

2) is the tornado REALLY BIG or REALLY SMALL? i can't tell! but i can see "really big" one. was it seriously that large?

Ookami Snow said...

elizabeth- sporting events are the only time that I eat hot dogs (and like them) all other times they seem really gross.

kimberlina the tornado goes from just inside the first fence post to about halfway between the second and third fence post. I just heard today that it was an F4 (F5 is a biggest category)