Wednesday, October 31, 2012

St. George House Story

I will write about this before I forget all the details, but I will not post it for a couple of years, mainly because I don't want to scare too many people that are currently living in the house. I figure if a couple years have passed and nothing new is reported we can just assume this was a one-time off deal, don't really know if that helps, but it at least keeps me able to see if anything else is independently reported.

This is the scariest thing to happen to me in real life.

In the start of spring of 2008 Nicole and I moved into the house that Jenette and Chris just bought out north of St. George. The house is out in the country and there are houses on each 2 acre lot along the road. The original house is old, say around 1900's, but the house was set atop a new basement in the 90's. The house is lived in, but not run down, and everything is in pretty good shape besides the loft room closets that has alot of graffiti from kids, some of which talks about the kids wanting their parents to get back together.

My scary story happend realtivly soon after we moved into the house. It was the first time that I was alone in the house at night, since Jentte and Chris were in town, and Nicole was working on her master's report back at school. I got a call from my dad when I was doing stuff in the basement, where our bedroom was, however since I was underground and in the middle of nowhere I had to go upstars to get a good enough signal to talk on the phone. I talked on the phone for about a minute before the phone went dead. I looked and the battery was drained so much so that I could not even get it to turn back on. This was odd for two reasons, one because I had looked at the charge before I answered the phone and it was almost full. Secondly, my phone always beeps at me for a long time before it dies, and even when it does shut itself off I could always turn it back on at least for a bit. But this time it went dead dead.

So I went downstaris to get my phone charger to plug in the phone while I finished up my conversation with my dad. I plugged the phone into a kitchen outlet that is by the entrey way into the dining room. I called my dad back an started talking with him. Then after about thrity seconds something cought my eye. I looked over to the doorway that leads up to the loft and a saw a little girl's head duck behind the doorway. I just saw the top of her head -her forehead and hair, but it was pretty obvious that it was a little girl. I said "What the heck?" on the phone, and put the phone down to look since the power cord wasn't long enough. When I looked there was nothing there.

Well that freaked me out enough that I wrapped up the phone converstation in 15 second style, went down stairs to put on my shoes and left out the back door to go into town. Ever since then I had not seen anything like that at the house, although I have also never been alone at night there either.