Monday, February 28, 2005

nikewarriors05 (video)

This is an ad that i think is done very well... kinda freaky as well. If you watch ESPN I am sure you have already seen it, but since I stumbled upon it I figured I might as well link it.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Young Man's Book of Amusement

Lateral Science (site)

This doesn't look like a good thing to give kids... and it would have been so fun to have as a kid...

We need more books like this nowadays.

World Jump Day

World Jump Day (site)

Oh, it's one of those things... it's so stupid you have to do it... Thats a time when Michelle would prob be here, so why not...

Now if everyone in the world jumped at the same time wouldn't that cancel out all the forces?

Mark it on your calender; July 20th

Beasley to play for new football team

Wichita Eagle (article)

I said i would not watch another Koyotes game until they had a chance to lose a game...

Since the af2 Wichita Stealth folded, the new APFL Wichita Aviators are picking up most of their talent... which means they got K-State QB Beasley...

The Koyotes could lose a game... for the first time ever...

Champaign, IL Media Watch

Champaign, IL Media Watch (blog)

yay, i got linked from another person i don't know.

I'm miscellaneous!

F5! Tornado Safaris

F5! Tornado Safaris (site)

This would be so cool to do. I read elsewhere that it is about $1800 to do a week long chase, it would be close to worth it.

Since I am taking this summer off i think i will do some of my own storm chasing... that sounds dangerously fun. ^_^

Happy Michelle B-Day!

Yesterday newgen got here around 5, we ate at Famous Dave's, which had an hour wait, then the service was bad, they got wrong orders, i didn't get mine for a long time (again...), then they told nicole that the salad that she got had pulled pork on it when we all knew that it was chicken. (The ticket had BBQ chicken salad on it, when nicole ordered pulled pork salad). All in all Famous Dave's is not a good place to eat, the have good sauce, but if you want BBQ goto Cox. (Cox is local anyway). So after dinner we went over to play PlayStation at Aaron's. We played some Gran Turismo 4, which is a very good game. Then we played Newgen's Katamari, which is a crazy game where you roll things up into a ball to make stars... no really it makes that much sense... it is very fun ^_^. After that Newgen Aaron and I played the new NHL Hitz game until 5 in the morning, fun times.
Today we got up around noon, and we went to go eat at Chili's before Newgen left to go home. It was nice to eat at a place with good service. We got back home around three and ever since then Ive been watching Arena Football and working on Rhonda's paper.

I think i need more tea...

Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Bread Hunter

:D Sorry i didn't post yesterday, it was kinda full, of just stuff, nothing really anything of note....

Anyways Thursday ended up fine, the girl whosewallet i found stopped by, then my student stopped by for help and we worked on stuff for a couple of hours, after that me nicole and jentte went to cox to eat a bunch of appetizersfor dinner. When we got home we just crashed. Yesterday also went fine... Nicole didn't have school so she took me to class in the morning, after class we had our GTA meeting, then i had help lab, which went by fast since one of my students stopped by to get caughtup (she missed the first couple of class periods, so she had some missing work). Then i went to go get my eyes dilatedand get my contacts ordered. Let me tell you, when your eyes are dilated the sun is very very bright... After the appointmentnicole and i went out to Quizno's, then we came home and asked if anybody wanted to play disc golf... after a while everyone (me, cole, chris, jenette, and aaron) decided togo. So we got out there about 5, so it was sort of late, but we still got 16 of the 18 holes in. It took awhile for me to get used to throwing my distance driver, but after while i got the hang of it again, also i think my putting got better, but my approach isn't as awesome as it used to be, oh yeah, and i am still good at pegging trees. ^_^
Well, after disc golf nicole fixed the turkey we had marinating, but when it was done we werent hungry, so she just cut it up and put it in the fridge. And we went to bed...
Today I slept until 12, which is about the time right now.. so i havent done anything yet. We are about ready to get some bread to make some sandwiches with the turkey we cooked last night. The rest of the day's activities depend on what newgen wants to do, since he is gonna come down after he gets done with work. fun.

ok i'm gonna go hunt down some bread now.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

mmm... food

This morning I woke up in a pretty bad mood. The reason being, yesterday was very stressful and busy, and then today when i woke up i just thought about all the stupid little things i had to do that i didn't want to do. (the main thing is meeting with a student tonight at 6.30, that’s just a real bad time...) Anyways when i got to my office (around 7.30) i really was grumbly so i just went to sleep. I woke up around 9.20 and i felt *much* better. It was about time for class to start so I walked on over to class. Class went pretty fast, which is good since it is a long Tues./Thursday class. Afterwards i talked to lance for a bit about college conferences, more specifically how the Big XII should kick out Baylor, and add a new school. The school I would add is CSU, Lance wanted to add Arkansas. Eh, it's fun to talk about. Also we talked about how Rothelsburger wasn't really that good, he just didn't make mistakes.
Anywho, Lance went to get some lunch, and so i played on the net for a bit then headed on over to Chipotle to eat some chicken tacos. On the way over i found a wallet that somebody had dropped, so when i got done eating i came back over to my office and called her, she wasn't there, but her roommate was, so she is suppost to call me back. Then nicole called to see if i wanted to get something to eat, but since i had just got back from lunch i declined. :(
Oh well, i got about 50min. until my 320 class starts, so i think i'm goona look over the homework for 720 that is due next Thursday.
thats the ticket.

Maybe there will be some necromunda tonight in the apartment….

Kutopia (flash)

This guy does some pretty cool stuff, the best i have seen so far is this flash that makes pretty good random flowers. It is coolness. It's worth checking out the rest of the site as well.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

grading over for the day.

Oi that was alot of grading... i watched a soccer game while grading, which kept me entertained. It was Arsenal vs... oh somebody else, i can't remember. Well, i've got to get ready to head off to go teach. ja.

FontEditor BitfontMaker

FontEditor BitfontMaker (site)

Make your own fonts on the internet, for free. I've been looking for something like this for a while... you won't make the best fonts ever with it, but it is still fun.


Just because i can... i have decided to go to 3 random blogs a day and read them and post to at least one comment. So here are the blogs I went to today:

Emily's Blog
History Hounds
strange happenings of thegirl.

It is fun going around reading blogs with the intention of commenting on them. Try it some time, i recommend during an easy morning while drinking a large mug of green tea...

in other news: Today is gonna be very busy, i have to leave for class in a couple of minutes, afterwards i need to get ready for my night class, which takes about an hour, then i'm gonna come home eat some lunch and grade some papers... so it's like this day over again.

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes (site)

all of them. ^_^

boy do i miss Calvin and Hobbes, even more than the Farside.

Canon PowerShot A95 digital camera

Digital Photography Review (site)

If i were to buy a camera right now, i would go with this one. I am impressed with the A75 that Rhonda bought, and this site reviewed the A95 it very well. The street price is listed at $315 so that is $85 under the top price i would be willing to spend. If you have any comments about what camera to get, don’t be afraid to drop me a comment.

Also, if you are looking at getting a digital camera, check this site out before you buy anything. They do very good digital camera reviews.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Amazon Honor System

Amazon Honor System (site)

Well my birthday is coming up, and one of the things i want is a digital camera that i can take around with me. The main reason i want it is because i want to post more pics of my life here, but my current digital camera is too big to carry with me. So i was looking around at cameras and i think it'll be around 400 to get a good, small, snazzy camera. So i thought, hey, it's for my blog maybe i could get some help.

So if you click on the link on the right sidebar (the Amazon one), it'll take you to a donation page, the minimum donation is a buck (i wanted it to be $.50 but they wouldn't let me... :( )
Anyways, don't feel pressured to donate, 'specially if you don't have money. But if you do enjoy my blog give a buck so that i can get some better (and more) pics up.

In any case, thanks for reading my blog (I've been getting about 15 unique visitors a day!!! ^_^ ). And if i can get 3000 people a day, and get them all to give me a buck a month I can live my quiet life, enjoying random things, without having to waste time working... *sigh* stupid real life...

On the same note, here is a good one of Nicole.

This picture was up when we came home from walsmart, I had forgotten about it. Pretty snazzy if I do say so myself.

(for those random folks who visit my blog, this is my sister Michelle... she normally isn’t this colorful. ^_^ )

Last call for Rebels gear.

I think i am gonna change the products in my CafePress store, so if you want Rebels Championship stuff, get it soon.

Since the last update: Class went fine. BW3 went finer. It was; me, Nicole, aaron, amber, Jenette,and lance for the trivia. Jenette pulled out a crushing win in the mini six, and amber came from behind on the last question to winthe Showdown. Fun times were had by all. After that nicole and i headed out to walsmart to pick up some stuff, the funnest thing i got was a storage box for my tv cords and stuff. Joy.

Fun with new toys.

For the past day or so my new 200 CD changer (on loan from the Newgen factor) would make noise. Since it is new i figured it's just something that it does, i did notice today that it was making noise about every hour, but i could not think of a reason why it would do this. If it was a computer i figured it was just spinning up the HD or checking for updates on the internet. But the CD changer is not this sophisticated. So after eating lunch i figured i wanted to listen to some music, ad i turn on the receiver, and the Cantina song starts playing... (grumble, grumble).. i had left the CD player playing ever since the post 'This is your favorite blog'...

It prob. needs a rest soon.

oh yeah, i know why the CD changer makes noises about once an hour now...

And to come full circle from when I started using to the changer Favorite Song by ABJ is now playing. ^_^

But how can i win if i didn't play?

OK a rundown of yesterday and today so far.

Yesterday: Drove nicole to school, came home, went to class, went to BW3 with aaron and amber (i won trivia twice, got a local high score and placed around 100th in the nation, forthe last game), then i went to dillions, then gave exam 2 tomy night class, went to hockey (which went fairly good), then grabbed some J or the J for a bite to eat before bed.

Today i got up ate some oatmeal, went to class, pondered tic-tac-toe strategies, walked home and i am now catching up on some good ol' fashioned computer time. The rest of the day looks straight forward: Eat lunch, teach 320, BW3 for dinner, and win $22 million dollars. Looks like today is gonna be a good day.

3M Security Glass Ad

Signal vs. Noise (blargticle)

That’s great advertising (yes, that’s real money in there).


Monday, February 21, 2005 (site/vid)

This is a very good video documentary about copyright laws with sampling (using clips of other songs in your own song).

There are two things that i do not like in our current capitalist society. 1 is the stock market. 2 is over zealous copyright laws.

Why Millions Say, Softly, God Bless America (article)

This article is a good summarization of what has gone on in the world as we have fought for Iraq's freedom.

When America--having smashed Iraq's 40-year-old Baathist tyranny and captured its blood-soaked leader, Saddam Hussein--promised to hold democratic elections with all deliberate speed so that Iraqis could decide their own future, the hope and expectation was that democratic nations and peoples the world over would come and help. But that did not happen. With the notable exceptions of Australia, Poland and Britain (whose prime minister, Tony Blair, has taken huge political risks to back America 100%), most other democratic nations have looked the other way.

The whole article is worth a read. >> Design & Development: (site)

Here is another text drawing site. It’s fun to play around with.

This is your favorite blog...

Listening to Anything But Joey isn't as fun as it was ever since they broke up... They are so good, it's kinda sad listing to their music... Oh well,the Dog & Everything and Jupiter Sunrise is still around.

Yesterday was a nice day of necromunda, nascar, panera and church. yea weekend!

Today i got up early and drove nicole to Junction so that i have a car to go to hockey in. It was a very nice drive since it was so nice and cloudy/misty out. Oh yeah, i also had some good tea from Panera because we picked up some food on the way out of town.

Now I am just sitting around waiting to goto class.

rock, rock on.

10 Saturday
20 Sunday
30 GOTO 10

Still Monday?...dang.... ^_^

Memory Alpha

Memory Alpha (site)

Everything you ever wanted to know about Star Trek.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Stupid Computer Tricks

Oh some pretty good stuff here. This guy fixes computers, and whenever somebody does something stupid, he takes a pic of it, and then posts them here. Enjoy. ^_^

The Booty Ye Deserve!! (Flash)

Been attacked by ninjas? Get the booty ye deserve with the Pirate attorney.
....really I am not searching for things like this, they are coming to me...

8 and ready to go get em.

Yesterday was a nice day. We got up around 11.30 (it was nice to sleep in for once). We went to go eat lunch at panera. After that Jenette, chris, and aaron came over to play necromunda (the start of the Tempus campaign). We played until around 9.00, then we went to go eat at Chipotle, there we saw a guy from michelle's band and sarah foster. After dinner nicole and I came home and played a couple of more battles, we made it to bed by one. And now we are up at 8.

Hopefully today will also be a good day.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Tree for Winter (flash)

While digging around I found this flash. It would be a great thing to have as a video art piece. Now i just need a picture frame video screen hanging on my wall... (site)

Here is a place were you can draw with text.

Constantine reviewed, by me.

I just got back from the movie Constantine. It is pretty good. They did a good job of mixing Christianity, Catholicism, and mythology into a very interesting mesh of storyline. Keanu Reeves does pretty good of getting out of his normal, 'woah....', character, and plays a pretty convincing exorcist. The graphics were great and they story made since.... the only thing i would change would be to not include the guy sniffling through the whole movie behind me...
Also stay through the credits, cause there is a clip afterwards.
Over all, this is a pretty good movie, and i would not be opposed to go see it again during a matinee to look for symbolism.
another thing: There was a very heavy anti-smoking message during the movie, it was pretty good. (Not out-of-place like Star Wars'.)

In other news: My day went fine, i went to class, then we worked on finalizing the 330_320 Exam 1. During help lab i got my night class' exam 2 wrote. After that i came home, helped rhonda with her paper some. Nicole got home, we (me cole jenette chris and aaron) went to eat at So Long, then we (san nicole) went to the movie. So a nice friday.

Let's roam the internet, shall we?

Friday, February 18, 2005

Smoking ban exiles smokers, prohibits a legal activity in public

Update 11.06.08 - I have a new post about this here. Be sure to check it out, basically we lost our freedom (not that I smoke) based on misusing studies.

Update 11.04.08
- It looks like they are at it again, please do not vote for a smoking ban in Manhattan. It is setting a president to ban things that we find "harmful" (the research on second hand smoke has both been faked and inconclusive) next up will be banning fat in Manhattan if this passes.


Kansas State Collegian (article)

I don't know what it is but there has been some better articles in the collegian lately.

Today they ran a for and agianst column for a ban on public smoking. Both sides presents the common ideas that go with their resons. And obvioussly (^_^) the argument against is a better one.

Here is the link to the article for a ban on smoking.
(Above is the link for the article against the ban.)

I want to live...

Sperling's Best Places (quiz-ish)

The results of taking a survey about my perfect place to live...
1. San Francisco
2. San Jose
3. Long Island
4. LA
5. Oakland

...ummm...i think there must be more to the place where i would like to live than what was asked... like how important is it to be free? Cause CA and NY are not the freest of states....

Other cities it said i would like to live in (...That i actually would):
8. Seattle
19. Dallas
21. Minneapolis
22. Denver
23. Fort Worth
28. Boulder-Longmont ^_^!!!

So where would you like to live?
If you do it, tell me where they say you want to live.

Stressful Cities

Sperlings (site)

Gary is always saying that the poeple in the front range are stressed out, well now there is a study, and Denver is 17th out of a list of 331 major US cities for the most stressed out.
'The force is strong with this one' ^_^....

side note: streesed is a very stupid word... say it about 7 times...

The main site that ranks cities in a bunch of categiries is here.

AgencyNet Interactive, Inc.

AgencyNet Interactive, Inc. (site)

A nifty company website... i am liking this 'let's make the internet work more like real life' instead of clicking around on alot of text.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

EverQuest II - /pizza

EverQuest II - /pizza (site)

Order Pizza Hut pizza while playing Everquest by typing /pizza. ^_^ very fun. Can we get Chipotle to sign a deal with Sims 2?

Jon Stewart's Daily Show on Bloggers 02/16/05

Daily Show (video)

Oh, how funny the news is when it comes from Jon Stewart.. and Ted Hitler. :)

make mine Ginger Peach

my day so far:
i got to school early this morning (around 7) and got to work on my homeworkthat was due at 9.30. I was able to get it done no problem. I went to 722, which went by fairly fast, it helps that the topics in the class are somewhat interesting. After class, i graded some papers and started work on writing the second exam for my night class. While writing the test i got a hankerin for some pizza and rememberedthat pizza hut had their buffet going. A quick message over to jenette and chris and we were there by 12. After stuffing myself, i got a ride to the optometrists and had my first eye doctor appointment in 4years. I got a new prescriptionand some new contacts (fancy). I got done over there at 3.15, just in time to walk on over to school and teach my class. Teaching went fine, because my Tue/Thurs class is a good group. After class i headed back to my office and talk to lance for a bit, then i came home.
So, all in all, not too bad of a day. Now on to funner things... like tea.

Violence in sports is as old as the games themselves

Kansas State Collegian (article)

How do you know why someone doesn't 'get' football?

"If the Super Bowl wasn’t so hyped and popular, nothing in the world would prompt me to spend an entire evening watching a bunch of men mindlessly crashing into each other – nothing."

Football is way more than a bunch of men mindlessly crashing into each other. Football is possibly one of the most elegant sports there is. I think people that don't like football haven’t paid enough attention to get it yet.
But otherwise this article is fairly good.


ARCHOS (site)

Archos with 100GB? Sold. $800? well crap... let's work on that...

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Goals for the day:

Here is how i did:
1. I got the notes printed off.
2. i got ready to teach after class, it took longer than i wanted, but i did get ready.
3. I got most of my homework done, but i did not get it completely done.
4. We ended up not having game night because both me and nicole were at school until past 8... and i didn't think of anything to make..
5. I ate the Chipotle leftovers.
6. I did throw a 'yessss' in at the start of the class.

so i got 4 out of the 6 goals done.. not to bad.

my new goal for the rest of the day: sleep.


The box had tea in it... hurray for tea!

I got a box today

Other movies i want to see:

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Pirates of the Caribbean 2

and lastly:
The Ninja Pirates


The Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy


Make an old bad move better... let's do more of these kinds of remakes.

NHL Cancels Season (article)

good job guys.

so what sport wants to be number 4?

NLL that question was for you.

100 Funniest Jokes of All Time

100 Funniest Jokes of All Time(site)

Two guys are walking down the street when a mugger approaches them and demands their money. They both grudgingly pull out their wallets and begin taking out their cash. Just then one guy turns to the other and hands him a bill. "Here’s that $20 I owe you," he says.

oh it's some pretty funny stuff...

My goals for the day:

1. print off the 720 notes *before* i go to class.
2. get ready to teach.
3. bring my 722 homework home to do, and actually to it.

other things i have to do:
goto class
do game night.
ah there is goal number four...

4. think of something good to make for game night.
5. eat pizza for lunch (this is about my every lunch) ha ha! i forgot, i have Chipotle leftovers to eat for lunch... yessss.....
6.continue to do at least one Napoleon Dynamite quote per night of my DCE class that i teach.

that is all...

Music Band Fonts

RockRage: (site)

Can't find the right font for the title on your mid-term paper? Here is a bunch of fonts designed after music bands. Extra points goes to anyone who actually uses a crazy font from this site for their title of a paper that they turn in... if you do email me a copy, i'll post it.

any takers?

That was totally a yes

So the rest of my day you ask? Here's the low down:
Teaching went fine, and we ended up getting out about 30min early. After that jenette picked me up and we went to go watch lance and the stat crew play intramural basketball. Lane and Robert didn't play, which the team says are theirbest players, and so we lost our game. Oh well, that gives the stat team a 2-1 record, not too bad for a bunch of nerds. :)
After that, jenette and i went over to BW3, aaron and amber were already there and in not too long lance and nicole showed up. nicole won the mini-six trivia game, and aaron got a location high score in the showdown (5th (?) highest score at our BW3 ever, and placed a little under 500th in the nation for the game), pretty good i say.
After BW3, i came home, put in the move 'Code Hunter', and played around with some Necromunda stuff.
Code Hunter, is a B-movie made in 2003, when some guys said, hey lets do the Matrix, but with less story and hardly any special effects. So it goes without saying that the movie was great. No really... for some reason i have started to really enjoy watching bad Sci-Fi movies. Not bad like Starship Troopers2, where it's just a bunch of shooting and crap, but bad like Johnny Pneumonic, where the ideas are there, they just didn't have the money and the script to make it happen.
Eh... Next on my list of bad sci-fi movies to watch is Mars.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Tulsa World threatens BatesLine

BatesLine (blargticle)

The newspaper in Tulsa is threatening this guy about his blog criticizing the newspaper, and the dirty politics that goes on in Tulsa. An interesting read.

product of theory

product of theory (site)

Here is Justin McRae band's website. They play at PJ's, so we should go check them out...

mental note: say 'check something out' less.

Update for this site.

I removed the 3B section on the side bar and replaced it with a Media Blogs section. At the moment I have theonly media page listed, but i am looking for more, so if you have a media blog, ether music or pics or what ever, let me know and i'll link it.


Music Hole

Music Hole (site)

Bubbler is a new blogging program. So, me being the person that likes to try new things, made a new blog over there. It is very snazzy and if i already didn't have a Blogger blog, i would prob. Go with Bubbler. But alas, I am sticking with Blogger. One very nifty feature is that you can post songs and stream them (d/l as well?). So, that is what my blog over there is going to be... I will post songs that I like and that you should listen to.

First up is Thorn by Bain Mattox, that song is defiantly worth checking out.

if you are still using lame blogging sites check Bubbler out, it is a winner. (Blogger is good as well ^_^ )

p.s. you know you got into a new blog early when you can get the site addy:


If you are stressed out, take a moment to connect with your inner self at the Zen Garden

Google Help : Cheat Sheet

Google Help : Cheat Sheet (site)

The syntax for doing different kinds of searches in google.

The Photographer's Right

link (site)

If you take pics for your blog or for personal use, you should have a read through of this.

The main points:
You are allowed to take pictures of anything as long as you are in a public place.
Owners of private property can ask you to not take pictures, and you must stop, if you are on their property.
No one is allowed to take your film/camera accept a police officer with a warrant, or if you are getting arrested.
Really the only way someone can legally stop you from taking pictures in public places is a police officer, and in most cases he needs a warrant.

It's good to know your rights.

Monday, February 14, 2005

On the way home from hockey... Sunsets never look as good in a picture as they do in real life.

ACME Heart Maker (site)

Make your own virtual candy hearts, with your own messages on them. Just in time for Vappy day to be over.

Google Search: blargticle

Google Search: blargticle

one, one hit for my made up word blargticle, whahahaha!

Blargticle: n. A single entry from a blog. A magazine is made of articles; a blog is made of blargticles


I added a google search for this blog... the reason being i lose things here (I kinda use this as a bookmark page as well as a blog...). Anyways, well see how it works when google gets all my site crawled.

Can This Black Box See Into the Future?

RedNova News (article)

about a year ago i listened to a Coast to Coast show in which a guy produced random numbers to predict major earth events... well the idea has resurfaced again, and this time it looks like it is getting major attention. Here is an article about it.

If this does get some major media attention i think the big winner will be George Noory because he talked about this so long ago. Another plus for Coast to Coast is that this shows that their guests are real, and do have some credit behind their work.

If you haven’t listened to it, check out Coast to Coast.

Periodic Table

Periodic Table - Flash Version (site)

A neat periodic table. All the elements are represented with pics.

Don't worry, be happy (site)


Pretty simple, but it makes me smile. Add or subtract parts from the song don't worry be happy...
Might work on my own summer mix when the time comes.


musicplasma is now liveplasma, and now includes movies, its worth a look.

Newgen's 45 Gram Clamshell

Gizmodo (blargticle)

There is a company called Newgen now, and this is it's cell phone. Newgen is now required to buy all of Newgen's products. ^_^

A genius explains

Guardian Unlimited (article)

Here is the full story. It is pretty interesting.

Now here's a question. Is he crazy, or does he have a better way of doing things. Like should five be thought of as 5 or as a clap of thunder? Obviously his way is better because he can do complex math like we can do simple adding. But does it work just because he is crazy? It would be very fun if he tried to teach someone else how to do math like he does. I wonder if would even be possible to teach.

Fun fun fun.

Savant with autism describes math as shapes and sounds

Boing Boing (blargticle)

awesome, here is a reprint of the reprint..:

'Tammet is calculating 377 multiplied by 795. Actually, he isn't "calculating": there is nothing conscious about what he is doing. He arrives at the answer instantly. Since his epileptic fit, he has been able to see numbers as shapes, colours and textures. The number two, for instance, is a motion, and five is a clap of thunder. "When I multiply numbers together, I see two shapes. The image starts to change and evolve, and a third shape emerges. That's the answer. It's mental imagery. It's like maths without having to think..."'

did I mention awesome?

In a nut shell

Im back.

On Friday we left here around 5.30 and made it to Lawrence by 7ish. We met up with newgen at free state (we is: me, Nicole, newgen, Jenette chris and aaron). After a very good dinner of tortelliniwe all headed over to Best Buy and looked around for a bit. After that we headed on back to Newgens to play video games and to go to sleep.
On Saturday we woke up around 6.30 and left by 7 so we could have enough time to get to Panera in St.L. The little trip to Lawrence on Friday made the longer trip to St.L on Saturday go much faster, and we were able to eat and sit fora bit at the Panera in St.L. The first hockey game we played was at 2 against SEMO. We did ok, but we lost 12-2, next we played Mizzu B, which we played better to a 11-1 loss. After the games we headed off to the hotel to shower, and showering we did. After waiting around forever for the guys to call us we decided to just go to Red Lobster to eat, since that is where Jenette wanted to eat for awhile now. By the time we got a seat and our drinks ordered (around 8), Ty calls aaron and says that they are gonna eat at Super Smokers, which is next door. If we hadnt just got our drinks we could have just left to go eat with the team, but alas it was not in the stars to do so. After dinner we went back to the motel and fell asleep to SNL.
Yesterday, we got to the arena around 8 to play our game at 9 against Truman. The game went fine, and we lost 11-1. (The goals for this weekend were Nate and Ty for the SEMO game, and me for the Mizzu and Truman game.) after the game we headed off to Columbia for lunch. We ate at Nothing But Noodles there, which was ok. After eating we wandered around Columbia for awhile and stopped in Slackers and Poppy, which are both very cool stores. (Slackers is a used music/movie/games store, and Poppy is a very good art like store.) After wondering around we had some coffee and the big Panera. After a nice sit we left for Manhattan. When we got home I hooked up the new receiver, speakers and 200 CD changer that newgen gave us to use ( ^_^ ), which led to just rearranging the room. While hooking everything up I watched Romeo and Juliet by Baz Luhrmann, which is sooo good, and then while working on Rhondas paper thing I watched Galaxy Quest. Then I went to bed.

Ta da, that was my weekend....

The virtual Guide to Denver & the Surrounding Area (site)

This is a site that has taken panoramas from many places in Denver (and some suburbs). It is a nifty idea, and if they could get some sponsors they could be a useful site to goto before going to denver.

Friday, February 11, 2005

...playing Squint from last night...

The Official Skillet Website

The Official Skillet Website (site)

yup, they are still around... and still good.

Anyways, gamenight went fine last night. we had tacos and bananas foster for dessert. We played Squint for the game. We got some pics, so i'll post one when i get home (I'm at the office right now). Today has been nice so far, just got up drank some tea and then got a ride to my office when nicole needed to get off to her meeting.

After the required boring stuff this afternoon, we prob will head out to lawrence for a night of fun... which is eating out and playing around at newgens... and not the normal college aged retard fun of drinking your brain dead. :P
anyways, we have our last regular season hockey tourney in St.L this weekend, so the extra 1.5 hour drive that we get heading out to lawrence helps us not have to wake up so early in the morning.

In other news, aaron has heard 12th Street play at Java (now Blue Steam Bistro), and has their CD's...

Lance just stepped in, so i'm gonna bow on out.


Originally uploaded by kinross_19.
How do you know when it the year of something? When you look back and see that there are alot of things pointing you in that direction.
Example one: Remember this pic from awhile ago?'s the year of the ninja.

Poll Shows Drop in Bush's Job Approval

Yahoo! Newsl (article)

Headline Shows Misleading Information

INTERNET- Today Yahoo published a poll in which Bush's disapproval rating slipped from 51 to 54 percent. The margin of error for this poll was 3 percent, which means the change was not statistically significant. The reporter continues to write a whole article off of something that could have been just random chance.

Good job.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Bain Mattox

Bain Mattox (site/music)

These guys are pretty good, if you go to their main page music will start playing.

So the rest of my day, since after Panera... I taought class and went to Dillion's, and thats really it... i know i know boring. well :P to you. :)

The Masked Grader Strikes Again!

Ha ha ha! This guy took some graded papers a re-graded them. Oh how I wish I could do this to my classes writing projects... Very funny stuff ahoy!

Do Not Touch pole

Christian Moeller (site)

"A five meter tall stainless steel pole is standing in the center of a huge warning sign on the gallery floor telling the visitor “do not touch”.
It creates a conflict by tempting the visitor to do precisely what he is warned not to do. This conflict, when resolved through disobedience results in a jolting physical experience. Whenever somebody decides to ignore the warning by touching the pole he receives a significant electric shock amplified by sound."


Life with my TabletPC

Fragments of My Existence (blargticle)

If i were in the market for a laptop i would seriously consider getting a tablet PC...

This guy has had a tablet PC for 3 weeks and has written up a short review of having it so far.

North Korea says it has�nuclear weapons - Feb 10, 2005 (article)

North Korea: Hey! Hey! Hey! Look at us! Look at us!
World: Yes I see... I know N. Korea you have weapons... Yes I see them... No you can't do that... etc...

Isn't it cute? N. Korea wants attention...
(actually it is prob just something to do to get a negative US reaction so that they can keep their country unified against a common enemy.)


It ended up that last night we didn't goto BW3, because it was packed (K-State/KU basketball game), so instead we tried our luck at Famous Dave's. I will say that it is good, but they are more into sauce than smoke. I still like Cox better, but if some one asked if i wanted to goto Dave's i would go, but if they asked if i wanted BBQ i would still rather go to Cox.

Today has been pretty easy for me so far. I got to sleep in today, since nicole didn't have to goto school (she has an in-service). So I got a ride to class around 9, and then class went by rather quick. After class nicole picked me up and we went to go eat lunch at Panera. After that she dropped me off at home and she headed off for her in-service. So that leads us to now, and currently i am about ready to go take a shower.

Ninja Game by ~chuyskywalker

deviantART (game)

need i say more? ^_^

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

G4 is G4 again...

Alex Albrecht (blargticle)

Who would have guessed it. G4 eats the much better channel TechTV, and then disbands it. Crapfaces.

Well that is one less reason to have cable... NHL was being the other... so no reason to have cable ‘cept for the History channel...


BlogShares (???)

So what is this? A blog stock trading game type thingy? Crazy if so.

My valuation at the moment is almost 4k, which i think is pretty good, although the price of my blog dropped from 5k...

I'll hafta check back here from time to time...

deviantART: Node Tower by ~Fam

This guy is just great with flash. Check out his work on the website.

This one builds towers by grabbing bouncing nodes.
...urge to learn how to do flash rising...

LogoYes (site)

This is a site that makes logos for you. I wonder if you look around (specially on the internet) if you can find logos made by these guys.

Here is a logo i made for my blog. If you are going into business for your self the prices are pretty good for the logos.

deviantART: Grid Game by ~Fam (game)

Here is a nifty game where you try to make a chain reaction, the larger the chain reaction, the more points you get. It is interesting that after you play for awhile that everything becomes much more ordered. Also it is interesting that the longest chain reactions occur when there is a mix of ordered and unordered cells... could be a good lead in to a project on avalanches or something.
(my high score was 1337)

Gigapxl Project

Gigapxl Project (site)

A camera that takes a gigapixel images. holy crap.

Check out the image gallery. You can zoom in so far it's unbelievable.


Spheroids (blog)

I think this is the first time some one has posted just my blog as an entry.

So, there is at least one person who i don't know, that likes it.

...Now i need to get everyone who reads this to pay me $100 a month, then i can live the good life, i.e. no work.

Meesa Day

The rest of yesterday went fine. The only interesting thing was that we (me nicole jenette and chris) went to Pizza Hut for dinner after chris' class was over. I made sure to have extra fun, since amber couldn't go.

Today looks like it should be a livable day. I have to leave for class at 10 (in 30min) then after class I have to prepare for teaching this evening. Hopefully that will only take an hour so that I can have a couple hoursbreak at home. After teaching I think BW3 is still the plan (it at least was for amber). And that would round off my day. So let's see how these things go.

Hokkaido installs musical roads

dottocomu (blargticle)

A road that plays music by carefully placing rumble strips to keep drivers awake? Only in Japan.


TapTap (site)

These are wooden boxes that copy the pattern that you tap on their lid. (site)

Here is a group that uses ladders to mix music, it is an interesting idea.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Baby Name Wizard's NameVoyager

The Baby Name Wizard's NameVoyager (Flash)

Cool to the max. Type a name in and see how popular it is/was, you get graphs and stuff... It is a very nifty site. No really, it is cool.

Gary was 12th in the 50's
Rhonda was 75th in the 50's
Shannon was 258th most popular name for boys in the 80's
Jenette is not listed...
Jeanette is 268th during the 80's
Michelle is 12th during the 80's

Here is a pic of it snowing. This is around 11.30 this afternoon. By the time the snow ended (around 4 or so) we got about 4 inches. Not too bad.


Link (game)

Here is a game that nicole likes alot. now in internet form.

A Photo for Every Minute of the Day

The Human Clock (site)

A very fun idea, and i will have to keep my eyes open for things that i can take pics of to be added.

I wonder for 3:16 if they have any John 3:16 signs...

it's a snowing

Today has been a good day so far. I got a ride to school this morning when it just started to snow, and by the time my class started, it was snowing pretty good. 722 went fine, and seemed to go rather quick... could have been me watching it snow for most of the period... after class jenette stopped by my office and offered me a ride home, which i got (from chris). When jenette's class was over chris and I picked her up and we went to Radina's to drink warm drinks. Aaron stopped on by and we sat around till 3. At 3.30 I taughtmy class, which went well, then I came home. and ta da, here i am.

I took some pics of the snow, I'll post them when i get them loaded up.

Happy Chelsea_v.0

Happy Chelsea_v.0 (game)

From the makers of tontie comes this game... and it is rather hard.

Google Maps - Kansas State College

Google Maps

Oh poo, it's just the experment station... :(

Google Maps (site)


What is Kansas State College? Let’s hope this is real... and if so... I might need to give Ms.Davis a call.....

Monday, February 07, 2005

12th Street

Here is a band from Manhattan that plays Chipotle style music. They are playing at PJ's on Friday. If they were to ever play at Radina's or Blue Steam Bistro (...) I would be sure to go.

check em out.

Star Wars Episode III: A Lost Hope

SEQUENTIAL Pictures (vid)

They did a good job on this. It's pretty good.

Sweet drinks tied to kids' weight gain

MSNBC (article)

Kids that are slightly over weight have twice the risk of becoming overweight if they drink sweet drinks twice a day. Normal kids have no effect. fat kids need to stay away from sweet drinks, for skinny kids it doesn't matter. Sounds logical to me...

"One Chicago Head Start program banned juice last year as part of an anti-obesity effort after finding that one out of five of its students was obese."

What the crap! We don't even know what double the risk means. It could mean 2 out of 100000 become overweight instead of 1 out of 100000.

The world is stupid... and at the moment Chicago is leading the way.

Superbowl Commercials 2005

Here is a much better site for the Super Bowl Commercials. Disregard the post with the link to iFilm.

Super Bowl Ads

IFILM (site)

Here are the 2005 Super Bowl ads.

There is alot of ads on this page...the ones you arn't looking for... so i'll look for a better host of the videos...

but anyways...

Cloud Gate (i.e. copyrighted Chicago bean)

Cloud Gate
Originally uploaded by entropybound.
Just to be disorderly, here is a pic of the copyrighted bean.

Take that.

Please add photos of Chicago's ridiculous Millennium Park private sculpture

Boing Boingprivate sculpture (blargticle)

Not to be outdone by Paris, Chicago has now made a sculpture that can not be photographed. So what is the response? To try to take as make pics of it as possible. A the moment there are 46 on Flickr.

p.s. copyrighting has got out of hand.

Jenette and Chris, kicking it, back row style.

Here is nicole, lance, and aaron at the party.

Here were the two best cookies we made for the party. ...we still have a long way to go in the frosting arts. ^_^


Just got back from the test. It wasn't too bad. There were some iffy multiple-choice questions, as in, they were worded really badly, and so three of the answers could have been right... so i explained my answers... eh.

It's all icy outside, and it took about 15minutes to scrape the windows on the car. It's looking like a good day to drink tea and play inside.


Actually, today isn't too bad. I have to go take a test in Experimental design, which isn't *that* bad, and then I have most of the day off until hockey practice. Also, Nicole has the day off of school, so she will be able to get some things done... hopefully some of them will be fun things.

This weekend went fine. UMSL kicked our butts, and we don't like them. In the second game on Saturday,we played Truman. We played them very well (by the end of the first period it was 2 to 0 Truman, as opposed to our normal 7-0 deficit we have going into the second period normally). But, we just can not get any good bounces, and we ended up losing the game 11-1.
For dinner than night, we ate at Red Lobster, and man it was alot of food, very good though. :)
Our game yesterday was at 8am and Western Illinois did not show up... :P So we scrimmaged ourselves, it was fun, but I would have liked to play western. After the game we headed out and were on the road by 9.30. We got back to Manhattan by 3, and we got everything gathered up and over to Aaron's by 4.00.

The Super Bowl party was fun. The people there were: me, nicole, jenette, chris, aaron, and lance. Newgen and amber didn't make it :( . But that is ok. The game was good, the eagles had a chance to pull out a drive at the end to tie or win, but Donnivan McNabb was doing pretty bad by then, and the Eagles were terrible with their clock management. Overall I enjoyed the game, as I was going for the Pats...
we have so many cookies leftover ^_^.

Ok, I'm going to go load the pics up now... I'll post them when i get back from my test.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Total Immersions D'Fusion Technology

Gear Live (article)

Here is another demo of augmented reality. Very good stuff I say. The article also wonders if Nintendo is working on something like this... that would be cool.

Ok I am going to goto bed, I'll post some pics of the party tomorrow.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Super Bowl Party Food

Here is the solution to the getting food question. We bought food, and i will post what we got here. Then if you are gonna bring something, leave it in a comment, that way we know what everyone is brining. So This is what we got:

Stuff for the big sandwich
Super Bowl cookies
6 2L of Coke
1 2L of Sprite
2 bags of pretzel rods
1 bag of corn chips
1 bag of ruffled potato chips
1 bag of steak and worchester potato chips (^_^)
1 bag of mini carrots
1 head of cauliflower
Some broccoli
1 big thing of ranch dip
1 small thing of french onion dip
1 box of poppers
1 box of mini taquitos
1 bag of plastic cups

Things that we didn't get, or still need:
good cheese
chex mix <--- anybody know how to make this?
stuff for a cheese dip (like queso dip...)
more soda types
possibly more corn chips
more fun things

So if you can fill the holes on our list, or have something else that you are going to bring, do it and leave a comment here. Thanks.

Today, tomorrow, and the next day

Today has gone fine so far. I woke up went to class, worked on my homework, got bored at school and came home. Nicole got home around 6, at 7 we took a nap until 8. Then we went to eat at Chili's and shop for Super Bowl food. Now we are home.

Tomorrow we have to leave by 6 so we can get to St.L with enough time to eat at Panera before our hockey games. I know we are playing UMSL tomorrow, so that will be a difficult game. On Sunday we play our game at 8, so we should be on the road by 9.30 and we should get back here around 3, so after a bit of showers we should be able to be at aarons by 4 at the latest, which will give us just enough time to get things set up.

Needless to say, posting here will not happen for the next couple of days.

Rusty's ranked No. 12 sports bar in America

Collegian (article)

This is fun. But it looks like SI counted all of Aggiville as Rusty's... which it kinda is. But still 12th in the nation is pretty good.

Ninja Off!

Hay Kids! Afraid of Ninjas?!? (flash)

Speaking of this year being the year of the Ninja... how about some Ninja Off? It keeps ninjas away for up to four hours....

Just got done with game night. We had chili and corn bread for dinner, and the activity was decorating super bowl cookies. It was a good time. On to do a quick roaming of the internet.

Thursday, February 03, 2005


STARTREK.COM (article)

Star Trek: Enterprise got cancelled. That means i need to check it out, cause no Star Trek is good untill it is cancelled.

Panera you say?

Today started out stressful, but dancing matt has made my day better.

I got the rest of my grading done this morning. Then I went to 722. We got another assignmentin that class to do, and i need to finish the one that is due tomorrow soon. Also, I have to get ready for my 720 test today and tomorrow, because there will be no time this weekend to work on such useless things. Yay hockey and football!

The rest of today should go fine though, I teach at 3.30, which should be ok, then i need to work on some homework. After i get bored doing that, I have game night to get ready.

Ok chirs is talking to me now.. so i go.

Where the Hell is Matt?

Where the Hell is Matt? (site)

^_^! Wrong matt... but this is a matt that travels around the world. Close enough.

BASIC simulator

TRS-80 Level I BASIC Simulator (site)

Here is a BASIC simulator. I believe 'awesome' is the word you are looking for.

P.s. Shannon is the coolest.

Squared Circle Color Finder (site)

click a color, and this will return pics of the same color... nifty i say

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

breaker 54, we got a code Z

Off to bed for me...

since noon... I graded until 5pm, and got done with what i needed to for today, but not for tomorrow, so i still have some grading to do in the morning. Class went fine, and every one did pretty good on the test (16 out of 31 got an A). After class we went off to BW3 and talked and triviaed. Then we came home, and nicole worked on school stuff and I played on the net... now i am sleepy, so the bed is where my head is heading to.
over and out.

Dam officials: earthquake struck

The Manhattan Mercury (article)

huh, thats something i didn't know. Maybe Amber does have something to worry about, being in the flood plain and all...


I d/l a screen capture program called 5clicks, so I am playing around with it. So far, so good.

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Fast Company Now

Fast Company Now (article)

Here is the article about the night Eiffel Tower being copyrighted. Beware stupidity ahoy.

(For yous that was at BW3, we were talking about this when we were eating...)

$2 at Taco Bell

$2 at Taco Bell (blargticle)

Taco Bell doesn't take checks or credit cards... you would think they would at least take bills...

A good story.

Operation Grade:

Should I choose to do it, I will be given 5 hours to grade this stack of homework.

... I don’t think I have a choice... :(
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Civil Marriage and Legal Recognition of Same-sex Unions

Civil Marriage and Legal Recognition of Same-sex Unions (site)

I think much like Wyoming in the past, Canada is making progressive laws to get people to move up there. I think this is a good idea, we can collaborate with Canada, they can get all the hippies, and we can get people that don't want to live in a socialist state. We could even have nationalities that can change with just a request between the two countries to encourage people to go where they want. deal?

xfalcon model II

About Us (site/pics)

For all you Star Wars fans that don't have an Xbox yet....

Things I hate about my Flatmate

Things I hate about my Flatmate (blog)

Very funny stuff. If you've had a roommate ever, I'm sure you can relate.

Davin has Benn the only roommate i've ever had (well Baker as well...). And everything was cool usually. I can remember one time after I got back from Garden and was getting ready for bed I looked everywhere for the shorts I wear to bed. I couldn't find them. So, after giving up Davin walked in, I asked him if he saw them, he said no, but then remembered that he put them on top of our 8 foot or so closet thing. Like I would *ever* find them there....

I guess if thats the worst thing I can think of, I got it pretty easy. ^_^

Anyways check out the blog.

Here is my desktop from January. Quite snazzy one could say...
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Tuesday, February 01, 2005


The rest of my night has gone by fast. We (me, Nicole, and jenette) went out to cox to grab a bite to eat, then nicole and I headed off to walsmart and Dillions to get suppliesfor the rest of the week. After we got home, I helped nicole with making some worksheets for her class tomorrow.

Now I am getting very tired... sleep sounds good. Democracy in Action Democracy in Action (site)

How do you know that the Iraq situation is going well? does not have a war related article as a top story....

BTW: Does this organization just complain about things? Or do they actually say good things... even if it is congratulating liberals?

What if Bush has been right about Iraq all along?

Suntimes (article)


I hope others are comming around on this as well... I mean really, it looks like things are getting better there, and what was once a country that we hated is now one that we root for.

Oh my.

Here is very very very cool new technology. It is going to make playing warhammer so fun ^_^.

but really, you need to check out this movie, it is quite possibly the coolest thing i have seen in awhile.


Chris and Aaron, get your awesome clickers ready. ^_^

Email large files quickly, securely, and easily!

YouSendIt (site)

An even bigger file transfer system than Dropload, YouSendIt can handle up to 1GB files.

Don't forget the notes!

a lot of time spent on things today, not much done.

I got only the first question done for 722 this morning... and i didn't get any grading done, but it did get a lunch with jenette, chris and aaron at Chipotle. ^_^

Also, class went fine. It isbetter to not have anything due at the end of the class period, that way everyone who doesn't care leaves, and then all thatsleft is a good group of people.

Oh, never mind, i did get stuff done today, I got all of this month's notes off to the copy center. Humm, so today was productive. yay me.

Now for more funner things... computer things...