Wednesday, February 16, 2005

That was totally a yes

So the rest of my day you ask? Here's the low down:
Teaching went fine, and we ended up getting out about 30min early. After that jenette picked me up and we went to go watch lance and the stat crew play intramural basketball. Lane and Robert didn't play, which the team says are theirbest players, and so we lost our game. Oh well, that gives the stat team a 2-1 record, not too bad for a bunch of nerds. :)
After that, jenette and i went over to BW3, aaron and amber were already there and in not too long lance and nicole showed up. nicole won the mini-six trivia game, and aaron got a location high score in the showdown (5th (?) highest score at our BW3 ever, and placed a little under 500th in the nation for the game), pretty good i say.
After BW3, i came home, put in the move 'Code Hunter', and played around with some Necromunda stuff.
Code Hunter, is a B-movie made in 2003, when some guys said, hey lets do the Matrix, but with less story and hardly any special effects. So it goes without saying that the movie was great. No really... for some reason i have started to really enjoy watching bad Sci-Fi movies. Not bad like Starship Troopers2, where it's just a bunch of shooting and crap, but bad like Johnny Pneumonic, where the ideas are there, they just didn't have the money and the script to make it happen.
Eh... Next on my list of bad sci-fi movies to watch is Mars.

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