Thursday, February 24, 2005

mmm... food

This morning I woke up in a pretty bad mood. The reason being, yesterday was very stressful and busy, and then today when i woke up i just thought about all the stupid little things i had to do that i didn't want to do. (the main thing is meeting with a student tonight at 6.30, that’s just a real bad time...) Anyways when i got to my office (around 7.30) i really was grumbly so i just went to sleep. I woke up around 9.20 and i felt *much* better. It was about time for class to start so I walked on over to class. Class went pretty fast, which is good since it is a long Tues./Thursday class. Afterwards i talked to lance for a bit about college conferences, more specifically how the Big XII should kick out Baylor, and add a new school. The school I would add is CSU, Lance wanted to add Arkansas. Eh, it's fun to talk about. Also we talked about how Rothelsburger wasn't really that good, he just didn't make mistakes.
Anywho, Lance went to get some lunch, and so i played on the net for a bit then headed on over to Chipotle to eat some chicken tacos. On the way over i found a wallet that somebody had dropped, so when i got done eating i came back over to my office and called her, she wasn't there, but her roommate was, so she is suppost to call me back. Then nicole called to see if i wanted to get something to eat, but since i had just got back from lunch i declined. :(
Oh well, i got about 50min. until my 320 class starts, so i think i'm goona look over the homework for 720 that is due next Thursday.
thats the ticket.

Maybe there will be some necromunda tonight in the apartment….

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