Thursday, February 17, 2005

make mine Ginger Peach

my day so far:
i got to school early this morning (around 7) and got to work on my homeworkthat was due at 9.30. I was able to get it done no problem. I went to 722, which went by fairly fast, it helps that the topics in the class are somewhat interesting. After class, i graded some papers and started work on writing the second exam for my night class. While writing the test i got a hankerin for some pizza and rememberedthat pizza hut had their buffet going. A quick message over to jenette and chris and we were there by 12. After stuffing myself, i got a ride to the optometrists and had my first eye doctor appointment in 4years. I got a new prescriptionand some new contacts (fancy). I got done over there at 3.15, just in time to walk on over to school and teach my class. Teaching went fine, because my Tue/Thurs class is a good group. After class i headed back to my office and talk to lance for a bit, then i came home.
So, all in all, not too bad of a day. Now on to funner things... like tea.

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