Monday, February 14, 2005

In a nut shell

Im back.

On Friday we left here around 5.30 and made it to Lawrence by 7ish. We met up with newgen at free state (we is: me, Nicole, newgen, Jenette chris and aaron). After a very good dinner of tortelliniwe all headed over to Best Buy and looked around for a bit. After that we headed on back to Newgens to play video games and to go to sleep.
On Saturday we woke up around 6.30 and left by 7 so we could have enough time to get to Panera in St.L. The little trip to Lawrence on Friday made the longer trip to St.L on Saturday go much faster, and we were able to eat and sit fora bit at the Panera in St.L. The first hockey game we played was at 2 against SEMO. We did ok, but we lost 12-2, next we played Mizzu B, which we played better to a 11-1 loss. After the games we headed off to the hotel to shower, and showering we did. After waiting around forever for the guys to call us we decided to just go to Red Lobster to eat, since that is where Jenette wanted to eat for awhile now. By the time we got a seat and our drinks ordered (around 8), Ty calls aaron and says that they are gonna eat at Super Smokers, which is next door. If we hadnt just got our drinks we could have just left to go eat with the team, but alas it was not in the stars to do so. After dinner we went back to the motel and fell asleep to SNL.
Yesterday, we got to the arena around 8 to play our game at 9 against Truman. The game went fine, and we lost 11-1. (The goals for this weekend were Nate and Ty for the SEMO game, and me for the Mizzu and Truman game.) after the game we headed off to Columbia for lunch. We ate at Nothing But Noodles there, which was ok. After eating we wandered around Columbia for awhile and stopped in Slackers and Poppy, which are both very cool stores. (Slackers is a used music/movie/games store, and Poppy is a very good art like store.) After wondering around we had some coffee and the big Panera. After a nice sit we left for Manhattan. When we got home I hooked up the new receiver, speakers and 200 CD changer that newgen gave us to use ( ^_^ ), which led to just rearranging the room. While hooking everything up I watched Romeo and Juliet by Baz Luhrmann, which is sooo good, and then while working on Rhondas paper thing I watched Galaxy Quest. Then I went to bed.

Ta da, that was my weekend....

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