Sunday, February 27, 2005

Happy Michelle B-Day!

Yesterday newgen got here around 5, we ate at Famous Dave's, which had an hour wait, then the service was bad, they got wrong orders, i didn't get mine for a long time (again...), then they told nicole that the salad that she got had pulled pork on it when we all knew that it was chicken. (The ticket had BBQ chicken salad on it, when nicole ordered pulled pork salad). All in all Famous Dave's is not a good place to eat, the have good sauce, but if you want BBQ goto Cox. (Cox is local anyway). So after dinner we went over to play PlayStation at Aaron's. We played some Gran Turismo 4, which is a very good game. Then we played Newgen's Katamari, which is a crazy game where you roll things up into a ball to make stars... no really it makes that much sense... it is very fun ^_^. After that Newgen Aaron and I played the new NHL Hitz game until 5 in the morning, fun times.
Today we got up around noon, and we went to go eat at Chili's before Newgen left to go home. It was nice to eat at a place with good service. We got back home around three and ever since then Ive been watching Arena Football and working on Rhonda's paper.

I think i need more tea...

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