Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Bread Hunter

:D Sorry i didn't post yesterday, it was kinda full, of just stuff, nothing really anything of note....

Anyways Thursday ended up fine, the girl whosewallet i found stopped by, then my student stopped by for help and we worked on stuff for a couple of hours, after that me nicole and jentte went to cox to eat a bunch of appetizersfor dinner. When we got home we just crashed. Yesterday also went fine... Nicole didn't have school so she took me to class in the morning, after class we had our GTA meeting, then i had help lab, which went by fast since one of my students stopped by to get caughtup (she missed the first couple of class periods, so she had some missing work). Then i went to go get my eyes dilatedand get my contacts ordered. Let me tell you, when your eyes are dilated the sun is very very bright... After the appointmentnicole and i went out to Quizno's, then we came home and asked if anybody wanted to play disc golf... after a while everyone (me, cole, chris, jenette, and aaron) decided togo. So we got out there about 5, so it was sort of late, but we still got 16 of the 18 holes in. It took awhile for me to get used to throwing my distance driver, but after while i got the hang of it again, also i think my putting got better, but my approach isn't as awesome as it used to be, oh yeah, and i am still good at pegging trees. ^_^
Well, after disc golf nicole fixed the turkey we had marinating, but when it was done we werent hungry, so she just cut it up and put it in the fridge. And we went to bed...
Today I slept until 12, which is about the time right now.. so i havent done anything yet. We are about ready to get some bread to make some sandwiches with the turkey we cooked last night. The rest of the day's activities depend on what newgen wants to do, since he is gonna come down after he gets done with work. fun.

ok i'm gonna go hunt down some bread now.

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