Monday, February 21, 2005

This is your favorite blog...

Listening to Anything But Joey isn't as fun as it was ever since they broke up... They are so good, it's kinda sad listing to their music... Oh well,the Dog & Everything and Jupiter Sunrise is still around.

Yesterday was a nice day of necromunda, nascar, panera and church. yea weekend!

Today i got up early and drove nicole to Junction so that i have a car to go to hockey in. It was a very nice drive since it was so nice and cloudy/misty out. Oh yeah, i also had some good tea from Panera because we picked up some food on the way out of town.

Now I am just sitting around waiting to goto class.

rock, rock on.

10 Saturday
20 Sunday
30 GOTO 10

Still Monday?...dang.... ^_^


Anonymous said...

So just to get things straight your weekend went something like this...
Saturday: Panera
Sunday: Panera
Monday: Panera

Ookami Snow said...

yup. ^_^

and it looks like it's gonna go:
Monday: BW3
Tuesday: BW3

Anonymous said...

Mmm... panera...