Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Music Hole

Music Hole (site)

Bubbler is a new blogging program. So, me being the person that likes to try new things, made a new blog over there. It is very snazzy and if i already didn't have a Blogger blog, i would prob. Go with Bubbler. But alas, I am sticking with Blogger. One very nifty feature is that you can post songs and stream them (d/l as well?). So, that is what my blog over there is going to be... I will post songs that I like and that you should listen to.

First up is Thorn by Bain Mattox, that song is defiantly worth checking out.

if you are still using lame blogging sites check Bubbler out, it is a winner. (Blogger is good as well ^_^ )

p.s. you know you got into a new blog early when you can get the site addy: bubbler.net/music


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