Tuesday, February 22, 2005

But how can i win if i didn't play?

OK a rundown of yesterday and today so far.

Yesterday: Drove nicole to school, came home, went to class, went to BW3 with aaron and amber (i won trivia twice, got a local high score and placed around 100th in the nation, forthe last game), then i went to dillions, then gave exam 2 tomy night class, went to hockey (which went fairly good), then grabbed some J or the J for a bite to eat before bed.

Today i got up ate some oatmeal, went to class, pondered tic-tac-toe strategies, walked home and i am now catching up on some good ol' fashioned computer time. The rest of the day looks straight forward: Eat lunch, teach 320, BW3 for dinner, and win $22 million dollars. Looks like today is gonna be a good day.

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