Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Fun with new toys.

For the past day or so my new 200 CD changer (on loan from the Newgen factor) would make noise. Since it is new i figured it's just something that it does, i did notice today that it was making noise about every hour, but i could not think of a reason why it would do this. If it was a computer i figured it was just spinning up the HD or checking for updates on the internet. But the CD changer is not this sophisticated. So after eating lunch i figured i wanted to listen to some music, ad i turn on the receiver, and the Cantina song starts playing... (grumble, grumble).. i had left the CD player playing ever since the post 'This is your favorite blog'...

It prob. needs a rest soon.

oh yeah, i know why the CD changer makes noises about once an hour now...

And to come full circle from when I started using to the changer Favorite Song by ABJ is now playing. ^_^

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