Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Amazon Honor System

Amazon Honor System (site)

Well my birthday is coming up, and one of the things i want is a digital camera that i can take around with me. The main reason i want it is because i want to post more pics of my life here, but my current digital camera is too big to carry with me. So i was looking around at cameras and i think it'll be around 400 to get a good, small, snazzy camera. So i thought, hey, it's for my blog maybe i could get some help.

So if you click on the link on the right sidebar (the Amazon one), it'll take you to a donation page, the minimum donation is a buck (i wanted it to be $.50 but they wouldn't let me... :( )
Anyways, don't feel pressured to donate, 'specially if you don't have money. But if you do enjoy my blog give a buck so that i can get some better (and more) pics up.

In any case, thanks for reading my blog (I've been getting about 15 unique visitors a day!!! ^_^ ). And if i can get 3000 people a day, and get them all to give me a buck a month I can live my quiet life, enjoying random things, without having to waste time working... *sigh* stupid real life...

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