Saturday, February 19, 2005

Constantine reviewed, by me.

I just got back from the movie Constantine. It is pretty good. They did a good job of mixing Christianity, Catholicism, and mythology into a very interesting mesh of storyline. Keanu Reeves does pretty good of getting out of his normal, 'woah....', character, and plays a pretty convincing exorcist. The graphics were great and they story made since.... the only thing i would change would be to not include the guy sniffling through the whole movie behind me...
Also stay through the credits, cause there is a clip afterwards.
Over all, this is a pretty good movie, and i would not be opposed to go see it again during a matinee to look for symbolism.
another thing: There was a very heavy anti-smoking message during the movie, it was pretty good. (Not out-of-place like Star Wars'.)

In other news: My day went fine, i went to class, then we worked on finalizing the 330_320 Exam 1. During help lab i got my night class' exam 2 wrote. After that i came home, helped rhonda with her paper some. Nicole got home, we (me cole jenette chris and aaron) went to eat at So Long, then we (san nicole) went to the movie. So a nice friday.

Let's roam the internet, shall we?

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