Thursday, February 10, 2005


It ended up that last night we didn't goto BW3, because it was packed (K-State/KU basketball game), so instead we tried our luck at Famous Dave's. I will say that it is good, but they are more into sauce than smoke. I still like Cox better, but if some one asked if i wanted to goto Dave's i would go, but if they asked if i wanted BBQ i would still rather go to Cox.

Today has been pretty easy for me so far. I got to sleep in today, since nicole didn't have to goto school (she has an in-service). So I got a ride to class around 9, and then class went by rather quick. After class nicole picked me up and we went to go eat lunch at Panera. After that she dropped me off at home and she headed off for her in-service. So that leads us to now, and currently i am about ready to go take a shower.

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