Monday, April 30, 2007


Fun fact of the day: If you get a Barbacoa burrito bowl, chips and guacamole, and two large drinks the total with tax is $11.11.


In the wake of the great grading storm of Spring '07 there is a bit of clean-up that needs to be done. Specifically I need to write up my lecture notes for class today. So I am down at Radina's getting that together.

Here is an interesting story that I overheard (somewhat condensed):
Lady 1: So how was the wedding?
Lady 2: Oh it was nice, [some girl] got to be in it.
Lady 1: Is that so?
Lady 2: Yeah, see the church had a rule that flower girls had to be at least nine, and so she couldn't be a flower girl, so the instead they listed her as a bride's maid.
Lady 1: That is a stupid rule. So she stood up there with the wedding party?
Lady 2: Well no, she was being fussy and wouldn't go up. She went up there for a bit but she was just lifting her dress so her dad had her sit down.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Perfect Storm

It happens only once a semester, but when all the factors come together it is a sight to behold. I am talking about the perfect storm; six assignments to be graded, and all need to be done by tomorrow. My agents are talking with some producers about making it into a movie.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

One Week + Finals

It is safe to say that I am counting down the days until summer break starts.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

10 Videos, No Mercy











Friday, April 20, 2007

Living on the Edge

There is just nothing that can match the rush. Nothing that can give me a thrill in the same way. Where split second decisions are made. And with each decision one mistake could be the end of it all. Sure there is a safe way to do it but that would not make it as fun, there isn't a sense of danger if you have a safety net. But it's not just that I work without a net, I also try to go as fast as possible. And if you have done it, you know that there is nothing that can be quite like it. It is addicting; and it is intense. That's right, I do my Sudoku puzzles with a pen.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sound Financial Advice

From Saturday Night Live:

Funny, Video

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Edesia's Bakery & Cafe

Today for lunch we ate at Edesia's bakery and cafe which is a new restaurant that has opened up on Poyntz here in Manhattan (the Kansas version of Manhattan).

The first thing that I noted with the place is that it is very clean and nice on the inside. The front of the store is almost all glass so it was very bright inside even though it was cloudy today. Also there is alot of paintings on the walls which also lightens up the place.

Since it was lunch time I ordered a three cheese panini with potato salad on the side and Nicole got a curried chicken salad, I also got a double apricot italian soda and Nicole just drank water. Overall it cost us $17.

When I got my sandwich and Nicole got her salad I was a bit disappointed. My sandwich was a bit small (hopefully they just gave me a half sandwich instead of the full that I ordered) and Nicole's salad had a good amount of curry chicken, but not too much salad. (Look at the above picture, it looks like there is about twice as much greens on the plate as there actually was.) Besides the small portions though the food tasted fine. The panini was about what you would imagine, and the potato salad was better than average (but not as good as So Long's). Nicole's salad was alright but the greens could have used a bit of a vinaigrette or something. And my italian soda did not have as much syurp as I am used to (i.e. how Radina's does it). But overall I can not complain the food tasted fine, but maybe it was just a bit too small of portion or a bit too pricey.

What Edesia's should say is that they are a coffee house with decent food (unless they actually plan to sell some bread they should just drop the bakery in the name... yes I know there are scones and things, but so does Radina's, Blue Stem, Starbucks, and other coffee places that aren't bakeries). What really sets Edesia's apart from the rest of the stores in Manhattan is that it is a nice place to go on Poyntz. The coffee house makes a nice anchor for the street and should help everybody all the way down to the mall and Old Chicago's.

Overall it is at least worth a trip to Edesia's to see if you like it. I have not tried any of their coffee yet, so I know that I will have to go back there for that. Also they serve Republic of Tea, so if I get in the mood for tea instead of coffee Edesia's may be the place to find me. The food is decent, but a tad expensive, it will be about $20 for two people to eat there and also get something to drink. Also be warned that they are closed on Sunday's and their open hours the other days are from 6am to 6pm, so don't plan to go too late in the day.

While I am on the topic of "things that are new to the area" a new store to Aggieville, Bathmatiks, is pretty rocking. What you do there is make custom bathroom supplies. Nicole made some basil hand lotion that is very fun.

Also, if I haven't mentioned it before: Toto's Tacoz in Wamego, Ks is very good and worth the trip out to Wamego if you are in the mood for a different type of Mexican food.

If you have gone to Edesia's, or even Bathmatiks or Toto's Tacoz give me a comment below and let me know what you think.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

K-State Football and Chipotle

Today I attended a focus group meeting on K-State Football. I didn't mind spending an hour telling them what I thought about our football program, but getting free Chipotle burritos made it awesome (they didn't tell us there was going to be food.)

It was very interesting to hear what other K-State football fans thought about our traditions and game day events. We talked about jumbotron stuff, what Willie does, things that the band does and stuff like that. For the most part everyone agreed with each other that we like how K-State runs the show. It was also interesting to see how much these marketing and promotion guys revere some other programs. It was very evident that they think that Texas A&M has the best football program in respect to the fans and they are trying to get K-State's program to that level. I would have to agree with them. (Obviously we can not, and will not, admire anything about Nebraska.)

Nothing too drastic will change for next year from what I hear, maybe a little more 'hip hop' and a little less band at the beginning of the game. Also they are going to try to get some activities to do for the fans that show up a couple of hours early to the game. That would be nice.

I am really looking forward to football season already.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


KT Tunstall - Big Black Horse

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


This is one of the better known Statisticians around the world, Peter Hall. He gave a seminar today for our department, but the real star of the show was when he called the letter z 'zed' instead of 'zee'. That never gets old.

Monday, April 09, 2007


Back in my younger college days I somehow got suckered into watching Meet Joe Black. There had to have been a girl there because two of my other friends Andy and Josh also watched, and I am pretty sure we didn't decide to watch the movie ourselves. One of the reasons why I know we didn't decide to watch the movie is because we were making comments all throughout the movie, and I doubt we would have done that if we actually wanted to watch it (well, that, and it is a girly movie).
Our movie commentary was going great especially when Joe meets the girl that he likes in the movie. When they part they do a series of "look backs" at each other and we were able to call all of them because of the easy to recognize formula of: boy looks, then girl looks, the boy looks, then girl looks, and then finally boy looks. We were calling out this play like a football coach, and then:

I wish someone took a picture of our faces when that happened because that was not suppose to happen. We were pretty stunned/amused.
I'm sure it wouldn't have made such a lasting impact on me if we weren't making fun of the seemingly formulaic approach that they were doing at the time, but even to this day I respect the movie, I won't watch it again (it is after all a girly movie) but I do acknowledge it's existence.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Imagine this: you are a circle, and the boxes are out to get you. Well wake up, because that is exactly what is happening right now, in Ellipsis! And we aren't talking just green boxes, but big blue boxes, yellow swerve-y boxes, light blue boxes that drag you around, and more! This isn't just about personal honor, this is about defending the honor of all round beings everywhere against the trespasses of those pokey corner wielding shapes. Now get out there and click like there is no tomorrow, and maybe you can save all Ellpsis-kind!

(My high score: 76,100. The Brass requests the you post your better scores.)

Chaos Faction

If you are a fan of Super Smash Brothers (which I am not) and even if you are not (which I am) then you may like Chaos Faction. Chaos Faction takes the idea of Super Smash Brothers and puts it on your computer and then also removes multiplayer. (It is also the most requested game to reviewed ever!)
But for some reason Chaos Faction is a really fun game. Maybe it is just because most online games that rely on alot of action usually sucks, but I do not get annoyed with this game like I would other similar games.
You know what it probably is? The ability to customize your furball, like Mr.Potato Head. And then after you pick all the parts the game automatically generates a name for him. That alone kept me entertained for a couple of minutes. To add to this further every time you beat a level you get new parts which leads to further odd combinations. Yup, that must be why I like this game and I don't care for Super Smash Brothers much. Call me a Mr.Potato Head snob.
But really, this is way more important than work. Check it out.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Four Second Fury

Four Second Fury is Waroware for your computer. The object of the game overall is to get past as many games as possible. The other object to the game is to try to figure out what the heck is going on in each mini game. It really is more fun than a dancing monkey. But you better get on and click to open up the game, it takes a minute to open up.

But in the mean-time you get to have a carrot dodge a bunch of blueberries, my record for that game is 99 (but I kinda cheated), my best time for the main game is 76 seconds in the original mode using a mouse, but I was using a track pad, which kinda sucks, I would suggest a mouse.

Scribble 2

Do you like to draw easy shapes? Do you like to connect dots? Is rainbow your favorite color? Well I have a game for you. The object to Scribble 2 is complete 20 connect the dot puzzles (drawings?) as quickly as possible. This is definitely a game where having a mouse is a plus, and having a tablet PC is even plus-ier. Just be careful because if you don't connect the dots right you have to start over, and that happens more times than you think. Clicky.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Territory War

Remember the game Worms? No, not that one, the other one, where they blow each other up. Well Territory War is alot like that one, but with less worms guts, and less weapons, but the same amount of death metal (there was death metal in Worms, right?) The objective in Territory War is to shoot, kick or blow up the opponent before he does it to you. Sounds simple right? Well it actually is, and it is funn too (ah the double n fun, a special designation). Clicky on over.

Tilt 2

I have another new game this time it is Tilt 2. All you have to do is keep the pole balanced on the end of your finger. You can move around using your mouse to keep your balance. Throughout the game you catch balls which makes it harder to keep the pole balanced. And you just keep playing until you drop the pole. Simple enough. Give it a shot (or five).
My high score so far: 3092

Monday, April 02, 2007

Pants Volcano

How is the randomizer in your head doing? If it needs a tune up Pants Volcano will be able to get it back to thinking in completely random terms. The object of Pants Volcano is to collect stars by hitting them with a piece of broccoli. You bounce the piece of broccoli around by shooting it with objects coming from a volcano. You get to aim the volcano to shot the things at the broccoli, and then you fire the fish bones, bread, pants and whatever else from the volcano. You know what, just go check it out.

My high score is 6025. Beat that.


Did you know that the only thing that can stop a snowball rolling down a hill is a house? Trees will slow it down, but not stop it. Now if we take this fun fact and make it a game we get Snowball.

The object of this game is to make your snowball as large as possible by rolling up things inside of it. The only controls you have are moving the ball left and right as it rolls down a the hill. It isn't the most complicated game but it is a good diversion from lunch, you don't want to eat that. Check out this game instead.

My high score so far is 1782lbs. Check back for more games later.

GamePure - Oshidama Plus

Since I am up I figured that I would get a jump on posting games for the week.

Oshidama Plus is a simple game where you try to get a bubble into it's home. The way you move the bubble is by touching it with your cursor and this taps the bubble along. There usually are a couple of objects in the way, these objects bounce your bubble around, suck the bubble toward it, or even kill it. So finesse will be needed.

My favorite mode of play is Time Attack where you try to finish each level as quickly as possible. So far my best times on the first three levels are:
Training: 37.04Sec
Level 1: 1:40.55
Level 2: 1:46.05

I know there is alot of things that you *should* be doing right now, but you know what? take a couple of minutes and enjoy your Monday morning with a nice game of Oshidama Plus. You deserve it, especially after last weekend, geez.

Oh, and remember to check back up throughout the day, I plan to get a couple more games up.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Discing

I can't think of a better way to kick off April by having a nice afternoon disc golf game.

I am thinking about posting three games a day for the next five days because I have so many games bookmarked that I need to post. Check back tomorrow morning to see if I actually start to post them. But I might just keep them to myself and earn interest on them, you do earn interest on un-posted games in your bookmarks, right?