Monday, April 02, 2007

GamePure - Oshidama Plus

Since I am up I figured that I would get a jump on posting games for the week.

Oshidama Plus is a simple game where you try to get a bubble into it's home. The way you move the bubble is by touching it with your cursor and this taps the bubble along. There usually are a couple of objects in the way, these objects bounce your bubble around, suck the bubble toward it, or even kill it. So finesse will be needed.

My favorite mode of play is Time Attack where you try to finish each level as quickly as possible. So far my best times on the first three levels are:
Training: 37.04Sec
Level 1: 1:40.55
Level 2: 1:46.05

I know there is alot of things that you *should* be doing right now, but you know what? take a couple of minutes and enjoy your Monday morning with a nice game of Oshidama Plus. You deserve it, especially after last weekend, geez.

Oh, and remember to check back up throughout the day, I plan to get a couple more games up.

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