Monday, April 02, 2007


Did you know that the only thing that can stop a snowball rolling down a hill is a house? Trees will slow it down, but not stop it. Now if we take this fun fact and make it a game we get Snowball.

The object of this game is to make your snowball as large as possible by rolling up things inside of it. The only controls you have are moving the ball left and right as it rolls down a the hill. It isn't the most complicated game but it is a good diversion from lunch, you don't want to eat that. Check out this game instead.

My high score so far is 1782lbs. Check back for more games later.


Shanshu said...

Now that I'm not working, and I do all of my blogging and such from home, I am finally able to play these games you always post. Normally my work firewall would block it.


Think Frustrated said...

1782. I had it bigger, but then I hit a tree and loss some mass before crapping out on the little cabin.