Thursday, April 05, 2007

Chaos Faction

If you are a fan of Super Smash Brothers (which I am not) and even if you are not (which I am) then you may like Chaos Faction. Chaos Faction takes the idea of Super Smash Brothers and puts it on your computer and then also removes multiplayer. (It is also the most requested game to reviewed ever!)
But for some reason Chaos Faction is a really fun game. Maybe it is just because most online games that rely on alot of action usually sucks, but I do not get annoyed with this game like I would other similar games.
You know what it probably is? The ability to customize your furball, like Mr.Potato Head. And then after you pick all the parts the game automatically generates a name for him. That alone kept me entertained for a couple of minutes. To add to this further every time you beat a level you get new parts which leads to further odd combinations. Yup, that must be why I like this game and I don't care for Super Smash Brothers much. Call me a Mr.Potato Head snob.
But really, this is way more important than work. Check it out.

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Think Frustrated said...

They did totally hijack the platform from Super Smash Bros., which I don't really like, but I like to play this at work. Part of the fun is trying not to get caught playing at work.