Thursday, April 12, 2007

K-State Football and Chipotle

Today I attended a focus group meeting on K-State Football. I didn't mind spending an hour telling them what I thought about our football program, but getting free Chipotle burritos made it awesome (they didn't tell us there was going to be food.)

It was very interesting to hear what other K-State football fans thought about our traditions and game day events. We talked about jumbotron stuff, what Willie does, things that the band does and stuff like that. For the most part everyone agreed with each other that we like how K-State runs the show. It was also interesting to see how much these marketing and promotion guys revere some other programs. It was very evident that they think that Texas A&M has the best football program in respect to the fans and they are trying to get K-State's program to that level. I would have to agree with them. (Obviously we can not, and will not, admire anything about Nebraska.)

Nothing too drastic will change for next year from what I hear, maybe a little more 'hip hop' and a little less band at the beginning of the game. Also they are going to try to get some activities to do for the fans that show up a couple of hours early to the game. That would be nice.

I am really looking forward to football season already.


Michelle said...

Ahhh Me too!!!

Shanshu said...

Dooood! You got free Chipotle? Awesome!!! That is a good focus group, for sure!