Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Edesia's Bakery & Cafe

Today for lunch we ate at Edesia's bakery and cafe which is a new restaurant that has opened up on Poyntz here in Manhattan (the Kansas version of Manhattan).

The first thing that I noted with the place is that it is very clean and nice on the inside. The front of the store is almost all glass so it was very bright inside even though it was cloudy today. Also there is alot of paintings on the walls which also lightens up the place.

Since it was lunch time I ordered a three cheese panini with potato salad on the side and Nicole got a curried chicken salad, I also got a double apricot italian soda and Nicole just drank water. Overall it cost us $17.

When I got my sandwich and Nicole got her salad I was a bit disappointed. My sandwich was a bit small (hopefully they just gave me a half sandwich instead of the full that I ordered) and Nicole's salad had a good amount of curry chicken, but not too much salad. (Look at the above picture, it looks like there is about twice as much greens on the plate as there actually was.) Besides the small portions though the food tasted fine. The panini was about what you would imagine, and the potato salad was better than average (but not as good as So Long's). Nicole's salad was alright but the greens could have used a bit of a vinaigrette or something. And my italian soda did not have as much syurp as I am used to (i.e. how Radina's does it). But overall I can not complain the food tasted fine, but maybe it was just a bit too small of portion or a bit too pricey.

What Edesia's should say is that they are a coffee house with decent food (unless they actually plan to sell some bread they should just drop the bakery in the name... yes I know there are scones and things, but so does Radina's, Blue Stem, Starbucks, and other coffee places that aren't bakeries). What really sets Edesia's apart from the rest of the stores in Manhattan is that it is a nice place to go on Poyntz. The coffee house makes a nice anchor for the street and should help everybody all the way down to the mall and Old Chicago's.

Overall it is at least worth a trip to Edesia's to see if you like it. I have not tried any of their coffee yet, so I know that I will have to go back there for that. Also they serve Republic of Tea, so if I get in the mood for tea instead of coffee Edesia's may be the place to find me. The food is decent, but a tad expensive, it will be about $20 for two people to eat there and also get something to drink. Also be warned that they are closed on Sunday's and their open hours the other days are from 6am to 6pm, so don't plan to go too late in the day.

While I am on the topic of "things that are new to the area" a new store to Aggieville, Bathmatiks, is pretty rocking. What you do there is make custom bathroom supplies. Nicole made some basil hand lotion that is very fun.

Also, if I haven't mentioned it before: Toto's Tacoz in Wamego, Ks is very good and worth the trip out to Wamego if you are in the mood for a different type of Mexican food.

If you have gone to Edesia's, or even Bathmatiks or Toto's Tacoz give me a comment below and let me know what you think.

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rik said...

toto's rocks. we just moved from southern california to wamego about a year ago, and toto's is the reason to move to wamego, as far as i'm concerned. great, great place.