Thursday, September 30, 2004

Fall is here

Since it is now fall I changed the look of this page, because the old one look too summer-y. So whatcha think?

It is the end of the month so We will be chanings our desktop on our computer. This is what we had for September. Posted by Hello

Friday almost here

So, since last time:
took my sampling test, it went ok, it was not written very well, so it was harder than it had to be..
I got done with my mesy homework for monday.
We started to study for the messy test on monday
We did dry land, which was fun.
I got stamps, and took a shower....
So now i just have to pick up nicole and eat something and im good for the rest of the night.
Oh i wish i didnt have a test on monday morning, cause it leaves me no time to study but on the weekend :P
Ok i drink some tea and watch air force vs Navy game.

ah... mornings

Mornings used to be something i didnt like, but anymore it is the only time when I can do things that I want to do, cause the rest of my day is filled with stuff....
So to celebrate this morning i studied for my test that i have in an hour. This isnt as bad as it sounds, since I can make up a cheat sheet the study part is much more enjoyable. Now if i could only cash in my study time for an A on the test with out actually taking it.
Ummm.... Last night I had a good time, but I wa slightly annoyed when Rhonda called and talked to jenette during game night, its alright and all, but I was looking forward to being able to spend time with my friends, and rhonda calling kinda limits the amount of talking that can be done... but i guess its not that bad of a thing... eh ^_^.
Well Im gonna eat a twiced baked potato and then head off for the day. So time ill get around to finishing up Jayme's wedding weekend, but alas not now. ja

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004

Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004

An interesting site, i do have some arguments about how they determine strong/weak/barely though. (Lets just say I doubt they have heard of statistics) ^_^

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Christmas gift ahoy!

There is a thing called Block Jam, and they are the first thing that have i really wanted in a long time. Check out a video of them here, and computer simulation:
Block Jam

4 Getting some shoes

Saturday started fine enough, i got up and got ready. And Jerry came over to pick me up. We went on over to the tux shop to get his shoes that they didnt order untill the night before (they siad they didnt know what size to order, so they didnt order any... oh yeah they also had the number 12... to be shoe and the number 12 give me all i need to know to get the shoes... oh well)
So we got to the tux place, who missed the shipment of the shoes cause UPS got there. So they had to track the UPS guy down and have him come back. Jerry was fumming all the time, while david, who was there to pick up the tux, was hitting on the receptionist. Well the shoes came, davids tux fit, and on our way out i thanked the receptionist for putting up with us. She siad "no problem" ^_^
We were then off to jerry parents house to eat some food (Hogg Wild (?) BBQ, which was VERY good), and get ready. Nothing too eventfull happend there, accept that everyone blamed me for not brining the camera to take pictures, when i didnt even know I was suppost to... >:(
They were blaming me i guess, but people were saying to other people "Do you have batteries for my camera, we need to take some pictures because shannon didnt bring his camera" It was frustrating, beacuse everyone knew i was suppost to bring a camera except for me. grrrrr.
But other than that i had a good time getting ready and eating. I talk to Jerry mom for a bit (more on her later).
So that was that... oh yeah all around town Jerry listened to Tek9, a rap group from KC... it was verry funny plaing the part of someone who listes to that kind of stuff. ^_^

Us in our tuxes, very snazzy. Posted by Hello

3 Bizzaro Kansas

While thinking about Scotts comments on Kansas, I had a realization, we wern't in Kansas anymore. We were in Bizzaro Kansas. So I will list why Jayme and Jerry actuall did not get married in Kansas, but Bizzaro Kansas.
1) Strong Bad icecream? see for your self (pic below)
2) Scotts claiming that the Laidback is the best of Kansas
3) There was some sort of strange plug in the sink in our motel room... i didnt get how it worked.
4) At Bizzaro Walsmart (the one with the StrongBad icecream, they had a machine to make dog tags.... it looked like a coinstar machine, but it was to make dog tags...
5) The walsmart had The empire strikes back playing on a tv in the furniture section, which had a messaging chair and other assorted chair around, so you could watch the movie.
6) If you drove a quarter of a mile south of Kellogg you found your self in farm land...
7) people seemed to fly around much more there....

thats all i can think of for now, if you think of any more, leave a comment.

Strong Bad icecream? In Bizzaro Kansas there is. Posted by Hello

2 Rehersal Dinner

You cant hope for much when on the sign for a restraunt they have the slogan "It's not easy being sleazy". So i didnt get my hopes up much for the dinner it self. We ate the rehersal dinner at the Lazy Eye (not the real name, but i cant rember the name right now... its Lazy something or other). Anyways the bar was filled with smoke. Which was impressive since there was only a couple of people there. We sat in the bask of the bar for the dinner. We ordered our drinks, i got an RC (! more on Bizarro Kansas later).
* Newsflash* my sources say the name of the place is "The Laidback Club" and the slogan is "it ain't easy being sleazy" I appoligize to the Laidback club for giving them the wrong slogan. ^_^

Anyways, we all got steak acceept for dave, who got a burrito ordered for him by his freinds because he is a mexican... or i think thats what happened...

Well half the table got their food, they ate, while we watched, then our half of the table got its steaks while they watched us eat. It was understandable though, as i am sure we were by far the biggest group of people eat there ever. Well the steaks were fine and you got used to the 40% less oxygen, and it turned out to be a fine time. I persoanlly enjoyed talking with Scott (?) about how Garden City wasnt a real town and Wichita was. Which was very funny beacuse i have never been anywere that sleazy in Garden (Mark one is close... but it was still better than the Laidback Club), and yet he was saying that this bar was the best thing kansas had to offer. Oh my how diffrent lifes yield such diffrent thoughts. Oh, yes, Scott was also the one to say that people in Kansas dont want all that fancy food crap, they want fried stuff with greased poured allover it.... Bizzaro!

Jerry's Parents and Nicole's mom, at the Rehersal dinner. Posted by Hello

1 Rehersal

It was like jumping into a lake. You can think of all the bad things that can go wrong and worry yourself, but the best thing was to jump right in and get it over with. The wedding rehersal did this. In a very unorganized bunch, we went through how the wedding should go, but it got changed so many times that really by the time we did the wedding we were basically winging it.

The intitail shock came from jerry's friends how would not settle down and take things seriously. And everyone (aware) got the feeling like they were going to watch a train wreck, that was going to be called Jayme's wedding. The best look to describe this came from Nicole's Aunts, who after the rehersal had the look of "oh my, this is never gonna work."

Luckly for everyone, the rehersal was by far the low point of the weekend. I was either being amused or busy the rest of the time. (Well i guess i was amused during the rehersal as well, but i had the common thought of pending doom.)

On the the rehresal dinner

Maria, Jay, Jerry, Sirus, and Dave (?) at wedding rehersal Posted by Hello

To get caught up....

Well i got up this morning and checked my email, and guess what, my prof cancelled class for today! joy! I will still have to go into school to work on my homework due for tommorow, but i should be in a pretty good mood for the rest of the day, no matter what happens. (I should always start my day off with a cancelled class). So I figured i will take my extra time and get cought up on the weekends events.

First thing: I saw Minority Report, it was very good. It was futureistic and had a good plot. It is worth buying for 12-15 bucks).

A side track: Yesterday while my linear models teacher writing down an assigment due on the same date as his own test, I had a thought. It was just after he got done writing the date which it was due (the same as the test) and i thought "p.s. i hate you." Now things that i think like that i usually think beacuse it would be funny to say outloud, but this was not something that would be funny to say out loud. So i thought to myself "thats not funny, why did i think that?", I could not get why my 'joke' would be funny.... then i realized something, my brain ment for my prof to be saying that, as in, he wrote on the board the date the homework was due and then wrote p.s. i hate you. under the date due. So then i chuckled to my self. Not because of the joke (although it would have been funny for him to do that), but because my brain thought of a joke, that i didn't get for a bit, i was even offended at myself (?!?) untill i figured out why it was funny.... in anycase lets hope my brain can comunicate with myself better... i guess unless i am telling myself jokes....

Ok im gonna take a break for a minute

Monday, September 27, 2004

Monday :P

Man this has been a long day. I have been at school since 7am, and i got home at 9pm... oh man that is way to long to be at school for.

I missed hockey cause my class took the whole time. And i have a headache. But i have my new chai tea, so i am starting to feel better.

Remind me to post about Jayme's weeding later.

i go watch MNF and drink teat and wait for nicole to come home.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Im home

Well i'm back from Jayme's wedding, it wasnt too bad of a time, and there were even times when i had fun ^_^. Anyways when i get some more time ill write about the wedding, Jerry, Doc, Bizaro Kansas, the motel, and such assorted things. But for now im gonna watch football.
Oh yeah i need to get some pics put up as well.
ok back to the game.

oh yeah, this spellcheck sucks as well (it didnt know Kansas....), so i might not spell check my stuff ^_^

Friday, September 24, 2004

Gone This weekend.

This will be my last post for the week, Jayme is getting married, and so i will be in Whichita.

Hopefully every thing will go good, and we will have a good time. Tell you about it when i get back.

Be back Sunday

Survey Thingy

I was thinking about these survey things, and lo and behold Amber had just put one up, and you know what, i have not done one i years and years... so look to the comment for my answers.... (the survey is long so and i didnt what to take up all the front page with it)

I made a poll

humm html isnt that bad after all ^_^

it poll is on the side to the bottom.

the poll is thanks to:

w.bloggar is the new Blogger interface for me

I was looking for a tool that can allow me to drag internet links into the field so that i can post the links easily, i belive this one wins.
here is a good game website:

anyways well see how this goes ^_^
Quick note, you know what is the one way for me to not like your web site right away? Have it ask to install GAIN. I can live with pop up ads, but when it asks to install a spyware, that crosses the line.
My thoughts on Sony:

I do not think Sony is the best. They are overpriced, because they are the sterotypical japanese company, the do as much in-house stuff as possible, and continue to push dead products. They resist anything that is not of their own idea (mp3 for one). They do not make the best cameras, they do not make the best computers, and even though they do make the most advanced gadgets, they will refuse to go with what ever becomes main stream (like mp3s), and stick to only their own format.
This has worked for Play Station, but in the walkman realm, they have failed. So much so that Apple has become the leader in moble music devices (!?!). Sony has just announced that they MAY support the mp3 format in their upcomming music players, and this made big news.
Sony does make good stuff, and they make it first, but they are too japanese to a fault.
I still like them though, and are a good default brand when you dont know who makes the best in the category.

(this was in responce to Matt saying Sony was justified for overpricing their stuff, and i thought it was a good bit of thought, so i reposted it here)
OK to end a somewhat productaive night, lets review what i have found out:

1) People drink for four resons: to make you happier, more relaxed, stand people that annoy you, and/or for the taste
2) No one (surveyed) thinks getting smashed is good, as shows a lack of restraint.
3) saying 'i dont drink' implies 1) "i never have drank alcohol" or 2) I dont like the taste of it.

well so that i can get to bed soon, i will have my summarization here:

I am not opposed to drinking, i dont think it is bad.
I AM opposed to getting drunk, and having your only form of entertainment be drinking.

As for the four reasons people drink, i do not need to drink to help me in my life.

I am happy the way i am doing the things i do, i also dont need something to help me relax because i live a relaxed life, i aviod annoying people, and only make friends with people i actually like (not fake like, like most people), and i have tea to drink for taste.

In short i like my life, without drinking, so there is no need to add it.
Not that there was a chance that i would, but i think im not really missing out on much. And i save a crap load of money. And i get to drink tea. Life is good. ^_^ night.

Here are the 2004 PIFF teams (L to R, Top to Bottom)...Davin's Svinksland Pilliagers
Amberss Ampersandia Ampersands
Shannon's Tea Republic Steepers
Arron's Kepleckistan Rebels
Lance's Harbor Coast Redburns
Nicole's Snotvia Snotnockers
Pickle's Tsukistan Picklers
Newgen's Futontopia Elders
Andy's Sparrowsland Maties
Julia's Scotslandi Kilters Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 23, 2004

since last time....
I went to sampling methods, that was a fun class, we got a new project, then we worked on homework, it went well and we got all of the assigment due on monday done. I also ordered a med papa johns pizzia from It was good, we also got a cinipie, it was not good. Went to dry land, and ran up and down staris alot, then we played ultamate fisbee, more fun. Now nicole is at class, and i am watching the Mia Hurricans v Houston Univ. college foot ball game.

I go drink some tea now.

I have to run off to school soon.....
But before i do get to enjoy two of my favorite things; drinking The Republic of Tea tea, and listning to John Mayer (who is one of my three fav groups for music, the other two are Count the Stars (they broke up before they made it big... and they were sooo good :( , and Enya) But John Mayer (Room For Squares is his best CD) is very good at crafting words, and making emotional music about normal life.... hes so good, always puts me in a good mood. Also anothiner thing that i like is that he is about my age (28 or so i think, Amber might know for sure). But alot of what he talks about in his songs are relavant to me. (Besides his searching for the perfict girl for him, i dont need that ^_^ ). Anyways if you have not heard John Mayer i would recomend buying Room for Squares, getting some good Republic of Tea tea, make a pot, and read the words to his songs as you listen to them...

Ah the simple things in life are the best ^_^.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


from here

any idiot
can write haiku; just stop
at the sixteenth syllab-
Since the morning....
I went to messy and it was fine, we are moving kinda fast, and Dr. Johnson is not as good as a teacher as Dr. Loughin... he's not bad, but Dr. Loughin is really good at explaining complex stuff. So then we worked on Assigment 4 for linear models for a bit, we got a little done. then i gave my second test from my class, i dont know how they did, but i doubt anyone got a 100%. Then Nicole picked me up and we had game night. We ate baked ziti ( which was really good), and we layed dragon delta. This is a fun game, it is a very complex simple game. I recomend it to anyone who like bored games. So now nicole is working on school work, and i am just sitting here. The day ended alot better than it started.

Hopefully we can get a good chunk of homework done tomorrow...

Matt if you are reading this: Happy Matt day!

Ok i get ready for bed, ja....
Well school have been hectic so far today.
I got one of two compleatly working computers (has all of SAS and can print) this morning around 7.15, so i had to stay on it untill i got done doing the SAS for messy... it took me untill 8.30 to get it all done and printed off, so i ran over to models. I dont think i missed anything, but i forgot to grab my homework, so i had to turn it in after class. Anyways in models we got another assigment (#5), due wed, so now we have two assigments due (mon and wed), that we have not worked on at all. Since messy is due we will prob get another assigment in there, and what is worse is that i cant work on homework this weekend due to Jaymes wedding...
ok i got eat a turkey sandwich now (thats something that is going good for today...)
anyways ^_^
...still up.... :)

looking at other peoples intrests made me realize something... people like being drunk.

my question to you is why?

because unless i am missing out on something so freaking speacial, that seems like a waste of time/money. You spend a crap load of money so that you can forget the night, and then hurt the next day... what am i missing? What makes people want to kill their brains...or drink poison... it makes absolutley no since to me. I would rather hang out with my friends and talk, maybe its just me, but that sounds like more fun then going to bars....

so there must be some reason, that everyone likes to get drunk, so what is it?

anyways, i'm happy in my world, so if you drunks leave me alone, i'll leave you alone.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Ok, got BlogBuddy to work (crappy name, we are in the information age, get a better name than blogBuddy...).
Anyways that means that i can update my blog ( :P ) without opening web pages up. yay.

A quick run down of the day, for all of you who read this (which i think totals zero):
Woke up get dressed etc, then ate leftover Chipotle.
Washed dishes until it was time to goto school.
Went to Sampling methods class (a fun class)
worked on messy, with limited results.
redid question 20 on the Linear models homework, which turned out to be real easy, but that didnt stop us for spending 3 hours on it.
Tried to work more on messy, but all (4) computers were full, so i dorked around for 45minutes, so i got bored and wandered off to aggieville.
Walked to the hole where rolly poly will be, still not much work done (i think they only have one guy working on it...)
Went to BW3.
ate and played trivia, i was doing good until lthe last question where i lost all my points i ended up 4th, jenette 3rd (!), and Chris 2nd, with a guy named Monkey first ( ^_^ ). Fun times.
Then i came home and messed around on the computer.
Now i will goto bed, fun ne?

Anyways tommorow i have linear models class :P, a five hour 'break' which will be tring to get messy done before class at 2.30, then start to work on the linear models assignment that is due on monday...pant pant...
I get to give my class a test, their second, then game night...
dont have anything ready for game night, and i prob dont have anytime to, so well see what happens...

in any case, i go sleep now. ja
p.s. blogbuddy has no spell check... so more fun for you ^_^

Now, does blogbuddy work?

why is the EU a bad thing?

Chirac: Time for global tax
French president supports plan to fight international poverty
Posted: September 21, 20049:39 a.m. Eastern
© 2004

French President Jacques Chirac is the latest leader to call for the imposition of an international tax to help fight poverty. Speaking at the United Nations in New York, Chirac praised a report prepared by a French working group that proposed a global tax be levied on arms sales and some financial transactions. The report contains "technically realistic and economically rational solutions," said Chirac, who joined forces with Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to push the anti-poverty agenda.

They will attempt to push forward the plan with the goal of cutting in half the number of people in poverty by 2015, as United Nations leaders pledged in 2000. A declaration signed by 110 countries urged governments to consider the report. Chirac's ideas were strongly attacked by the U.S. delegation. U.S. Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman said, "global taxes are inherently undemocratic. Implementation is impossible."

This is not the first time Chirac and other world leaders have called for a global tax.
Last year, some at the G8 summit meeting floated the idea of a global tax on arms sales, including – at Chirac's suggestion – a tax on gun purchases by individuals.
In a speech at the annual meeting of the "Group of Eight," or G8, da Silva pushed the arms-sales tax as a scheme whereby the world's wealthiest nations could fund efforts to eliminate world hunger.

The "Group of Eight" includes the U.S., UK, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan and Russia.
Calling the Brazilian leader's proposal "forceful and convincing," Chirac was reluctant to back a levy on weapons manufacturers in France and elsewhere, but suggested a global tax on firearms purchases made by individuals, said the report.


Thursday, September 16, 2004

Two quick things

1) Everclear is a very very good band (just heard Annabella's Song)

2) The world needs to get cable internet. In compleatly changes what the internet can do for you. (There was an old navy banner that when you rolled over it would start playing its tv comercial. It was a very effective marketing).

oh yeah, and Everclear is very good.

Warmonger and things update

I now have rules for Woodelves, and Vampire Counts done. This will allow me to make some new armies to play aginst my self, since it is hard to get anybody to want to play. Alos I have started making boxes for all my Warhammer units, hopefully this will protect them alittle more than just putting them in a tackle box. Also It should make it very easy to find what unit i need to play quickly. So thats a good thing.

Aaron got the sims2, thats fun... I wish i had more time to play around on the computer cause that was a game that i said i was gonna buy as soon as it came out... the only problem is i don't have anyt time to play it, so I'm not going to buy it... yet.
I don't know why it was so hard to make a desiion about going to play in Denver, obviously I want to go. The main reason being that it will prob be the only time my family in Denver will see me play for K-State. We arn't going to do well since the Front Range teams are all ranked in the top 10 (were 57th), but it will be fun nonetheless.
I just got a new round of homework assigned :P, atleast there was a little time where I had everything done, you need those times to keep your sanity.

Well I'm off to go paint some boxes before i have to goto Survey sampling Methods class (yea!). Ja ne...

Friday, September 10, 2004

Quitting AOL is like quitting crack

Heh, so i cancelled AOL (I got in the mood to pick a fight with them after listening to Anything But Joey on the way home from school (!?!) ), it was way more work than it needed to be. Here are some highlights:

Him: So why do you want to cancel?
Me: because I'm paying for a website that i dont visit.

After he told me what you can do on AOL:
Me: I do all of that stuff on Yahoo!
Him: First of all, Yahoo! does nothing.... (then he continued to repeat himself).
Me: If you are concerned about customer service you should have a place on AOL for me to cancel the service.
Him: Well you can fax us a cancellation notice.
Me: I don't have a fax(!) machine.... I just thought that since you were an internet provider, you would have a place to cancel on the internet.
Him: Yeah....

Me:Do YOU use AOL?
Him: Sure.
Then we actually got to the canceling part.
Him: Well you can use AOL for the rest of your payment cycle, then if you want to use it after that, we can restart your account with this plan....
Me: Don't worry after this phone call I am going to uninstall it off my computer.
Me:Is there a magic word that I can tell you where you will just cancel my service as soon as I say that I want to?
Him: No... but that is the first time someone has asked me that.

Then I asked him about the weather (he was in Florida, or so he said).

Me: Well it was nice talking with you, talk with you again sometime....
Him: Well thank you... (he kept on talking with his standard talking things).
Me: Yeah, OK, bye. (him still doing the "thanks for chosing AOL..blah blah blah" thing)

And now no more AOL (tada!). Don't ever try it out, it is a freaking pain to get rid of it!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Warmonger Update

I have the initial rules, and junk done for Warmonger. That means the more fun part, (also the harder part,) playtesting. I have rules done for High Elves, Mortal Chaos of Tezeentch, Lizardmen, and Goblins. I think the hardest part of doing the playtesting will be working out how money is given out, the best thing i can think of so far is to treat is much like Necromunda... But we will see...

Here in Nicole, Chris, and Jenette eating before the K-State vs. Western Kentuckey Game Posted by Hello

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Well the football game went OK. We won, and by a fair amount, but we were very unorganized. We could have scored two more touchdowns, one if a pitch to spores was better, and another if we knew what we were doing on the one yard line at the end of the half. But it was a good time anyways. The BBQ was good beforehand, and it was fun watching all the stupid people coming to find a spot 15minutes before the game.
 Posted by Hello

Friday, September 03, 2004

Exam 1 Graded

Well I got done grading the first Exam for my class, and it actually wasn't too bad. I had two low scores of 48, and a high of 95, and half of the class got a score between 71 and 81.

A Jupiter Sunrise song played on languages, it's a song i already have, but it is fun none the less. Also it played Princes and Frogs by Superchic[k], which was a very good song.

A question that came up today in the course of talking was: How can you tell who is a Frat boy or a sorority girl? Its a hard concept to explain, but you CAN tell.

OK to my house for the weekend!
(Go State!)

Oh yeah...

Last night i was watching tv when an ad for the Angus Diet came on. It was very funny, and it plugged buying the book (Burger King is who is doing this). There was also a web address they showed. So i went there, and it is some funny stuff. It's a parody that is just a notch below Joe Schmo 2 (the best parody EVER!). Anyways, just remembered about it. Wwaayyytaggooo!

Very funny... (really I am tring out posting on my blog (grumble grumble), using hello and picasa. Posted by Hello

Step one: Type something.

So...... The ScreenSvaers made me do it.

They told me about picasa (a very good image organizer), picasa told me about Hello (a good (?) way to share photos, and Hello has a button to add your pics to Blogger... So he I am with a stupid blog (I really do not like that word). ^_^

Anyways, we had a decent showing at setting up chairs at the Stadium today, Me, Jenette, Trav, Alex, Jerry, and Josh (All my favorites from the hockey team 'cept Nicole wasn't there, oh yeah and Aaron wasn't either :( ). It was fun seeing alot of people organize them selves (as it always is) and make them selves specialists in some category (hauling chairs, unfolding them setting them up, counting them, etc...). We made the team around 40$ and it took about an hour. Good times.

that's all for now, gonna go play around some more on the computer, and then work on Warmonger some (my Warhammer Necromunda mixed game.)
Ja ne.

ps 's spell check did not know the word blog or blogger.