Friday, September 24, 2004

OK to end a somewhat productaive night, lets review what i have found out:

1) People drink for four resons: to make you happier, more relaxed, stand people that annoy you, and/or for the taste
2) No one (surveyed) thinks getting smashed is good, as shows a lack of restraint.
3) saying 'i dont drink' implies 1) "i never have drank alcohol" or 2) I dont like the taste of it.

well so that i can get to bed soon, i will have my summarization here:

I am not opposed to drinking, i dont think it is bad.
I AM opposed to getting drunk, and having your only form of entertainment be drinking.

As for the four reasons people drink, i do not need to drink to help me in my life.

I am happy the way i am doing the things i do, i also dont need something to help me relax because i live a relaxed life, i aviod annoying people, and only make friends with people i actually like (not fake like, like most people), and i have tea to drink for taste.

In short i like my life, without drinking, so there is no need to add it.
Not that there was a chance that i would, but i think im not really missing out on much. And i save a crap load of money. And i get to drink tea. Life is good. ^_^ night.

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