Friday, September 24, 2004

Survey Thingy

I was thinking about these survey things, and lo and behold Amber had just put one up, and you know what, i have not done one i years and years... so look to the comment for my answers.... (the survey is long so and i didnt what to take up all the front page with it)

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Ookami Snow said...

[ CURRENT .. ]
- Current Clothes: My grey Blueclaws T-Shirt, and my fav. blue jeans
- Current Mood: happy/entertained
- Current Music: none at the moment, was listing to John Mayer
- Current Taste: Coke
- Current Make-up: ^_^ um no.
- Current Hair: a couple million, and lets keep it that way.
- Current Smell: Normal house smell
-Current thing I ought to be doing: enjoying my time off, i did all my homework due moday, yesterday so i could come home and do whatevery i wanted to for my break today.
- Current Desktop Picture: Autumnal Glide (our Sept. wallpaper)
- Current Favorite Artist: Art wise? that one guy who is on, that i didnt some of my NuArt like... - Current Favorite Group: Count the Stars and Mayer are neck and neck, depending on my mood.
- Current Book: Oh I am really enjoying Secrets of Mariko... but i am getting done with it :(
- Current CD in CD Player: CD player? Whats this 1990's? I dont listen to music on a CD player, just my computer... which does not have a CD in it right now.
- Current tape in VCR: What the!?! did this sruvey statr that long ago? ok ill go check... VCR: Star Wars, A new hope. DVD: the first Rahxephon disc
- Current Color Of Toenails: i think this is a survey for girls...

- Foods: oh... well go with, my Ceaser Salad, not generic Ceaser Salad, only my recipie.
- Drink: Republic of Tea's Blackberry Sage Black Tea (Julia gave niolce it for something or other)
- Color: at the moment k-state purple
- Shoes: nike! everything else falls apart.
- Candy: Jelly Belly's
- Animal: Wolf
- TV Show: Joe Schmo is very good. I also like Sunday Night Football.
- Song: 3x5 by John Mayer
- Vegetable: potato
- Fruit: cherry (but must be fresh) good crisp apples are real good as well. As for fruit flavoring peach is by far my fav.
- Cartoon: Anime? NieA_7, Whisper of the Heart

[ ARE YOU .. ]
- Understanding: I try to be.
- Open-minded: Also I try to be (open-mindedness is something i value in people)
- Insecure: I try to be happy with the way things are. It makes life more enjoyable.
- Interesting: Do people find me intresting? Prob not.
- Easily Amused: yeah, i think so.
- Random: not so much.
- Hungry: only when food needs to be put in me. I like eating, but i dont eat that much
- Friendly: If you get to know me...
- Smart: In some things, not in others
- Moody: I try to have only the good ones, but every once in a while a bad one slips out. It is usually caused by outside forces acting on me.
- Healthy: Yes, my secret: Drink lots of tea, and spit what ever you cough up (your body wants to get rid of it, listen to it). Oh yes a good outlook on life makes you have less stress, so less sickness.
- Shy: It really depends, i am less shy around new people, if i dont know anyone. If its a bunch of new people a couple of people i know i am very shy towards the new people.
- Messy: Not really
- Responsible: I try to be.
- Sad: no.
- Happy: yes, most of the time
- Hyper: No, only when i think of something new to do (ie an idea for a game or something), then it is impossible for me to sleep untill i have thought it out and wrote it down.
- Trusting: Yes.
- Talkative: on the computer yes, IRL not as much.

[ WH0 D0 Y0U WANT T0 .. ]
- Kill: No one... that is kinda mean
- Slap: ditto
- Tickle: not nicole, she hates it.

<>[ FAVORITE .. ]
-Shampoo? Herbal Essance
-Toothpaste? Ill go check... Colgate 2 in 1 (it is very good)
-Soap? Dial body wash, i love it.
-Room in your house? my office/living room/media room/dining room/kitchen, or my bedroom, or bathroom.

[ EITHER/0R .. ]
-Coffee or hot chocolate? In genral? Coffee, but it has to be good coffee, cheap coffee is very bad, whereas cheap hot chocolate still is good.
-Lace or satin? I dont like lace so satin win by default.
-New or old? old, i like kepping things as long as possible.
-Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt? Tom Cruise has some very good roles in movies.
-Jeans or cords? i have no idea what cords are, other than rope... so rope or jeans? well go with jeans.
-Sweater or sweatshirt? Sweaters.. as in hockey jerseys. (kept Amber's answer)
-T-shirt or tank top? Tshirt, i dont like tank tops.
-Skirt or dress? skirt, im not really a fan of dresses (on girls... well the skrit should be on the girl as well)
-Wool or cotton? cotton, wool is icky
-Rose or Lily? i really really dont care, so ill make up my own: Best Buy or Circut City? umm good question, to get info Circut City, to actually buy things, Best Buy.
-Oldies or pop? pop.

- Cried? no
- Helped someone? yup, on the homework yesterday
- Bought something? yup, papa johns pizza
- Gotten sick? nope, i dont do that much.
- Gone to the movies? pish no.... I rarley goto movies
- Gone out for dinner? no, we had leftovers.
- Said I love you? yes
- Written a real letter? on paper? no. ah well not on the computer as well...
- Missed someone? yes, i do miss nicole when she is at school sometimes.
- Fought with your parents? no, i havent fought with my parents ever, we have debated things, but not fought with them.
- Fought with a friend? likewise, i disagree with them, but i usually leave it at just a disagreement.

[Do You]
- Wear eye shadow? heh, no. ^_^
- Have a crush on someone? nope.
- Eat with your mouth open? i dont know, youd hafta ask nicole, she would prob know.
- If you got a tattoo, where would you get it? heh, i was thinking about this yesterday, possibly on my ankle
- What color is your carpet in your room? HAHA! ^_^
- What was the last CD you bought? John Mayer; Room for Squares.
- Are you wearing pajamas? nope
- Are you talking to someone online? Nope.
- What is your astrological sign? whatever the first one is, i really dont care about that stuff.

[ FIRST... ]

First Crush: A girl in my 1st grade class, at Marlatt Elementry (here in Manhattan)
First screename: Ranma_19, the account got all messed up, so i made a new one Ranma_19_, then when i stopped like Ramna 1/2 so much I switched the default sceen name on my yahoo account to Kinross_19, and it will be my screen name forever now (prob.)
First Album/Cd: Supertones Strike Back
First Piercing/Tattoo: No (unnatural )holes or ink in my body
First big Trip: On my own? We'll say the South Trip.
First time dying my hair: Nope, came close to last time my hair was long though.
First Time Breaking a bone: never, i have fractured elbows from hockey, and toes from not wearing shoes, but no breaks.

[ LAST... ]

Last cuss word uttered: i try not to cuss, so i have no idea what it would have been
Last big car ride: Summer trip to Longmont
Last movie seen: Captian Skyhook and the Beets of Yestermeal.
Last beverage drank: Coke.
Last food consumed: Left over baked Ziti, (yummy)
Last phone call: when i did the calling? Oh yes to gary to tell him about the hockey turney in Denver
Last thing written: notes in lenar models class :P
Last show watched: Where I payed attention? the end of MNF last monday.
Last time showered: about two hours ago
Last shoes worn: my one and only Nike's
Last cd Played: Ummm... Hockey Tape on the way to hockey practice.
Last item bought: papa johns pizza
Last annoyance: THE guy in linear models, man he is annoying.
Last ice cream eaten: Cookie Dough from Call Hall from Dara's
Last song you heard : some song by Fall Out Boy
Last time wanting to die: dont do that kind of thought process much.
Last formal dance: Nicoles senior prom ???
Last piercing/tattoo: no already!
Last birthday celebrated: 24th

oh man that took forever.