Thursday, September 30, 2004

ah... mornings

Mornings used to be something i didnt like, but anymore it is the only time when I can do things that I want to do, cause the rest of my day is filled with stuff....
So to celebrate this morning i studied for my test that i have in an hour. This isnt as bad as it sounds, since I can make up a cheat sheet the study part is much more enjoyable. Now if i could only cash in my study time for an A on the test with out actually taking it.
Ummm.... Last night I had a good time, but I wa slightly annoyed when Rhonda called and talked to jenette during game night, its alright and all, but I was looking forward to being able to spend time with my friends, and rhonda calling kinda limits the amount of talking that can be done... but i guess its not that bad of a thing... eh ^_^.
Well Im gonna eat a twiced baked potato and then head off for the day. So time ill get around to finishing up Jayme's wedding weekend, but alas not now. ja

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