Thursday, September 16, 2004

Warmonger and things update

I now have rules for Woodelves, and Vampire Counts done. This will allow me to make some new armies to play aginst my self, since it is hard to get anybody to want to play. Alos I have started making boxes for all my Warhammer units, hopefully this will protect them alittle more than just putting them in a tackle box. Also It should make it very easy to find what unit i need to play quickly. So thats a good thing.

Aaron got the sims2, thats fun... I wish i had more time to play around on the computer cause that was a game that i said i was gonna buy as soon as it came out... the only problem is i don't have anyt time to play it, so I'm not going to buy it... yet.
I don't know why it was so hard to make a desiion about going to play in Denver, obviously I want to go. The main reason being that it will prob be the only time my family in Denver will see me play for K-State. We arn't going to do well since the Front Range teams are all ranked in the top 10 (were 57th), but it will be fun nonetheless.
I just got a new round of homework assigned :P, atleast there was a little time where I had everything done, you need those times to keep your sanity.

Well I'm off to go paint some boxes before i have to goto Survey sampling Methods class (yea!). Ja ne...

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