Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Well school have been hectic so far today.
I got one of two compleatly working computers (has all of SAS and can print) this morning around 7.15, so i had to stay on it untill i got done doing the SAS for messy... it took me untill 8.30 to get it all done and printed off, so i ran over to models. I dont think i missed anything, but i forgot to grab my homework, so i had to turn it in after class. Anyways in models we got another assigment (#5), due wed, so now we have two assigments due (mon and wed), that we have not worked on at all. Since messy is due we will prob get another assigment in there, and what is worse is that i cant work on homework this weekend due to Jaymes wedding...
ok i got eat a turkey sandwich now (thats something that is going good for today...)
anyways ^_^

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