Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Ok, got BlogBuddy to work (crappy name, we are in the information age, get a better name than blogBuddy...).
Anyways that means that i can update my blog ( :P ) without opening web pages up. yay.

A quick run down of the day, for all of you who read this (which i think totals zero):
Woke up get dressed etc, then ate leftover Chipotle.
Washed dishes until it was time to goto school.
Went to Sampling methods class (a fun class)
worked on messy, with limited results.
redid question 20 on the Linear models homework, which turned out to be real easy, but that didnt stop us for spending 3 hours on it.
Tried to work more on messy, but all (4) computers were full, so i dorked around for 45minutes, so i got bored and wandered off to aggieville.
Walked to the hole where rolly poly will be, still not much work done (i think they only have one guy working on it...)
Went to BW3.
ate and played trivia, i was doing good until lthe last question where i lost all my points i ended up 4th, jenette 3rd (!), and Chris 2nd, with a guy named Monkey first ( ^_^ ). Fun times.
Then i came home and messed around on the computer.
Now i will goto bed, fun ne?

Anyways tommorow i have linear models class :P, a five hour 'break' which will be tring to get messy done before class at 2.30, then start to work on the linear models assignment that is due on monday...pant pant...
I get to give my class a test, their second, then game night...
dont have anything ready for game night, and i prob dont have anytime to, so well see what happens...

in any case, i go sleep now. ja
p.s. blogbuddy has no spell check... so more fun for you ^_^

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