Tuesday, September 28, 2004

1 Rehersal

It was like jumping into a lake. You can think of all the bad things that can go wrong and worry yourself, but the best thing was to jump right in and get it over with. The wedding rehersal did this. In a very unorganized bunch, we went through how the wedding should go, but it got changed so many times that really by the time we did the wedding we were basically winging it.

The intitail shock came from jerry's friends how would not settle down and take things seriously. And everyone (aware) got the feeling like they were going to watch a train wreck, that was going to be called Jayme's wedding. The best look to describe this came from Nicole's Aunts, who after the rehersal had the look of "oh my, this is never gonna work."

Luckly for everyone, the rehersal was by far the low point of the weekend. I was either being amused or busy the rest of the time. (Well i guess i was amused during the rehersal as well, but i had the common thought of pending doom.)

On the the rehresal dinner

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