Friday, September 10, 2004

Quitting AOL is like quitting crack

Heh, so i cancelled AOL (I got in the mood to pick a fight with them after listening to Anything But Joey on the way home from school (!?!) ), it was way more work than it needed to be. Here are some highlights:

Him: So why do you want to cancel?
Me: because I'm paying for a website that i dont visit.

After he told me what you can do on AOL:
Me: I do all of that stuff on Yahoo!
Him: First of all, Yahoo! does nothing.... (then he continued to repeat himself).
Me: If you are concerned about customer service you should have a place on AOL for me to cancel the service.
Him: Well you can fax us a cancellation notice.
Me: I don't have a fax(!) machine.... I just thought that since you were an internet provider, you would have a place to cancel on the internet.
Him: Yeah....

Me:Do YOU use AOL?
Him: Sure.
Then we actually got to the canceling part.
Him: Well you can use AOL for the rest of your payment cycle, then if you want to use it after that, we can restart your account with this plan....
Me: Don't worry after this phone call I am going to uninstall it off my computer.
Me:Is there a magic word that I can tell you where you will just cancel my service as soon as I say that I want to?
Him: No... but that is the first time someone has asked me that.

Then I asked him about the weather (he was in Florida, or so he said).

Me: Well it was nice talking with you, talk with you again sometime....
Him: Well thank you... (he kept on talking with his standard talking things).
Me: Yeah, OK, bye. (him still doing the "thanks for chosing AOL..blah blah blah" thing)

And now no more AOL (tada!). Don't ever try it out, it is a freaking pain to get rid of it!


Arjan said...

trying to avoid study I stuck around and found this post, which deserves a comment.
I had the same with a local internet provider..trying to get rid of em isn't easy. I tried setting the contract to someone else's name, which costs around 20€ (26$) and they took over 6 months.

Ookami Snow said...

When a company tries to trick you into staying with them you know their product alone is not good enough for them to make it.

They should be avoided.