Friday, September 24, 2004

My thoughts on Sony:

I do not think Sony is the best. They are overpriced, because they are the sterotypical japanese company, the do as much in-house stuff as possible, and continue to push dead products. They resist anything that is not of their own idea (mp3 for one). They do not make the best cameras, they do not make the best computers, and even though they do make the most advanced gadgets, they will refuse to go with what ever becomes main stream (like mp3s), and stick to only their own format.
This has worked for Play Station, but in the walkman realm, they have failed. So much so that Apple has become the leader in moble music devices (!?!). Sony has just announced that they MAY support the mp3 format in their upcomming music players, and this made big news.
Sony does make good stuff, and they make it first, but they are too japanese to a fault.
I still like them though, and are a good default brand when you dont know who makes the best in the category.

(this was in responce to Matt saying Sony was justified for overpricing their stuff, and i thought it was a good bit of thought, so i reposted it here)


Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, where did you read that Sony doesn't read mp3 formats??? I have a Clie that does MP3s as well as ATRAC formats...

Ookami Snow said...