Tuesday, September 28, 2004

3 Bizzaro Kansas

While thinking about Scotts comments on Kansas, I had a realization, we wern't in Kansas anymore. We were in Bizzaro Kansas. So I will list why Jayme and Jerry actuall did not get married in Kansas, but Bizzaro Kansas.
1) Strong Bad icecream? see for your self (pic below)
2) Scotts claiming that the Laidback is the best of Kansas
3) There was some sort of strange plug in the sink in our motel room... i didnt get how it worked.
4) At Bizzaro Walsmart (the one with the StrongBad icecream, they had a machine to make dog tags.... it looked like a coinstar machine, but it was to make dog tags...
5) The walsmart had The empire strikes back playing on a tv in the furniture section, which had a messaging chair and other assorted chair around, so you could watch the movie.
6) If you drove a quarter of a mile south of Kellogg you found your self in farm land...
7) people seemed to fly around much more there....

thats all i can think of for now, if you think of any more, leave a comment.

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