Tuesday, September 28, 2004

2 Rehersal Dinner

You cant hope for much when on the sign for a restraunt they have the slogan "It's not easy being sleazy". So i didnt get my hopes up much for the dinner it self. We ate the rehersal dinner at the Lazy Eye (not the real name, but i cant rember the name right now... its Lazy something or other). Anyways the bar was filled with smoke. Which was impressive since there was only a couple of people there. We sat in the bask of the bar for the dinner. We ordered our drinks, i got an RC (! more on Bizarro Kansas later).
* Newsflash* my sources say the name of the place is "The Laidback Club" and the slogan is "it ain't easy being sleazy" I appoligize to the Laidback club for giving them the wrong slogan. ^_^

Anyways, we all got steak acceept for dave, who got a burrito ordered for him by his freinds because he is a mexican... or i think thats what happened...

Well half the table got their food, they ate, while we watched, then our half of the table got its steaks while they watched us eat. It was understandable though, as i am sure we were by far the biggest group of people eat there ever. Well the steaks were fine and you got used to the 40% less oxygen, and it turned out to be a fine time. I persoanlly enjoyed talking with Scott (?) about how Garden City wasnt a real town and Wichita was. Which was very funny beacuse i have never been anywere that sleazy in Garden (Mark one is close... but it was still better than the Laidback Club), and yet he was saying that this bar was the best thing kansas had to offer. Oh my how diffrent lifes yield such diffrent thoughts. Oh, yes, Scott was also the one to say that people in Kansas dont want all that fancy food crap, they want fried stuff with greased poured allover it.... Bizzaro!

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