Friday, September 03, 2004

Step one: Type something.

So...... The ScreenSvaers made me do it.

They told me about picasa (a very good image organizer), picasa told me about Hello (a good (?) way to share photos, and Hello has a button to add your pics to Blogger... So he I am with a stupid blog (I really do not like that word). ^_^

Anyways, we had a decent showing at setting up chairs at the Stadium today, Me, Jenette, Trav, Alex, Jerry, and Josh (All my favorites from the hockey team 'cept Nicole wasn't there, oh yeah and Aaron wasn't either :( ). It was fun seeing alot of people organize them selves (as it always is) and make them selves specialists in some category (hauling chairs, unfolding them setting them up, counting them, etc...). We made the team around 40$ and it took about an hour. Good times.

that's all for now, gonna go play around some more on the computer, and then work on Warmonger some (my Warhammer Necromunda mixed game.)
Ja ne.

ps 's spell check did not know the word blog or blogger.

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