Wednesday, April 30, 2008


In many shooting games one of the hardest weapons to get, and the one that is usually the most fun to use, is the shotgun. Boomstick thinks that a good ol' shout gun shouldn't be so hard to come by and so that is the weapon that you get from the start of the game. And a shotgun is quite useful in this fast paced shooting game.
Instead of shooting zombies or mutants or ice cream men like you do in most games, in Boomstick you are tasked will killing a real menace to society, shapes. And those shapes move fast. That just means that you will have to be quick on your fingers to dodge the red daggers of pain all the while collecting more ammo.
The level I am at right now is 12 and I think there is 25 levels in total, so I have to get back to laying the smack down on some triangles. Check it out yourself.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My New Favorite Blog 2008, Round 8: Pairings 59-60

Coffee from Mexico tastes about like coffee from anywhere else.

59. Who Said Life Wasn't Funny vs. Bug-Eyed Blog
Elizabeth's funny life is just teaming with insects. Which is a good thing if your kid needs to gather ants for school, not so good if they are scorpions. She also has a mother that tries to use Tylonol as an eye wash, it doesn't work out. Earl's Blog Eyes have had it up to here with Daniel Day-Lewis's over acting. And he doesn't like There Will be Blood. Also he tells the story of two people who go to a Swinger's Club parking lot to scope out people and then decide to arouse less suspicion by going to a Red Lobster parking lot to do the people watching. I don't need to tell you who those people are you can probably guess.
Winner: Bug-Eyed Blog

60. I Have A Bomb Shelter And You Can't Use It vs. Steve's Nude Memphis Blog
Limpy is out and about not using the bomb shelter again. This time he is going to a 90 year old's birthday party that smells of must and marsala. And even though he likes to eat unhealthy food he is nice enough to treat his family to McD's afterwards. Also he points our that the silk clad catholics are ignoring the dirt-cookie eating catholics. Memphis Steve has a couple things to say this week, the first is that penises are being stolen in Africa through the use of Black-Magic. He ponders what would happen here if this was going on and decided that FOX would make a spinoff show about it. Also he talks of love and Snapper wheel desperation, and that even the UPS guy has a better lawn ride than him.
Winner: I Have A Bomb Shelter And You Can't Use It

So Round 9 is Who Said Life Wasn't Funny vs I Have A Bomb Shelter And You Can't Use It the winner of which will be matched up against Bug-Eyed Blog for the title of My New Favorite Blog. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Jenette's Birthday Day

Today is Jenette's, my sister's 24th, birthday.

A story about Jenette:
One Christmas morning Jenette and Michelle (Jenette is on the left, and Michelle, my other sister, is on the right) were hoping to get a particular toy. This toy was a Barbie Dream House... or at least that is how the story is told... now that I think about it it might have been the Barbie waterside park toy. Well, in any case they really wanted the Barbie accessory. However they had to open all most all of their other Christmas presents before the big presents in the back cold be reached.
Finally, a big promising box was pulled out from under the tree and was unwrapped. Lo and behold it was the present that they had been hoping for! What a glorious day! And to celebrate the occasion of the great gift both Jenette and Michelle did exactly what any kid would do to celebrate; they ran back and forth across the living room jumping over the present. (Why this makes sense to do escapes me now, but it didn't seem too odd at the time.) Well, one of Jenette's attempts to hurdle the box that was half of her size failed and her foot caught the edge of the box and she landed face first on the ground, easily knocking a tooth out. There was Christmas blood for all.
Happy Birthday Jenette!

Monday, April 21, 2008


But just a note: these two videos never get old to me:

Yeah, it never gets old.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My New Favorite Blog 2008, Round 7: Pairings 57-58

Only two pairs for this round.

57. I Have A Bomb Shelter And You Can't Use It vs. Present Simple
Limpy pulled himself away from the bomb shelter and decided that it is high time that he manages a little league baseball team. Well, all goes according to plan and he was able to get the kid from a team sponsor to get traded to another team, thus causing as much trouble in a few as moves possible. Check Mate. BadAunt simply ponders the phrase Trimly Warning that is found on a bag in her classroom. The words are old and the meaning is vague, but I bet you Trimly is something to be warned about.
Winner: I Have A Bomb Shelter And You Can't Use It

58. Slapdashittery vs. Steve's Nude Memphis Blog
Slapdashher Ryan has decided that he will dispense himself in 15 minute doses to people so that they can stand him. Also he notes that he does not like to be complemented only criticized. Also he has a problem smoking scissors. Nude Steve turned Hazmat Steve has found that women are not capable of lifting the toilet seat and also can not see when the lid is closed. His study of one individual has shown that if the lid of a toilet is set to the closed position women will proceeded to pee on the lid. No animals were harmed during the study.
Winner: Steve's Nude Memphis Blog

Four blogs left, the brackets are to the left. The parings for round 8 are:

59. Who Said Life Wasn't Funny vs. Bug-Eyed Blog
60. I Have A Bomb Shelter And You Can't Use It vs. Steve's Nude Memphis Blog

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sweet Home Oklahoma

Starting on Thursday Nicole and I headed down to Tulsa to go do some house hunting since we are moving down there in a couple of months. We saw some nice houses, and had a good time. On Friday night Nicole's mom, sister, niece, and Jenette came down as well. The only house that we saw that was spectacular was this beauty which was the biggest house we saw, and was also in a great location.

the catch:

Unless you want a house that rains on you when it is raining outside, it is no good. However if someone had some money they could completely redo the roof and it would make a very awesome house.

We also ate at some good places while we were down. A new one to me was TinStar which was very good and had a very unique take on Tex-Mex food. If you are in Tulsa I would suggest stopping on by for a lunch.

My New Favorite Blog 2008, Round 7

Alright I'm back from Tulsa (post to come soon). Here is Round 7, only the second chance bracket gets to play this one:

57. I Have A Bomb Shelter And You Can't Use It vs. Present Simple
58. Slapdashittery vs. Steve's Nude Memphis Blog

Round 7 will start shortly

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My New Favorite Blog 2008, Round 6: Pairings 53-56

Lets get this going before I head off down to Tulsa to house hunt.

Upper Bracket
53. Who Said Life Wasn't Funny vs. I Have A Bomb Shelter And You Can't Use It
Elizabeth's not not funny life apparently has alot of babies, weddings and trips in it, but atleast she has big tree house to look forward too. She also has entered into the wild animal wrangling business ,this week she saves baby raccoons from the hot tub. Maybe she should get her own show. Limpy gets out of his bomb shelter and reviews Georgia, or as the locals call it "Sherman's hiway straight to victory". When I was on my trip through the south Georgia was the normalist state out of the bunch, but we did also spend most of our time in Atlanta. Limpy also has added cybog parts to his son, which has proved to be successful because his son got drafted pretty high in a baseball draft.
Winner: Who Said Life Wasn't Funny

54. Bug-Eyed Blog vs. Slapdashittery
Bug-Eyed Earl has all the fun. First he likes rye bred and wants to pick a fight with anyone who doesn't. I never pick fights. Then Earl goes out drinking with a lesbian friend and when they return home the lesbian friend made some moves on Earl's girlfriend. There are a lot of words in that last sentence that I don't have/do. But I have the last laugh because I know how to change my icon for my blog and he doesn't. Ha! <- last laugh. Ryan, that Slapdashher, has found god, and found him in his head. It turns out that the god that he found might not be the same god that others talk about. For instance Ryan's god divinely wrote the book of Helvetica, which warns people about gay babies. Winner: Bug-Eyed Blog

Second Chance Bracket
55. Quit Your Day Job vs. Present Simple
Lee (Quitting day jobs and taking names) notes that time can not heal all wounds, one such wound is being lowered into molten lead. I can't argue with that. He also ponders why Spider-Man is called "man" when we all know that he is just a boy that the time that he turns to Spider-Man. I blame the pressure that kids face with all the sex and violence that they see on TV. BadAunt (Present Simple) usually doesn't go for conspiracy theories, but she has invented her own. She thinks that gas companies make water heaters that can last forever, however they "break" after ten years so that they can make money. Also she has started teaching again and has been religated to backup for the purposes of teaching english. The good news, the number one person has no idea how to speak english. This should make for so good blog posts in the future.
Winner: Present Simple

56. vs. Steve's Nude Memphis Blog
In Slydes darker time he supplied his school with the white powder that all kids crave, sneezing powder. His rain of glory can to a crashing end though when the DEA got involved and put a stop to he sneeze inducing business. Steve is the living incarnation of the Beverly Hillbillies. In this episode he gets a riding low mower for free which obviously is crap and doesn't work. But that doesn't stop him from parading the non-working lawnmower in front of his house just to impress his neighbors. And impress them he did.
Winner: Steve's Nude Memphis Blog

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Times top 25 blogs

Time has released the top 25 blogs for the year, and to my surprise and dismay my blog was not listed. I thought that my uncanny wit and insight should have put me around spot 17, right above

Not really. I have no grand plans for this blog. I never have and (hopefully) never will. The problem is that I only want to talk about things that interest me. So this blog will be too random to gain any traction as a specific kind of blog, only the dreaded "personal" category fits. And then my life is too boring, and my professional position too mediocre for people to want to read my blog to get an "insider" look at my life.

So here I am at rank 629,416 according to Technorati, and you know, I couldn't be happier. I have some people read my blog everyday, I have enough time to read all of my comments, and I don't feel the need to post all the time. I am not trying to sell ads so I don't need to capture some section of search terms, and I have a good time doing it all.

Besides, what I am really going for is to be named Time's "Man of the Year"

Friday, April 04, 2008

My New Favorite Blog 2008, Round 5 Lower Bracket: Pairings 49-52

What do WoW players spend all valentines day doing?
Working on loveling up.

(This is a joke that I thought of this morning when I was half asleep, getting dressed.)

49. Quit Your Day Job vs. A Haiku For No One
As if quitting his day job wasn't enough Lee is a rebel and doesn't care about the social norms that come with eating toast. He doesn't care that it is night time, he doesn't care that butter isn't good for you, he doesn't care that he also spreads yeast on top. He doesn't care and the girls swarm to him for it. He also likes Kurt Russell. Unfortunately there is no new Haiku up this time.
Winner: Quit Your Day Job

50. What Is Hip vs. Present Simple
Hipster Don has a pair of interesting topics on his blog. the first is about the city of Benicia, CA. This town was the initial capital of California but lost the role very early on. The town has some important landmarks, but they are either under wraps or crumbling. He also reminisces about the 90's when people made a killing by squatting on valuable domain names. Oh, the 90's, how I miss you. The Present Simple Bad Aunt has noticed that people don't get it completely right when translating from Japanese to English. She tells one story about how a person giving a tour described a building as a giant sea insect. Also she tells a story where the head of a department of a company that she works for in Japan accidentally told a joke that everyone thought was funny except for him. Awkward.
Winner: Present Simple

51. vs. The Bingo Caller Of Love
Slyde seems to find that he needs something better to wake him up in the morning than coffee, so he does what any naked crazy man would do -set off the fire alarm by throwing sweatpants at a cat. That's right, Slyde likes to rock it alarm style in the morning. Badger Daddy pulled off the best Disco Karaoke party ever. He got to go to a couple of stores to buy food for the party. (And, again, even though we are both speakers of English I have no idea what he bought... chicken bits??? that just sounds gross.) The Badger also notes that not all babies are cute.

52. Steve's Nude Memphis Blog vs. Kate Smudges In Earth, Paint and Life
Nude Steve gives us a quiz with easy questions that you must answer quickly. Obviously, I got some wrong and then I feel bad about my life and my schooling. (Not really) He also talks about the fall of Pink Floyd. I never got into their music, but I am always one for a story about a crazy bald guy. Kate reviews a book called "Second Nature" which is about the philosophy of growing a garden. It sounds like it is an interesting book, as I am a sucker for woodchucks in literature. Kate agrees with the author that we are strange that we plant grass in all ranges of weather. However, I think that there are some areas people don't have as many grass yards as others (such as Arizona).
Winner: Steve's Nude Memphis Blog

So for the 6th round of My New Favorite Blog we have 8 blogs left. The road to be my new favorite blog is:
The pairings are:

Upper Bracket
53. Who Said Life Wasn't Funny vs. I Have A Bomb Shelter And You Can't Use It
54. Bug-Eyed Blog vs. Slapdashittery

Second Chance Bracket
55. Quit Your Day Job vs. Present Simple
56. vs. Steve's Nude Memphis Blog

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Here is a joke I just made up while in the bathroom:

What is Mr. T's favorite month?

April, fool.