Monday, April 14, 2008

Sweet Home Oklahoma

Starting on Thursday Nicole and I headed down to Tulsa to go do some house hunting since we are moving down there in a couple of months. We saw some nice houses, and had a good time. On Friday night Nicole's mom, sister, niece, and Jenette came down as well. The only house that we saw that was spectacular was this beauty which was the biggest house we saw, and was also in a great location.

the catch:

Unless you want a house that rains on you when it is raining outside, it is no good. However if someone had some money they could completely redo the roof and it would make a very awesome house.

We also ate at some good places while we were down. A new one to me was TinStar which was very good and had a very unique take on Tex-Mex food. If you are in Tulsa I would suggest stopping on by for a lunch.


limpy99 said...

Let me guess, it was advertised as having an indoor pool.

Badaunt said...

We have a hole like that in our bathroom ceiling. I told the landlord it was a result of the earthquake, but actually it was the result of the pipe of the upstairs basin breaking and nobody noticing it was draining through the floor. :-) It has never been fixed, but doesn't leak. (We fixed the pipe.)

But looking at that picture my first reaction was MY GOD, YOU COULD ROLLER SKATE IN THERE! It's absolutely enormous compared to Japanese places. Everything is so scaled down here you forget what a human-sized (as opposed to a midget-sized) home looks like.

Valerie said...

Before I bought my house, it needed a new roof. (Granted, there wasn't a gaping hole in the ceiling, but the roof was bad and was not to code.) My realtor negotiated for the owners to fix it before I bought the house. They agreed, and I moved in with a brand new roof.

If the house has been on the market a while, the owners might take you up on a similar offer.

Tuba Queen said...

Remeber it was LONG but not deep at all.

elizabeth said...

My roof in my bedroom did that last week. Just had the roof redone. Joy. Now they havet to come in and fix it. Lovely.

white rabbit said...

Wall to wall roof is generally a good idea.


The Math Ninja said...

Those are some high quality pictures.

Ookami Snow said...

limpy- they should, it would be less of a surprise and more of a joke then.

badaunt- it would be fun to skate through the house, besides the bedrooms i think it was all wood floors.

valerie- the house was already super cheap, like around 50% of what it would be worth with a roof, doubt they would know anymore off of the price. If I didn't have to move in right away though it would be fun to see how much it would cost to replace the roof.

tuba- thats ok, i don't hate on the wide houses

elizabeth- yes that is one of many things i have to look forward to with homeownership.

white rabbit- i agree. i have yet to found a house that i like that has a gaping hole in the ceiling. I just must be biased.

mcmc hammer- yes they are.

Irene said...

The bigger problem was it didnt just need a new roof on the entire house it needed a new redesigned roof so this doesnt happen again. I agree Shan, that the owner probably wouldn't go down any more. but it would be interesting to see what a new sloped roof would have costed. That house was pretty awesome looking.