Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Times top 25 blogs

Time has released the top 25 blogs for the year, and to my surprise and dismay my blog was not listed. I thought that my uncanny wit and insight should have put me around spot 17, right above Radosh.net.

Not really. I have no grand plans for this blog. I never have and (hopefully) never will. The problem is that I only want to talk about things that interest me. So this blog will be too random to gain any traction as a specific kind of blog, only the dreaded "personal" category fits. And then my life is too boring, and my professional position too mediocre for people to want to read my blog to get an "insider" look at my life.

So here I am at rank 629,416 according to Technorati, and you know, I couldn't be happier. I have some people read my blog everyday, I have enough time to read all of my comments, and I don't feel the need to post all the time. I am not trying to sell ads so I don't need to capture some section of search terms, and I have a good time doing it all.

Besides, what I am really going for is to be named Time's "Man of the Year"


B.E. Earl said...

Sounds like you just need a little elbow grease to move you up a few hundred thousand spots.

Technorati really ranks that many blogs?

Ookami Snow said...

Technorati checks to see how many links your blog gets from other sources. So I think it is relatively easy to just rank all of the blog based on the links to it.

Of course my rank doesn't reflect my dynamic personality or my charming blog layout. But I think of these things as just bonuses anyway. :)

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Of all those blogs, I think the only one I've really read is the COnsumerist. Oh man, I must be the worst blogger ever!

Lee said...

I tend to dislike bloggers who are insanely obsessed with becoming huge - I think I feel the same as you, happy with the little gang of people who come through the site and comment, the occasional legal threat and odd obscene message.

Of course that doesn't mean I hate it when I get a traffic spike or when I'm doing ok in some popularity contest...

Badaunt said...

I must admit to having very mixed feelings about the idea of my blog becoming popular. On the one hand I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I get new readers (as I'm sure anybody does, really). But on the other hand, one time I got a huge number of hits over a couple of days. I'd been linked to by a ridiculously popular blog but was clueless and didn't know where all those readers were coming from. I panicked so thoroughly I almost deleted the entire blog.

And that was when I realized I was obsessed with staying small. There are way too many people I do not want to accidentally find my blog.

Actually, I don't know what readers here consider a 'huge number of hits.' In my case it was over 500 hits an hour, up from about 30 a day at that stage. It was totally shocking.

(It did not last. The link was only to one post, which I think I might have deleted when I moved blogs a few years ago, and anyway the effect did not last.)

Ookami Snow said...

jon: I haven't actually read most of the blogs on the top 25 either

lee: I agree totally.

badaunt: 500 an hour! Wow that is a spike. I do 60 on a good day, 30 on an average day. The issue of my blog becoming public isn't too much of a worry for me, I try not to say too many things that would get me into trouble...

Rrramone said...

Dude, now you know how I feel that I'm not even in your freaking top blog contest.

Whatever. ;-)