Friday, April 04, 2008

My New Favorite Blog 2008, Round 5 Lower Bracket: Pairings 49-52

What do WoW players spend all valentines day doing?
Working on loveling up.

(This is a joke that I thought of this morning when I was half asleep, getting dressed.)

49. Quit Your Day Job vs. A Haiku For No One
As if quitting his day job wasn't enough Lee is a rebel and doesn't care about the social norms that come with eating toast. He doesn't care that it is night time, he doesn't care that butter isn't good for you, he doesn't care that he also spreads yeast on top. He doesn't care and the girls swarm to him for it. He also likes Kurt Russell. Unfortunately there is no new Haiku up this time.
Winner: Quit Your Day Job

50. What Is Hip vs. Present Simple
Hipster Don has a pair of interesting topics on his blog. the first is about the city of Benicia, CA. This town was the initial capital of California but lost the role very early on. The town has some important landmarks, but they are either under wraps or crumbling. He also reminisces about the 90's when people made a killing by squatting on valuable domain names. Oh, the 90's, how I miss you. The Present Simple Bad Aunt has noticed that people don't get it completely right when translating from Japanese to English. She tells one story about how a person giving a tour described a building as a giant sea insect. Also she tells a story where the head of a department of a company that she works for in Japan accidentally told a joke that everyone thought was funny except for him. Awkward.
Winner: Present Simple

51. vs. The Bingo Caller Of Love
Slyde seems to find that he needs something better to wake him up in the morning than coffee, so he does what any naked crazy man would do -set off the fire alarm by throwing sweatpants at a cat. That's right, Slyde likes to rock it alarm style in the morning. Badger Daddy pulled off the best Disco Karaoke party ever. He got to go to a couple of stores to buy food for the party. (And, again, even though we are both speakers of English I have no idea what he bought... chicken bits??? that just sounds gross.) The Badger also notes that not all babies are cute.

52. Steve's Nude Memphis Blog vs. Kate Smudges In Earth, Paint and Life
Nude Steve gives us a quiz with easy questions that you must answer quickly. Obviously, I got some wrong and then I feel bad about my life and my schooling. (Not really) He also talks about the fall of Pink Floyd. I never got into their music, but I am always one for a story about a crazy bald guy. Kate reviews a book called "Second Nature" which is about the philosophy of growing a garden. It sounds like it is an interesting book, as I am a sucker for woodchucks in literature. Kate agrees with the author that we are strange that we plant grass in all ranges of weather. However, I think that there are some areas people don't have as many grass yards as others (such as Arizona).
Winner: Steve's Nude Memphis Blog

So for the 6th round of My New Favorite Blog we have 8 blogs left. The road to be my new favorite blog is:
The pairings are:

Upper Bracket
53. Who Said Life Wasn't Funny vs. I Have A Bomb Shelter And You Can't Use It
54. Bug-Eyed Blog vs. Slapdashittery

Second Chance Bracket
55. Quit Your Day Job vs. Present Simple
56. vs. Steve's Nude Memphis Blog


Think Frustrated said...

Boo. You said you were checking on Sundays. Unfair! I was posting a new haiku tonight. I made a special effort to post every weekend, just for this contest...

badgerdaddy said...

Bugger, that makes me not your new favourite blog. Harumph.

That bloody Slyde... Gah!

B.E. Earl said...

Great...just in time for me to post about how much I love Rye toast.

limpy99 said...

The Elite Eight! I don't mind telling you, I'm feeling some pressure here. I'm going to start shaving points.