Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Jenette's Birthday Day

Today is Jenette's, my sister's 24th, birthday.

A story about Jenette:
One Christmas morning Jenette and Michelle (Jenette is on the left, and Michelle, my other sister, is on the right) were hoping to get a particular toy. This toy was a Barbie Dream House... or at least that is how the story is told... now that I think about it it might have been the Barbie waterside park toy. Well, in any case they really wanted the Barbie accessory. However they had to open all most all of their other Christmas presents before the big presents in the back cold be reached.
Finally, a big promising box was pulled out from under the tree and was unwrapped. Lo and behold it was the present that they had been hoping for! What a glorious day! And to celebrate the occasion of the great gift both Jenette and Michelle did exactly what any kid would do to celebrate; they ran back and forth across the living room jumping over the present. (Why this makes sense to do escapes me now, but it didn't seem too odd at the time.) Well, one of Jenette's attempts to hurdle the box that was half of her size failed and her foot caught the edge of the box and she landed face first on the ground, easily knocking a tooth out. There was Christmas blood for all.
Happy Birthday Jenette!


nettymus said...

Yep! That is how I remember it (I'm not sure actually which toy it was, though I find it hard to belive that I could even close to have cleared the heigt of the barbie house box. So the water park is a definate possibility...good toys, all!). I seem to have lots of falling/ smashing into things/tripping stories like that. ^_^ Happy birthday to me!

limpy99 said...

Everybody knows Christmas blood is the best blood.

elizabeth said...

Happy Bday!