Sunday, October 31, 2004

Guide to American Political Parties

Politics1 - Guide to American Political Parties (site)

Info on third parties, this is the site I was talking about last night at Chili's.

Andy Chambers

Red Star Games (site)

Well, this is news to me, but it is rather old... In April 2004 Andy Chambers left GW :( . He was one of the best developers for them, and it looks like he left on bad terms. Games Workshop better start shaping up. Cause It looks more and more as if they dont care about us, and only about profits... the specialist games are the only reason i hang on.

Anyways, i am never interested in other miniatures systems, but i will keep my eye on RedStar. Andy does great work.

Oh yeah Happy Halloween!

The Hidden Door Company

The Hidden Door Company in Elk Grove, California (site)

When i build my house this will be the only way you can get into my library.

LP: World Leaders Endorse Bush

LP: World Leaders Endorse Bush

Hold on now. This better not be true, because the media has *never* mentioned anything about this. There are alot of world leaders that support Bush, and if this is true, i believe this is big news.

The only reason I don't believe it is because i have not heard this at all from the bigger news places, but then again would that be surprising?

First draft of the Coach Snyder song

It took about 45min, and this is what i got. The music is from the march Susa wrote for K-State (aka the song that sucks), the words are inspired by how much Snyder is awesome. Listening to the music while looking at the words helps, you can bad blue the song from me (Captured>SnyderSong). Anyways:

The Coach Snyder Song
Song: Susa
Words: Shannon Dick

(A Hail to the K-State Coach)

This is the Snyder song
We'll sing it all day long
We need to get a win, so we'll put our trust in him
This is the Snyder song
He is so freaking great
He is awesome, and clutch, and cool. (and cool)

We will always have a chance with Snyder to win
He is the one who has saved us many a times
Will never be lost with no hope to win
as long as we keep the coaching to Bill Snyder

Let us never forget how much we, how much we, really, really sucked
Let us never forget how much we, how much we, really, really sucked

We: Lost to the Jayhawks alot , and the Huskers even more, we lost and lost, and lost and lost,
We were the laughing stalk of the whole N C double A

But then we were saved by Coach Snyder
He's made the Wildcat land proud
So we thank you Coach Snyder
May your name live on and on! (State!)

There are still some rough spots, but it works overall for now... any fixings would be appreciated.

Iran endorses Bush for president

Iran endorses Bush for president

What? Is this a trick? Like when Osama endorsed Kerry? Bush labels Iran as a part of the axis of evil, then Iran wants to see more of him? Sceptical i am.

Try Your Guts!

Try Your Guts!

Ok last one... there are so many funny things should just goto

[edit...more ^_^]


Auto Rock

Cute Curry

Shut the door first...

Shut the door first...

then just rock, or can i rock rock on?

Recommended by 7 of 9

Recommended by 7 of 9

Hivemind you say?

roper is dumb dot com

roper is dumb dot com (site)

Reese roper from Five Iron Frenzy has finally got a CD together.. it has such songs as 'You're with stupid' and 'Hello Lamewads', it might be worth a listen.


Well we didnt win the game, and we didnt lose impressively... Our guys played good, but the play calling sucked. We were always doing things out of the I formation, which lead to a lot of sucking and not much not-sucking.... We need to go back to the 5 wide, like we did against OU, we were able to move the ball freely then. Ah oh well, we just need to win out so we can goto *a* bowl game...poo.

In other news it hallowe'

One Handed Keyboard

Maltron Keyboards (product)

Here is the one handed keyboard i was talking about at Chili's.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Can't stop...

VIM (pic)

Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness/Front Toward Enemy

Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness/Front Toward Enemy (pic)

even more:....

Elevator Options

Contains No Helicopter

Corpses no more

ok i gots to get ready to goto the game now.
Go State!

Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness/Czech Sign

Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness/Czech Sign

^_^ , i like how they explain it.

more funny

Link (pic)

Oh wait, it says here that you shouldn't drive... 'sepcially since you just drunk a beer... i'll drive and you can just stick your head out the window, ok Spot?



Link (pic) dvd player doesn't have a rewind button....

Friday, October 29, 2004

Wonders of the ancient world

Link (Article)

Dude, they found an ancient coin in Saudi Arabia with weird writing, that must have come from an ancient advanced civilization. An ancient advanced civilization called, Puerto Rico. Behold its awesomeness.

Baby Talk Beginnings

Scientific Baby Talk Beginnings (article)

An article about speach develpoment in babies. Thought it was relavent to the Baby sign language dicussion.

Topeka Tarantulas | Tarantulas Win First Game In Team History

Tarantulas Win First Game In Team History (article)

Yay! Now lets get a win at home (even better if they can win when i am there).

Quick todaying

Today is very fall-y, when i started to walk home it just felt like fall, its very nice outside.

Anyways, this morning I set up chairs, the normal people were there plus scott, minus Alex. It did not take long at all cause we set up like half the amount of normal chairs... i guess no one wants to see Tex Tech. After that i went to class then worked on homework, then went to class, and worked on home work... then got done working on homework (got todays done and much for whats due on monday). All i have to do this weekend is work on my paper for sampling, and goto K-State football. joy!

Ok i go do other things now, enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

TCS: Tech Central Station - Tie Goes to the...

TCS: Tech Central Station - Tie Goes to the... (article)

An interesting article about what would happen if the election is close this time... Prez McCain?!? Betcha didnt see that one coming.

First of 18 days

in a row that there is football on tv.

Anyways i spent alot of time replying to a comment about the Iraq article, the person (Julia, Amber, ??) had some good arguments, it is worth checking out the relpy.

so i am tired of typing but ill give you a run down of ye ol' day.

I got to paint a bit before class thismorning, which is prob the first time i have painted in a month. Class was fun, for the first part we talked about polling and election stuff. then we went over cluster sampling (some good stuff). Then me shawn and jennifer went to chipotle to eat some lunch and work on HW. We worked on HW untill 5, the last hour of it back at my office. We got nothing done on it... we only had two problems left and we couldnt get them... so that was frustrating. At 5.15 i had dryland, which is getting easier everytime we do it. Now i am home again, and nicole is at class...

and i need a shower... ^_^

Ah the 80's....

Mario Brothers on Ice (video)

A funny video of a time when we brought the 8bit system to life, on ice! We dont get entertainment like this anymore....

Since then

Yesterday went pretty good. I got a bit of homework done, which is always good, and game night went fine. We played candy poker, like we always do before hallowe'en. I didn't do so well, I got a couple of good hands, but I got beat on them.. oh well...

This morning I dont have to do anything until I leave for my class at 11, so I am gonna drink some tea and play on the computer.

Hey today is the official start of the weekend!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


I don't know what it is about Hermes House Band, but their songs inspire me to do Necromunda stuff.
All my ideas for the Kasu campaigns have come from songs; Rouge War:Lady Marmalade (Moulin Rouge Soundtrack) and Finwick Crossings: Ready to die (Andrew W K). And now I found the song Those Were the Day by Hermes House Band. This song is very suggestive of the state of things in Kasu Valley. All the old warriors don't get to party anymore and are stuck doing bureaucratic stuff establishing the Kasu Council, and they long for the good ol' days. It leads me to think one of two things could happen 1) Rouge is starting to fail as the novelty wears off and the new free market hurts profits, Rouge knows that is could be on the way out unless it does something. or 2) The Old Warriors (The Council members from the Rouge War) get tired of just running things and meet up and decide to get in some kind of action...

Either way the song got me thinking about Necromunda again, obviously a campaign cant take place right now, but be on the look out for one to start after Xmas....

^_^ Oh! ive got a really good idea >:)

The High Price of Cheap Drugs by Russell Roberts

The High Price of Cheap Drugs by Russell Roberts (Article)

Holy crap this is a very good article on why drugs cost more in the US than in Canada. (apparently reselling africa drugs isnt as common as i thought [although google "resell drugs" and the first few results are csases like that].)
If you have any questions as to *why* drugs cost more here than there read this. please.

...please again.

Google Search: "ookami snow"

Google Search: "ookami snow"

yay me being the only ookami snow in the world!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Cultural customs can lead to bad marital experience for both parties

COLUMN: Cultural customs can lead to bad marital experience for both parties (News)

It is crazy how diffrent, diffrent parts of the world are.

For another example: One day Sandy asked what it ment to be classified as a dependent on a tax form. We said that it just ment that one person was taking care of another finacially. She then asked if the dependet could still get legally married without the consent of the person who is claiming her as the dependet. Obviously you can. Sometimes we take the most basic of our freedoms for granted, because we are not aware that other people do not have those freedoms.
Yay America!

Voting Bush Down

Voting Bush Down ("News")

This is the article that I was talking about in BW3.

"So, vote Bush down and lift America up. Let me give you a few reasons in support of this slogan.
1...What egotism it would be if Bush claimed the right of building weapons is only reserved for Americans and that no other nation is allowed to do the same."

Ummm... i think it's more let's not let the crazy nations build nukes...

"2. It would be quite frightening if American people give the “License to Kill” to someone who has damaged his credibility by shoving more than 1,000 Americans into an unjustified war and forcing them to kill more than 10,000 innocent Iraqis. "

unjustified war? remember Saddam Hussien (sp?) he was a very very evil person, and we, as the only superpower left, have the job of stopping very evil men from running countries.

"3. Do you think it’s a wise decision to just throw away $80 billion? You could have bought the whole continent, including Saddam Hussein, instead of spending this money to destroy a country and the American economy."

The money was not 'thrown away', we can not 'buy' muslems, they are happy in their self-centered world, and the war did not destroy the economy.

"4...After the invasion of Iraq, Muslims at Abu Ghraib suffered humiliation as never before in world history..."

HA! that is a lie. A lie as never seen before in world history. ^_^

"5. The Bush administration appointed a former CIA agent, Iyad Allawi, as the interim prime minister of Iraq. What kind of democracy is that?"

interim, interim... and really we can do whatever the crap we need to do to get the country running.

6. "...So what do you expect in terms of forthcoming Iraqi elections and democracy under these circumstances? Obviously, the value of Iraqi elections would not be more than a joke in democracy’s name."

'you didn't allow a vote for the interm prime minister! you are evil!!!! You allow voting! you are evil!!!'

"7. After the Iraqi invasion, porn movies are freely available to Iraqi children on streets of Baghdad. This came to me from a friend who lives in Baghdad and has seen it happen."

And this *huge*, *new* problem is Bush fault how?

"8. Three million Americans have lost their jobs under Bush’s government."

Yeah and i lost 12 bucks today at BW3, but i still made money overall. Don't half state the statistics, how many jobs were created? And remember that when Bush took over the Internet bubble just popped.

"9. You are tired of being lied to, and you want your civil liberties back."

This is one of the things i don't like about the anti bush people. When has Bush lied, when?!?
Was it about WMD? Because ANY prez would have done the same thing. Kerry said to attack, and he would of if he was the prez. That is not a lie that Bush told, he was conveying the information he got.
GIVE ME A LIE THAT BUSH HAS TOLD!!!!! (Im sure there must be atleast one...)

"10. According to KLAS-TV, Republican party officials presided over a voter registration scandal."

And the Dems are scandal free (yeah right....).

Genral remarks:
Why is this 10 reasons not to vote for Bush? Shouldn't articles be why to vote for Kerry? You never see them. Why? Because Kerry is worse than Bush, and people are just bent on removing Bush from office they dont care who the crap they put in his place..,.. Well except for Nader, hes worse than Bush, cause if he is on the ballot then he must be for Bush or something.

and such

Today is full. Time for a new one.

the bad thing was it wasnt full of fun, just of work and stuff.
Went to BW3 and did pretty bad, Amber won the showdown, which means Bush, Perot, and Chris' dad must duke it out to become prez. ^_^

But really nothing that intereting happened today. I'll try again next today.


For my sampling class i need to have a compleate list of all the stores in manhattan that sell nike shoes. So i looked up them in the yellow pages, and on the nike web site. the store locator is not very compleate on Nikes website (i know they atleast left out a couple stores that sell nikes). So Nike has a feature on the website to chat with a person who can answer your questions. So i asked Lisa if there was a compleate list that nike has of all the stores in manhattan that sell nikes. She told me to look at the store locator, I told her that it is wrong, she says that is all they have.... So Nike has no idea who sells their shoes in Manhattan.... I doubt it....

Anyways i need to get off to school, ja
(Yay BW3 day!)

Monday, October 25, 2004

Baby Sign Language and IQ

First Coast News | Local News (News story)

Do babies get smarter or are smarter parents (hence smarter babies) doing the sign language? I would guess the later, it would be nice if the story would tell you how they did the study. Useful content is *so* over rated.

Google Talk

Google Talk (web site/ game ?)

You type four words then this website uses those words to say things... it is good, give it a try...

Also fun:
Poetry in Translation

Massive Attack

Massive Attack (game)

A game with alot of clicking, and some fun...

Sunday, October 24, 2004


Yahoo! News - Top Stories Photos - Reuters (pic)

It's just too funny not to post.


cause im tired. Hockey went ok, we got mercyed in all three games, there was a lack of offense, and the defense was out of position too much. We brought Sam with us (up and back, and he stayed in the motel room) which went fine. We stopped at OC in Columbia on the way home and got a 'meat me' calzone and watched a bit of football... ramble ramble ramble, done. (whatever you would think would happened on the trip prob did.)

Nicole makes good tacos.

Viral for....

is another term i don't like. When someone says this it means its an ad. Remember what kind of society we live in? Companies need to make ad so you know what is available to buy. Viral should be reserved for things that suck life from bigger things (the idea of socialism??? ).

Anyways about the weekend and junk. Friday we went to the TRants game. It was fun (i miss hockey) but wichita played better and topeka did not do things that they need to do, such as passing... oh well i can't complain too much now since we played just like the TRants this weekend at St.Louis...

oh dinner is done, nicole made me tacos! yay! More later.

Just Letters

Just Letters (Website / game???)

This is great, its fun to mess up peoples words, and pile make a big pile of letters. fun ^_^!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Chicken Fight

Chicken Fight (website)

Oh burger king, if only you would make better food. NO! don't try, if you made better food i still wouldnt eat there, make a new restruant to make the better food.

Here is a pic of all of our gamenight pumpkins that we just made. Can you find the theme? Ok i goto bed, i be tired. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Back fom class

Well i'm back from messy, i got a 91 on my test, which isnt great but it is above average.... after class we worked morer on the homework, we only have one problem left now.

I fell much better now than i did on my post before, i think i just had a wierd combonation of moods clash together to make me feel that way, oh well. I happy again ^_^

I go make some food for gamenight.


Today i woke up went to school worked on the homework alittle then went to class, then talked politics with lance shawn and jennifer. I would have to say it did change my view on the world, prob one of the biggest shifts in my overall thinking in a long time. Unfortunately this shift in thought is not one that gives more credit to the world... actually it makes me think twice about how well we are doing as a society...
....grrrr.... now i am in a contemplative/slightly crappy mood, and i dont feel like doing anything.

Basically the realization is that people are not as good as i thought they were, and that liberals and conservatives are mentally different. As in, their brains work in a different way from one another (real liberals and conservatives, not just ones that got talked into thinking they are the other way). Oh people are not good as i thought they were... sigh...


Hypothetical question

Would you kill a person that you knew for a fact would kill 100 innocent people throughout his life, if you would not get in any trouble, nor reward, for it? Why or why not?

Jon Stewart Spins His Crossfire Appearance

IFILM - Television: Jon Stewart Spins His Crossfire Appearance (video)

To keep you updated on the *real* story this election year ^_^.

StrokeIt - Mouse Gestures for Windows

StrokeIt - Mouse Gestures for Windows (program)

...did you really think i would go right to bed? ^_^

make your right clicks more fun with mouse gestures, its a (leagally) free program that works like Opera's gestures, but in all windows... I had a program like this long ago but it died, i forgot all about it untill i started looking at the iGesture stuff.

one more iGesture review

EXCLUSIVE Fingerworks iGesture (another iGesture review)

well there are alot of good reviews for iGesture, and no bad bad reviews (!?!). It is hard to imagine that, but i googled it for bad reviews and i could not find any...

on a side note, i rarely find cool things on the internet on my own... most news comes from and most media stuff comes from . I should give them credit for pileing cool things together for me to find them and then report on my blog.

well i should really get to bed, so i can have wonderful dreams of iGesture and the wonderful land of the tomorrow that we live in nowdays. ^_^

Another iGesture review

UF - User Diary (iGesture review)

Still another good review for iGesture, this guy does a very good overall review of the product. Still looking for *someone* who doesn't like it.

iGesture Pad review

iGesture Pad review

all things looking good...

iGesture Pad

iGesture Pad -- The Multi-Finger USB TouchPad with Whole-Hand Gestures (product)

This is freakin cool! $159 and no more mouse? deal. this could be what i ask for christmas.

BTW: (its very very cool)

To the moon!

Gravity Launch (game)

Getting to the moon sucks, i'm glad i'm not NASA.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A full day

Today a slept till 10.30 (heehee, i slept in). Then i went to sampling and turned in my paper (only about half the class had it done (go me!). Then me lance and jennifer went to So Long and ate lunch and worked on Linear models untill about 3. We weent back to the office and finished up half of the homework, then i went off to BW3. There i sucked pretty good at trivia (Amber won mini-six 118 in the nation, and aaron won the Showdown, Shawn also came with and did ok.) Then we (me and cole) went to walsmart and dillions. Now im home. good times. more later... (or not, well see)

Days end

Today was a successful day overall, I took a test, got a project done and played a bit of hockey. It was very nice outside for most of the day, and i got to comehome inbetween classes. I'll give my day an A- rating.

Hockey went ok, we are not very good at passing, so we worked on that for about an hour...

After hockey i came home watched the end of MFN (and watched as bulger sucked just enough to get me a win against Andy's team), and finished my project. Now i will go to bed, night.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Happy Halloween!

Do You Have A Grudge?

And i don't even like this kind of stuff.... they did it very very well. Lights off is a must.

Enjoy! >:)

The latest media feud: CNN's Tucker Carlson vs. Comedy Central's Jon Stewart

Here is an update on my favorite TV feud. Jon Stewart should have restrained from calling names, because if he didn't he could safely say that he smashed them. On a side note if you haven’t got around to listening to Jon Stewart on npr, what are you waiting for? it is a very good interview.

ok, you can move along... ^_^


The test was easy, which actually isnt. good because everyone's grade will be high so i can't make back lost ground from missing points on homework... oh well, i should be able to get a B in both of Dr.J's classes. I really shouldnt complain about an easy test ^_^.

The other thing that i have been working on is my project for sampleing, which is about 90% done, joy

I am gonna stop working on stuff for now so that i can eat and get ready for hockey (me get there on time?).

In other news it is very nice outside, and kinda chilly. I like fall... and food.. i'm hungry. I get food now.

T minus 3 hours.

until my messy test. I dont really have anything else to study for, i know the stuff on the practice test, which wasn't very hard, so i am left with just waiting for the test (oh and i guess i need to write my Sampling project up so i can go to hockey).

A thought i had on the way home: I should be the President. I have no reason other than the normal, i would be better than them, but.... ^_^

Sunday, October 17, 2004

A day was had...

and there was nothing special about it. I woke up started studying and watched football. Then i watched football and studied. Then some more. Went to church then came home watched some football, and went to bed. (well i'm not in bed yet...) I have the messy test tomorrow at 2.30 so i need to finish studying for that, and i have a paper due tues, that i need to get done before hockey, so that i can goto hockey. Once those two things are done i will have more time to do funner things.

I had a good thought at church, but i can't remember what it was, so i wont say it now... but stay tuned, you never know when ill think of it at 3am and not allow myself fall back asleep until i post it. ^_^

Oh oh oh! I remember. It goes like this: We live in a capitalist society and like it, right? (well, most of us.) This kind of system allows companies to make things we like in return for our money. So here is how it works, a company makes something; a movie, a game, an idea, or something. Then we as consumers like this product and buy it from them, then the company makes money and can continue to make cool things. If, on the other hand, the company does not make money from the product they made they stop making it, even if it was d/led a jillion times. Remember, companies have to make money to work. So, when somebody makes something that you like, remember to give them the money that they deserve for their work. As such, if you d/l a game or music and you like it, buy it! Or at least support them in some way (goto a show, buy the game for someone else...). And don't buy stuff that is a ripoff, this makes money for cheaters.
Its like a big internet game, if everyone uses the cheat code pretty soon no one will play. We need companies to make us things; don't screw the system, especially with the companies that you like (GamesWorkshop, good bands, good restaurants, etc...).

Oh yeah, and bad companies should die (AOL, or any company that tires to trick its customer...)

Saturday, October 16, 2004

NPR : 'Daily Show' Host Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart on npr.

A rather long (39 or so minutes) radio interview, a good intelligent conversation. Smart, funny guy.

This is also a good look into why he did the stuff on Crossfire (the video clip from before). I think he really is dissatified with the media.

Very good, if you have a free half-hour i recommend listening to this.

China Daily...

The differences between Chinese and western culture

"Someone criticized the Chinese traffic system as "chaotic". Yes, in a way and when you first try to cross the roads …… But you never feel unsafe on Chinese roads. In the West, if you are on the wrong side of the road, you never know when you will be sliced in two."


Football and such

We did very well today. We abandoned our crappy running game (sorry Sproles, it was way to predictable). And went with 5 wide. It was nice to see us do some thing against a good team, and Meier was very good, I dont even think there was a throw that was even close to being picked off. So if Meier is not hurt we look to be in pretty good shape for the rest of this season, and for next.

When we got home from the game we to an improv 2 hour nap, then we ate some leftover pizza. Since then i have been working on my project for Sampling. I think i am as done as i am gonna get with it for today, so i am gonna start studdying for my Messy test on monday. It's an open note, open book test (my fav), so studying consists of making an index of my notes, so that if i don't know anything i can find it quick like during the test. That will prob be my activites for the rest of today and tommorow. Not too bad.

Pirate's food update

I added a review of Panera from last night on A pirates food guide (link on the botom of the stuff on the right).

Must sleep...

Stupid OU game starting so early, I be tired, and it looks cold outside....

Friday, October 15, 2004

Short Films: Jon Stewart's Brutal Exchange with CNN Host

IFILM - Short Films: Jon Stewart's Brutal Exchange with CNN Host

This is a good exchange, untill everyone starts to take it too personally. That would prob be Jon Stewart's fault, but thats ok, he is a very funny guy.


Strings Attached - The puppets of Team America skewer the right. If only they'd stopped there. By David Edelstein

Right wing bashing - very funny, this is a good movie.
Left wing bashing - hey! thats not funny, don't see this.


the left really can't handle what they themselves give out.

Strange Minds :: Dedicated to Writers.

Strange Minds :: Dedicated to Writers.

Jenette and/or chris might be intrested in this page.

Got meaning?

I've always wandered if kanji tattoos have the right meaning, now we know at least some of them are wrong... ^_^.

Correct kanji meanings of bad tattoos

Good times.

In other news: I am very tired, i repeat, i am very tired. Do not be alarmed, this can only lead to me falling asleep in my messy class, and not wanting to stick around at school. Had this been an actually emergency, i prob. would be asleep right now.
my group for sampling methods decided to meet yesterday during dryland, so, i can't go. So they decided to meet again after some stuff gets done. Can you guess the time? It's 3pm tomorrow, which is during the football game... oh well, less meetings for me :).

The only other thing i can think of, for the moment, is how there are alot of people on campus wearing KU stuff now... stop it!

Pirate's Food is a go!

Originally when i started messing around with making a website a month or two ago, it was to make a food review for Manhattan. Now that i have my blog up and running i decided to get back to what i set out to do so long ago. So I give you: A Pirate's Food guide.

I will try to update it as much as i can, when ever i go out and eat (which is quite often lately). Also if you would like to I can add you onto the blog as a memeber, so that you can also post reviews of restraunts. You will need to get a blogger account to do this, but its not that hard to do. So if you want to tell me and i'll add you to the blog.

So fun times.. I mean food ahoy! Arrrg!

Vote not counting?

I beg to differ.

The electorial college is based off a states overall population, so each state gets more votes if it is larger, so if you live in a large state your vote indivudualy is worth less to determine the state outcome, but this is countered by the fact that the state is worth more overall, so it balances out.

Remeber we are a union of states, it is not the united people of america, the electorial college has worked for this whole time and it will work again here in a couple of weeks. And im gonna vote, so nyah! ^_^

The two resons why i am voting:
1) I really dont like Kerry, so i am gonna vote against him (before i payed attention, i was gonna just default my vote for Bush, that is, if i dont vote it doesnt really matter cause Bush Is gonna win KS anyways.)
2) The guys we got in Manhattan are doing really well, so they need to be reelected. This is prob. a more important reason to vote for someone in manhappiness anyways.

so there.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

You don't see me ^_^ Books: The Hammer of God

I just remembered to look this up, and guess what Arthur C. Clarke wrote the book. It is a really good book (ive only heard it on tape), i think i might get it sometime.
Hopefully the link works. (If one of my links dont work please leave a comment so that I came fix it.)
OK OK OK, i go work now... ^_^ -- encyclopedia of Western signs and ideograms

I have this book. I just happened upon it on my way out of the internet... ^_^. Its a fun site.

ok, to work, really this time. ^_^


This matches my mood pretty good right now.
*** -- Dog Dreams -- ***

Today has been a nice day so far. I got up around ten and worked on my homework project untill about five (with the eating and the stuff in there as well). Then we went to dryland, which was a good time, and then we (me and Cole) got Quizno's. I got a couple small french dips, they are pretty good. worth 3bucks a peice i say.
Well i need to get back to work on my homework. hopefully i can get it done in the next two hours.

Honda Grrr Game

Not enugh crazy in your life?
Brought to you by Honda (!?!)

Honda Grrr Game

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Oh the days that start with to, there seems to be many of them.

Today started out like it was gonna be the start of a very busy short week. I went to linear models, which went ok, then I worked on Messy homework, i was getting no where fast on that, and i was tring to get it done today, as well as my linear models home work so i could study all day tommorow for the messy test. Well by 2.30 i only got done with most of the leinear models homework and some messy, so it looked like the rest of today and tommorow were gonna be sucky. But when we got to Messy Dr.J asked if it was ok to push the test back to monday.
That made life esier, so today all i have to finish is linear odels homework (which i did), tommorow i have to do the messy homework (not too bad), friday i study all day, and i get a nice stay at home weekend. But thats not all, I looke on my calander that tells me what to do when, and i found out (remembered?) that i don't have my class tomorrow. That means i can stay at home all day and work on my homework instead of going to school and doing it.
This week is a good one.

Well, I need to get some stuff done so that i can start cooking for game night. We are making two and a half new recipies, so it may take a bit to get done cooking, so i need to start soonish.

Step one; make store.

Kanzas Rockz! store

Step two; Become richer than i ever thought possible.

Well, with my hours worth of work, I can safely say that I will now be a millionaire by this time next year.

I will have to get a t-shirt of mine though, even if no one else does. ^_^

I go sleepy.

GlassRattler Hockey Forums: : Topeka Tarantulas Jerseys

GlassRattler Hockey Forums: : Topeka Tarantulas Jerseys

The T'Rants have released their jerseys, they look pretty good. I like that they went with a tan color instead of white for the home (?) games.

Todays was a pretty lazy day, I got up around 10, got to school around 1, got alot of paper work and such done. One good thing is that i am completely done with my class that i taught now, so i dont have to do anything for that now. This will allow me to get to hockey practice on time, and I can help out for game night. So it doesn't really give me anymore free time, but it does give Nicole more time to do her things which is good.

After dorking around my office for awhile i headed off to BW3 for the traditional night of trivia and cheap buffalo wings. I ended up winning the big game (by around 10k), and amber got second. so that was a good time.
After BW3 we headed off to Dillions, which they are redoing completely (not the Westloop dillions). We got the food for game night, which i think will have some pretty good food. Tomorrow will be the first game night this semester that i will be doing the main part of the cooking, so it should be fun.

Well unfortunately i have to get up and goto school early tomorrow, so i need to get to bed. Im glad its gonna be wed., it'll be a quick week.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Fer them there kanzans

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David Manning, Film Critic (bad Sony)

David Manning, Film Critic

heh, my like of Columbia Pictures; down 5 points.

although i dont really know where they were at before....

2 Hours ?!?

Got lost on this page for a couple of hours, so i figured its worth noting.

Ah, days off.

Today was nice, i got to sleep untill 4pm and then grade some papers and watch all of Monday Night Football, which i never get to do because of hockey practice.

I had a good time in Denver, I got to see Gary, Linda, Grandma and Grandpa, Randy, Lindy Terry Katrina Adam, and Dakota. Oh yeah and Tara. The first day's games went ok, and we played pretty good for alot of the guys being new. After the games we (Me nicole jenette and chris) went out to panera to eat with tara. Then we went to the motel sans tara, watched Star Trek IV and went to sleep. The next day we played CU pretty good, we beat DU's B-team, and then got beat up on by CSU's B-team. But it was fun anyways. The guys there were nice, 'specially DU's A-team, and I think it got us ready for a seasson of hockey. After the games we all went to Dino's to eat dinner, and then we drove home. Good times.

Lets see, overall I did ok, I got a couple of assists, and screened a couple of goals, but i didnt score any. Nicole did very well, as normal. And Jenette played well enough to be atleast rotated on to the traveling team on a regular basis. The only better D that didn't go, was Akers, so she may be the 7th in on D, her only problem is her small size. The other thing is that Mike will prob get to stay with Scoot on that D line since they play well together, even though Jentte is a better D than him... so mike would get put a spot ahead of jenette in the roster. also for some reason, that i can not figure out, they were putting Mike in for power-plays, hopefully this was just because Jay wasn't there.
Getting onto the team is going to be real hard this year, we took our bench limit to Denver, and that was without Jay and Matt, who will prob kick out Rob and Brian of the O-lines for the traveling team. Nate is pretty much in, as well as Scott, and prob Ryan. I assume me Alex Ty and Jay are in for the traveling team O-line for sure, although I would only be 4th in depth, with Nate a very close 5th (out of 8 that i think we are taking for offense).
On the D side Trav, Nicole, and Scoot are definantly in, Sam has a very good chance, Mike may be, just becasue Scoot can tell him what to do. Akers will prob take the last spot from jenette, But, Akers and Scoot tend to get into trouble with Jerry, so jennet will prob. be called to fill in reguallary. Also if Mike doesn't start skating better he may drop below jenette in depth.
In anycase, I think we have a much improved team over last year, only losing Corey and Mike Wolf, and gaining many good new players (Sam, Nate, and others). We have also got essentally a month more of real game time practice than any other team in the Great Plains regoin, which should work to our advantage. So right now my hopes are high for the season, And i think we would not have a problem getting third in our divison, after UMSL and SLU.

One thing is for sure, i am really sore from this weekend.

Monday, October 11, 2004


Oi, just got back from the Hockey Turney at the Bladium in Denver. It went pretty good (we went 1-5), we improved alot as a team and some people really started to play good (Nate and Sam to name two). It was a real fun time, and i'll tell you about it sometime later... but now i take a shower and goto sleep. Yay no school tomorrow!

Friday, October 08, 2004

To Colorado

I am headed off to Denver to go play some hockey, be back late sunday night.

i know two bad words

and if say them mommy says im goning to a bad place, they are:
file sharing.

Blogger kept on giving me error messages untill i posted 'file shaing cont' as' f*** sh***** cont'

remeber, even if companies are making fans out of you, their ultamate goal is still to make money. Being sued for hosting file sharing things is a good way to lose money, so it looks like they will stop you from putting such offensive things as a title.
file sharing = bad
f*** sh***** = good.

In a capitalist world, curse words are those words that could lose you money.

F*** sh***** cont...

Matt left a reply to my comment about file sharing, he said the anime subbers were not needed anymore, and to use internet radio to find now bands, or use record company websites. Here is my reply back:

There are two types of companies. Ones that try to make fans of their customers (Chipotle, Best Buy, etc....) and those that dont give a crap about their customers (AOL, Cable TV people....). The music industry does not try to make fans out of their customers, they want to get the maximum amount of money from each and every customer, which is why they were price fixing. Me, being a customer who does not give a crap about companies that dont care about me, will try to get anything a can for as cheap as i can. Obviously buying pirated stuff is stupid, but d/l bands until you find one that you like enough to buy is a good way to find what i like for very cheap. (p.s. they make internet stream capturing programs, it records the songs off the internet radio, names them, and saves them as mp3.)
File sharing is here to stay, and the music industry needs to find a way where their customers want to buy from them. The tactic of pissing off your customers is not working.
oh yeah, and if you dont like file sharing, do not use a recipe to cook. Some one had to make up that recipe years ago, but some one copied it down and used it. Then someone else copied it down, soon everyone has their own corrupted version of stuffing. So make sure that you buy only cookbooks in which all recipes are original of the author (which is impossible) because you are infringing on the IP of the person that made the original recipe.

I think next time i see the book 'Raving Fans' i'll buy it. It is a book talking about how companies are now tring to make fans of their customers instead of just tring to force money out of them. The places that we like to eat at is a good example of this. We dont spend uber amounts of money at BW3 but we will over the year since we go there every tuesday night. Puffys isnt cheap, but they give you so much good food that its always fun to go. Just think about the companies you like, they are the ones that will give you alittle back (Panera giving free desert to everybody once in a while, Radina's giving us left over cookies).
Remeber that companies have one goal, to make money. If one company tries to make that money by gouging, guilting, and tricking, and the other by tring to make you a fan, I am going to spend my money with the one that at least seems to care about me.
Call me new-fashioned....

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Cherokee County Herald

Cherokee County Herald: "Counterfit dimes?!? "

does this actually make them money?

Update of the days

Yesterday went fine, i had alot of work due by 4.30 and i didn't compleatly finish my stuff, but i got it in, so i dont have to deal with it anymore. I also gave the final for my class, so all i got left for teaching for the semister is to grade papers and finals, i glad that is done, that will free up some time.
Today i have togoto class at 11.30, then we have a pizza lunch with a company from KC, that is going to give a talk later today. For the rest of the day I can start working on the homeworks that are due next week. It is much better to be working ahead on the homeworks, than tring to catch up.

the only other thing i can think of right now is My Stupid Mouth by John Mayer, good words. Maybe too good. ^_^

[Listening to: My Stupid Mouth - John Mayer - Room for Squares [Sony] (03.45)]


On matt's livejournal he was talking about the evils of piracy, mainly those people that sell it for profit (bad people!). Because the legit companies can not compeate with the piraters, so they dont even try anymore. That is a good thing to think about when you d/l something, remeber if the program is worth buying and you d/l it you should still buy it. If not companies will just stop making things, and that would be bad.
Anyways here is partially how i feel on the matter (reposted from my comment on matt site):

I do not like out right piracy... but i do not think that all forms of file sharing is bad. The best example of it is Anime Subbers. (Anime Factory, and Anime Suki, to name two) They will get Japanese anime, and sub it and release it on file networks. When the anime is licensed in America they stop the distribution of the files... so much so that i guessed Azumagna got licensed because i couldn't find in anymore one day. The subbers are responsible enough to do this... and i guess one reason it works is because they like anime, and are not profiting from subbing it. I like those guys.

The other thing that i don't mind about file sharing is tiring bands out. Most of the unknown bands that are on file sharing networks have one song, and this song is on their website anyways, the problem is i have to know the name of the band to get to the website. with programs like WinMX you can find someone who has the music you like and see what other bands you should try. This is how i found count the stars, and all the Japanese music that we have recently.

It's not a totally evil system. Although those that profit from the sell of pirated stuff should be shot, that is a very bad thing to do.

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004


So that i can comment on all yous (youmus ??? ) blogs better, i made a LiveJournal account. its *suprize, suprize* kinross_19. But since i like Blogger better, i am keeping this as my blog, and that as my pointer to this blog. So now you know. ^_^

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wrong time.

This morning i was in a rather bad mood. I was very tired, not sleepy tired, just worn out tired. I had mounds of work to do in a very short amount of time (lots of impotant things are due tommorow). And when i got my sampling test back i got an 80% on it (I am tring to get an A in the class). The test was worded badly and alost all of the points i missed (all but 2) were beacue i didnt understand what he was asking. (Not like i have no clue, dont understand, but like could you rephrase this, dont understand.) So after we went over the test in class he gave us a little break before we started going over ratio sampling. So i very tiredly went to my office for my break, on the way down I thought about how much stuff i am doing this semister, and how i overextended myself. I decided that i will not take on so much stuff next semister, i will adviod extra stuff this semister, and i will never take more than 6 hours of classes again. So i got a drink and headed back to class. I got there early and jennifer was sitting at the table. I sat down kinda next to her (one seat over, sam was inbetween us), and she asked "Shannon do you want to bring snacks for seminar this thursday?" I said "No, not really, I really dont have time." Then she goes "Aw, common" (playfully, not in a bad way or anything). And i say "I really dont have time, I am taking alot of classes, and any extra free time is being eaten up by other things. I will not be here on every other weekend, and two other nights of the week i do hockey practice. I do not have time, so i will not do snacks untill later in the semister usless you can not find anyone else to do them. I just dont have time to make them." So she goes "Thats what you have a wife for." Which was not the right thing to say.. so i say back "Nicole even has less time then i do, she is a full time teacher and junction's middle school, she does hockey and she is going to grad school full time, there is no way she can do it." By this time Sam got there, and he goes to jennifer "Oh, he shut you down" Which didnt help anything... but it ended our conversation, cause class started.

Now i try not to be mean, but it was a combination of: being worn out, alot of stuff to do in the morning, doing bad on the test, and having just decided that im not going to do extra stuff right now, that lead to me just outright saying no, i will not help.

After class I started work on my project and ordered J of the J (who got there really fast) and i felt better. I asked jennifer if she had someone to do the snacks, and she did, which was a good thing. She also didnt seem to be mad at me, which is also good. I worked the rest of the after noon on the SAS for Messy, which i got done just before I left to goto BW3. And at BW3 i sucked up trivia, but Amber did real well, she won the nig game, and also set a high score in the mini-six good job . ^_^

So today overall was good, it started off really bad, but i got alot of junk done, so tommrow i just need to correct my Exam for linear and write up Messy. And also give my Final (yay!). I am looking forward to getting done with this round of stuff.
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Fantasy Football

I posted this on our fantasy football page:

From Yahoo's Review of L. Coles:

"Oct 4 Redskins wide receiver Laveranues Coles caught seven passes for 122 yards on Sunday, and the gaudy numbers came despite playing with a dislocated middle finger on his right hand. However, despite the gutty performance, Coles wasn't happy. He fumbled with two minutes left to play in the game and ended any chance of the Redskins winning. "When guys like myself are who the team depends on to make plays and do not come through, I think that is a problem," he told the Washington Times. "I fumbled the game away for us."

Here is the important part:

"Views: This illustrates a fundamental difference between fantasy football and the actual game. Fantasy owners are pleased by the 122 yards, while Coles is upset about the miscue and the loss. Since we're on the positive side of that deal, we'll applaud Laveranues for posting his second 100-yard effort in the last three games."

With our scoring Coles cost me the game as well. Normally in fantasy football i fumble is nothing, but in real football it is very important not to turn the ball over. So when we did scoring for this leauge we made turnovers really hurt your team. This has helped our fantasy football act more like real football. In my two loses I can point to two guys fumbling, E. James the first week and L. Coles this last week that cost the game for me. The funny thing is, is that they also cost the game for their real team. I think the system we have in place now for scoring works well, and will only get minor tweaks in the years to come. After all whats the fun of making positive points? ^_^

I am very proud of the scoring system we (me and lance) did for fantasy football this year. It has lead to realistic games, where one player preforing well can win you the game, or one player playing very bad can lose you the game. This is how it is in real life, and also in PIFF this year.

Monday, October 04, 2004

A Christian Editorial Cartoon called Faithmouse.

A Christian Editorial Cartoon called Faithmouse.

Some 'right' side cartoons... most are pretty good, but i don't know why this guy has it out for Dan Rather... anybody have any insight to this?


So the Linear Models test went better than I expected. which is good. (Better than expected means i hope i get a 70%). Anyways, Dr Johnson lets us work on the parts of the test that we think we miss, and we can turn it in on Wed for partial credit. So after the test, we normally (we being me, lance, shawn, jenn, and sandipa) talk about how we did on the test. We purposley did not talk about it today thought, because obvously (he told us so), we can not work together on the corrections for the test. So right after the test what are the forgien students doing???? They are working together on the test corrections!! Frekin'a! They have no conscious i swear. Really they dont care how things go, or what they have to do (cheat) as long as they get an A. It pisses me (and all of 'us') off becuase we get worse grades because we are honest. Oh, and you know the worse part? If we were to tell Dr.J and he would not let us do make up work on the test it would hurt 'us' more than the stupid cheaters, because they are a memorizing machine. The forgien students know how to get A's in the math classes, but have the slightest idea how to apply their knowledge... so i guess that is the only bright spot in the story, I will have no problem getting a job over them after I have some experiance.

In other news, hockey practice went well. Everybody was mopeing around though. And as much as i dont want to say it, Jerry should be working us harder. Alot of the new guys dont reallize how hard the league is gonna be. Oh well they will find out soon.
I am looking forward to Denver, hopefully some of my family can come out and watch some of the games... it'll be fun.
Ok i go eat some dinner now, and watch the end of MNF. Ja.

newgen's awesome jack-o-lanterns


Newgen made some very good jack-o-laterns, they are worth a look.

Sunday, October 03, 2004



It took awhile, but here is a website that is about gadgets, fun.

In other news:
We lost football, we didnt really get beat, we kinda lost it ourselves :(.

Joe stopped by this afternoon, we went out to So Long for lunch with him, good times.

I am watching football/ Studying for my test tomorrow. Since I dont have alot of time on my hands right now, there prob. wont be an update for this untill wednesday or thursday.... but well see, some times posting is a good way to take a break from life...

Friday, October 01, 2004

Need a reason to make a new post...

So that I can try my new Windows Meida Player Plugin....
How about this, does anybody know what this song is about?
[Listening to: Clarity - John Mayer - Heavier Things (04.32)]

lets see if it worked...

Home for the weekend

It is very nice outside, in the mid 60's cloudy, a little bit too windy, but that is ok. It is a good day to start October. I get to stay here this weekend, which is good... but i have to study for my test, which isnt good... not not that bad either i guess... :)
Well im gonna go make some tea now.

Hummm... today seems like Panera weather to me..... (A bit of forshadowing ???) ... we'll see.

huh, the internet is down, so i can't post this...
so that answers one of my questions about this program. When it posts a message it clears the field, so i wondered if it would clear the field if i said to post and then it couldn't. It didn't, so that is a good thing.

Lets go internet, lets go! *clap clap* .....

Hey! another question answered, the lights on my modem actually tell me when i am connected to the internet. Fancy. ^_^

Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam - Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam - Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

This is the link to the Mount St. Helens web cam. As you can see the National Guard was successful in repelling the Giant Fly attack.

Giant Fly attacks Mount St. Helens!!!!!!!!!!!! This picture really made me laugh. Posted by Hello

October is here

And that is good, cause i was geting tired of summer. Its is nice to do things outside without layers of clothes, but outside it self is much nicer when its fall.

Today so far i went to class, where we reviewed for the test, which was good. He told us that what ever questions we miss during the test we can go back and correct them for half credit. That is good, cause then there is not so much pressure on memorizing every little detail, and then i can work on knowing the main ideas, so now i am not dreading this test anymore (I still dont want to take it, i'm just not dreading it. ^_^)

Well I'm gonna go wash some dishes. eat something and study for my test.
Enjoy your Friday.

p.s. K-State vs Texam A&M looks like its gonna be a real good game, I think it is going to be on TBS at 6.
Go WC, WC! ^_^!!

Old mp3 Songs for Aug./Sept.

in my attempt to keep you, the reader, upto date with my life, I will now give you the songs that were on my mp3 for Aug, and Sept.:
Are You Gonna Be My Girl     Jet
Walkie Talkie Man                    Steriogram
Grand Theft Autumn               Fall Out Boy
Tsuki na Hito                           ??? (Newgen's Japanese Girl)
Deeper                                    Delirious
Little Black Backpack              Stroke 9
Float On                                  Modest Mouse
Digee Dime                              Burlap to Cahmere
Get Down                               Audio Adrenaline
Tonight Tonight                       Smashing Pumpkins
Accidentally in Love               Counting Crows
For the Movies                        Buckcherry
New Way to be Human          Switchfoot
Meet Virginia                          Train
Why Georgia                          John Mayer
Girls Like You                        Anything But Joey
Take Me Out                           Franz Ferdinand
One                                        Anything But Joey
Sunburn                                 Anything But Joey

Song most listened to:                                 Walkie Talkie Man
Song most skipped:                                     Accidentally in Love
Song i like more than when i put it on:        Grand Theft Autumn
Song i like the least since putting it on:        Little Black Backpack

Ok im gonna find some new songs now.... ja ne