Friday, October 01, 2004

Home for the weekend

It is very nice outside, in the mid 60's cloudy, a little bit too windy, but that is ok. It is a good day to start October. I get to stay here this weekend, which is good... but i have to study for my test, which isnt good... not not that bad either i guess... :)
Well im gonna go make some tea now.

Hummm... today seems like Panera weather to me..... (A bit of forshadowing ???) ... we'll see.

huh, the internet is down, so i can't post this...
so that answers one of my questions about this program. When it posts a message it clears the field, so i wondered if it would clear the field if i said to post and then it couldn't. It didn't, so that is a good thing.

Lets go internet, lets go! *clap clap* .....

Hey! another question answered, the lights on my modem actually tell me when i am connected to the internet. Fancy. ^_^

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