Thursday, October 07, 2004


On matt's livejournal he was talking about the evils of piracy, mainly those people that sell it for profit (bad people!). Because the legit companies can not compeate with the piraters, so they dont even try anymore. That is a good thing to think about when you d/l something, remeber if the program is worth buying and you d/l it you should still buy it. If not companies will just stop making things, and that would be bad.
Anyways here is partially how i feel on the matter (reposted from my comment on matt site):

I do not like out right piracy... but i do not think that all forms of file sharing is bad. The best example of it is Anime Subbers. (Anime Factory, and Anime Suki, to name two) They will get Japanese anime, and sub it and release it on file networks. When the anime is licensed in America they stop the distribution of the files... so much so that i guessed Azumagna got licensed because i couldn't find in anymore one day. The subbers are responsible enough to do this... and i guess one reason it works is because they like anime, and are not profiting from subbing it. I like those guys.

The other thing that i don't mind about file sharing is tiring bands out. Most of the unknown bands that are on file sharing networks have one song, and this song is on their website anyways, the problem is i have to know the name of the band to get to the website. with programs like WinMX you can find someone who has the music you like and see what other bands you should try. This is how i found count the stars, and all the Japanese music that we have recently.

It's not a totally evil system. Although those that profit from the sell of pirated stuff should be shot, that is a very bad thing to do.

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