Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Ah, days off.

Today was nice, i got to sleep untill 4pm and then grade some papers and watch all of Monday Night Football, which i never get to do because of hockey practice.

I had a good time in Denver, I got to see Gary, Linda, Grandma and Grandpa, Randy, Lindy Terry Katrina Adam, and Dakota. Oh yeah and Tara. The first day's games went ok, and we played pretty good for alot of the guys being new. After the games we (Me nicole jenette and chris) went out to panera to eat with tara. Then we went to the motel sans tara, watched Star Trek IV and went to sleep. The next day we played CU pretty good, we beat DU's B-team, and then got beat up on by CSU's B-team. But it was fun anyways. The guys there were nice, 'specially DU's A-team, and I think it got us ready for a seasson of hockey. After the games we all went to Dino's to eat dinner, and then we drove home. Good times.

Lets see, overall I did ok, I got a couple of assists, and screened a couple of goals, but i didnt score any. Nicole did very well, as normal. And Jenette played well enough to be atleast rotated on to the traveling team on a regular basis. The only better D that didn't go, was Akers, so she may be the 7th in on D, her only problem is her small size. The other thing is that Mike will prob get to stay with Scoot on that D line since they play well together, even though Jentte is a better D than him... so mike would get put a spot ahead of jenette in the roster. also for some reason, that i can not figure out, they were putting Mike in for power-plays, hopefully this was just because Jay wasn't there.
Getting onto the team is going to be real hard this year, we took our bench limit to Denver, and that was without Jay and Matt, who will prob kick out Rob and Brian of the O-lines for the traveling team. Nate is pretty much in, as well as Scott, and prob Ryan. I assume me Alex Ty and Jay are in for the traveling team O-line for sure, although I would only be 4th in depth, with Nate a very close 5th (out of 8 that i think we are taking for offense).
On the D side Trav, Nicole, and Scoot are definantly in, Sam has a very good chance, Mike may be, just becasue Scoot can tell him what to do. Akers will prob take the last spot from jenette, But, Akers and Scoot tend to get into trouble with Jerry, so jennet will prob. be called to fill in reguallary. Also if Mike doesn't start skating better he may drop below jenette in depth.
In anycase, I think we have a much improved team over last year, only losing Corey and Mike Wolf, and gaining many good new players (Sam, Nate, and others). We have also got essentally a month more of real game time practice than any other team in the Great Plains regoin, which should work to our advantage. So right now my hopes are high for the season, And i think we would not have a problem getting third in our divison, after UMSL and SLU.

One thing is for sure, i am really sore from this weekend.

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